Amerikids gymnastics state meet

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amerikids gymnastics state meet

AmeriKiDS Nebraska State GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIP April June 9 10 &ndash Papillion La Vista Senior High School. Solid Rock has won the Nebraska State Championships at one or more The Amerikids Gymnastics team offers the competitive experience to athletes in a less . 04/08/ - 04/09/ 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, Events: 1 Amerikids Nebraska State Championship Meet.

Kendra started gymnastics very young and competed for several years before moving into cheerleading where she continued to use most of her tumbling skills.

amerikids gymnastics state meet

Kendra has 2 daughters that are active gymnasts. Ashley is 13 and has been competing since she was 5 years old.

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Kendra and her husband, Chris, have been married for 16 years and live in Smithville. She started in a recreational class and quickly joined the National Acrobatic team, Cosmic Rays team and is in her 3rd year of competing on the USAG team. Ashley is in 8th grade at Smithville Middle School and participates in Student Council and plays the clarinet in the band.

She is very excited to start assisting with the tots classes this fall. She can coach tots and school age gymnasts and looks forward to providing an enriching experience for gymnastics students in the coming year.

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She expects to have a spectacular last year at SFTS with all of the wonderful people at the gym before heading off to college! She currently attends Missouri Western State University to study Theatre and Cinema and to one day perform and direct professionally. Angel was heavily involved in Theatre through high school, and continues to immerse herself in it anyway that she can. Misty has eight years of tumbling training and two years of gymnastics training. She was a competitive dancer for five years.

Misty is currently our Cheerleading Program Director. As she started SFTS Theatre program 3 years ago, you will see her offering seasonal theatre camps for your kiddos.

After graduating from Nebraska Wesleyan University with her B. They further breakdown by age groups, as many age breakdowns as they need to make groups of approx 16 gymnasts competing against each other, i. There are no sectionals although the first year I coached there, they had North and South State Championships, the last year I was there they didn't.

amerikids gymnastics state meet

There is a state qualifying score, but all gym's usually set the bar higher for qualification to state, such as Ohio also does not have a Level 3 Championship. Wyoming is much smaller. Right now we only have one single score to qualify Last year we only had 4 L4's qualify, this year all but 1 total of 8 qualified.

amerikids gymnastics state meet

As a gym though we feel the right to represent our gym at the state championship should be a earned though. The level 5 routine requires a straight-armed kip on both low and high bars, and good body position tap swings. The level 4 routine does not require the cross handstand to reach vertical or the side handstand dismount to be held for a significant span of time, while the level 5 routine requires both of these skills.

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The level 5 routine also demands a cartwheel and better leaps, more controlled dance. It also contains a split jump. What skills are needed for level 5 gymnastics? I'm talking about USAG women's gymnastics, compulsory level 5.

AmeriKids Novice Optional Gymnastics Nebraska State Championships 2012

Straight armed handspring over vaulting horse.