Alameda swap meet stereo speakers

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alameda swap meet stereo speakers

results Window Tinting in Central Alameda on We install all types . They gave me a good stereo with speakers at 2/3 the price of what others. I've replaced the pickups, switch, pickguard, and output jack. This pretty much .. Sold at the Gilman swap meet. Proco Rat II This was bought used from a guy in Alameda. See my above . I believe there was a car stereo speaker in the amp. 65 reviews of Alameda Radio & Alarm "Paul + Isaac CRUSHED IT! I brought in Do you install the Helix system that goes in tire well of VW GTI? I understand it.

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It was a great guitar, but my Sunflower rack setup just didn't work with it. I want it back! It was an American made flat top strat, rear routed, with a Floyd Rose and bridge humbucker. I bought it and immedeately spray-painted it silver and blocked the vibrato. I heard that Tim Ditchley was looking for a guitar for himself and his kids, so I passed the love on to him.

The fretboard binding had been replaced with maple wood, and the pickguard was missing. This was an awesome guitar, but it was a pain to bring an extra guitar and tune all 12 strings at shows when I only used it on maybe two songs that sounded nearly as good with a 6 string. I traded to Andy Carrell for an Epiphone Casino and a bunch of other stuff.

I bought this for myself for my 23rd birthday. This is one of the nicest guitars I've ever played in my life. I simply love it. It still sounds and plays great, and if you're more than 10 feet away, looks perfect.

SOld to Hansi, who swears he will keep it forever. It played great and sounded great, but it wasn't my thing. I sold it on the sound list. It came from a NAMM show and only three were made in that color. It played amazing and sounded very cool, not to mention looked very nice. However, it didn't work for me at the time and I was saving money to move.

I traded it to sergio vega when he was playing at my house. I bought it from that guitar store on 54th just east of College in Indianapolis. I never played it that much. I sold it to Nisa. Black with a white pickguard and white binding. Maple fretboard, and he'd put a mini-humbucker in the neck, like Alan from Low. It played alright, but it just seemed a bit dull sounding.

alameda swap meet stereo speakers

I sold it to some guy in bay area via Craigslist. I never really used it that much. I sold it to Conan.

Matt from Qui sold it to me. Epiphone Riviera s Nov 11, - Jan 19, Black.

alameda swap meet stereo speakers

Won on E-bay froma shop in Salt Lake City. Sold to the singer from the band October Allied in Jan Sold in March or April of ? Built by my friend Bill with a little work by me. Sold to a friend in Canada. Got at Guitar center. Sold to Vicshat in Bought back in I got it in or Yamaha CG C Nylon string classical.

Got in earlyI think.

alameda swap meet stereo speakers

Fender Jazzmaster Christmas gift from Claudia in Kate gave this to me when she got her Rickenbacker. I used it for demos and home recording and fill-ins for years, unitl I moved.

It was cheap but sounded great. Not the best build quality, but it was mainly for home use. They I began playing with replicator and wanted something that felt a little more solid. She wanted a white one. I bought the white one and we traded. She liked the neck better on the black bass, so we swapped necks and pickguards.

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I'm left with a black bass, white pickguard, rodewood fretboard. I've beaten the crap out of it for 4 years now. Fender Japanese '75 Reissue Jazz Bass ? It was neat, but I rarely used it. Plastic, crap, but sounded pretty good, in actuality. Dunlop Wah Second pedal. X-Mas present in Dec of These should just be standard issue with everyone's first guitar.

It's gone, I don't remember its fate at all. I got it for my birthday in March of I proceded to overuse it in Sunny Sea Heaven, especiall it's hold function. I believe Kate ended up with the pedal.

Roctek got sold to Anna Fitzgerald's brother. I think the first show with this pedal was Sunny Sea Heaven in the Fall of '92 early Brock show at the house of Kathleen parents out of town. It seemed so cool to have this flanger because I thought it was so much nicer than the Roctek. I think I paid 20 or 30 bucks for it during an AMS closeout.

I remembre right after I got it Brock and I played some Helmet covers. I was happy with how tight my starts and stops were. DOD Pedal Tray All three of these items fuzz, loop, tray were purchased at the same time for me by my mom. Xmas of '92 I believe.

The fuzz was sold to Teevie, the gate was sold at a guitar show, the tray became Kate's. It was very fragile. This replaced my flanger, my delay, etc. However, it wasn't working for the older Sunny Sea Heaven songs, so I used my old pedals for shows. Sold to Barry, who went processor crazy! I bought it at Cash America Pawn, which occasionally has some good deals.

Alameda Swap Meet

First, I used it in Lockstep as a booster. I later sold to Southworth as he had it on long term loan and I never used in any longer.

It became my main sound source and the basis of my sound in SUnflower Conspiracy. Very soon after I got it I also got the Control One foot controller, and I set up a lot of crazy continuous sontroller patches, with like 6 or 7 parameters being adjusted at once.

Still own, studio use only. It's my go to ambient guitar processor. Traded towards CE-3 and BF It was sold in Oct of to Andy Carrell.

The pedal was great, but it's from when I was deep in rach gear. Plus I had the Boss Phaser that fit into my tray. It had two discreet tremelos that sould act seperate or be switched to true stereo panning. It also has relay driven true bypass switching and a continuaous controller input. It was the ultimate tremolo for my rack setup.

The modifications that I had done to this unit later became standard for the 3ms pedal. However, it lost too much volume when engaged and had reliability issues. I forget what happened to it. There were two big problems: I traded the DOD Phaser to my cousin for this pedal. It was used by Andrew, but I took it when I moved. It was noisy and weird. It was fun, bt not as useful as I'd liked.

I sold over Net. I traded it to Eric for a DS It was a really good analog delay. I don't know where it went. Boss DS-1 Distortion The second one. I got in trade from Eric who the immedeatly sold the RAT which was traded.

I used it in Feedback Loop for a while until it got sold to Andrew. Dunlop Rotovibe I bought this over net. It was not as cool as I hoped. It seems like such a good idea, though.

I traded over the net for a CE-2 Chorus. Ibanez Tubescreamer TS-5 The soundtank tubescreamer. I bought over the net.