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Jab We Met - 2 - COMPLETED

Arshi FF- Jab We Met .. Written by- Tintin. by Arnav Singh Raizada on Saturday, 17 November at ·. Part 2. Arnav sat in the opposite to khushi. Their eyes met; Arnav SS: Tell me you love They had grown to love Lavanya who introduced Khushi to the office staff who all smiled at her, Arhi ff, Arnav, Arshi, . Khushi's Dec 15, · ArHi FF: Book1 ~Jab Arnav Met Khushi(A teeny love. Dec 16, ArHi FF: Book1 ~Jab Arnav Met Khushi(A teeny love story!) when he spots her talking to a "Barun Poster" and drooling of him and IPKKND!.

I know and I took this decision carefully Di. Arnav signaled Nani to give him her glass of milk. Nani obeyed him and hand it to him. Arnav lifted her with one arm, and she giggled seeing her father holding her with one arm and the other arm holding the glass of milk. He made her sit with him, and made her drink the milk which Aashi obeyed quietly drinking the milk like a good girl.

Aashi nodded sideways with pout, which made a small smile appear on his lips staring at the face she made. Akash and NK also came after getting ready to leave for the hall.

At the marriage hall, two girls reached there running in hurry with boxes of sweets from their famous sweet shop. And Khushi was dancing happily to the sound of music and drums outside with the guests forgetting about the order. Khushi and Preeti were awed by the decoration; it was so grand as if they are watching some movie types of marriage.

Khushi and Preeti rushed to the kitchen side, and Anjali welcomed them with a smile on her face. Khushi smiled cheekily earning a glare from Preeti for talking too much in front of their client.

She peeked to see if the girl was really Khushi or not, and Anjali turned to her making way for Aashi to see Khushi clearly now. Reply me back god dammit! You had to hear your voice!! You completely freaked out!

I was just playing a prank Arniie darling! What kind of stupid shit was that? In a few minutes more my heart would have almost throbbed out my chest!

What stupid prank is this? Don't you dare do this again! Do you get that?? You really care for me right? I wonder what would happen if I'. Shut the hell up Sheetal! I feel like strangling you now! You don't need an invitation to speak shit right? Seems that your tongue is always ready to speak bullshit things!

Now go and get a life! And dare you speak this kind of things again! You'll face no worse than me! Have a good day! I've got my scholarship to Oxford! Thank you loads Devi Maiya! I had told you right! You love me a lot Devi Maiya! You're always generous to me!!! I love you a lot Devi Maiya!!! You are the best!! If it wouldn't be you I doubt if I'd get the scholarship! Here are your jalebis!!! Here, have this ladoo and god bless you Khushi!

I knew you would make it! You are giving me a ladoo? What's wrong with you? I want jalebis amma! Since when have I become a fan of ladoos?? I have got a new name for her! Can you even imagine? We have so many things to do!!!! Let's start going now!!!! We have to go for shopping, prepare luggage and have a large list of never ending things to do! Garima and Shashi were glaring at the kids with questioning eyes when Payal explained the situation, "Amma, actually Khushi has to leave for England tonight itself as Oxford will be resuming day after tomorrow and if they don't go today, they'll not get the time to settle down; Mr Nanda has already given them their tickets and their flight is at about 10 pm.

They will have to leave at nine if they don't want to miss the flight and''. You are not in the office right now! You are not the Personal secretary of Akash Sir at home!

And on top of that Akash Sir is not even here! Stop being a bore! I wonder how Akash must be working with you in the office! You were actually talking like a parrot! Do have an idea of what Akash must be thinking about you especially with such talking habits! Khushi where are you? Why the hell are you taking so much time? I am in the school compound itself relax! How can I relax? I am waiting for you since You pretty know that I'll not take my results without you!

Come quickly now itself!! Looks like someone is more impatient than me! I just hope we both get the scholarship and we can be together Khushi cuts her and adds: Together forever we'll be!

Both could sense the tension increasing and could hear their increasing heartbeats. There was a pin drop silence for a few seconds until their headmaster, Mr Nanda spoke: I am really proud of you. In fact we are all proud of you! You both have increased the prestige of our college. My heartiest congratulations to both of you! Let me now clear the suspense. You both have got your green card that is your scholarships to Oxford!!

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Xaviers college is really proud to have students like you! Keep the hardwork and bring more fame to our college when you go to Oxford! And one more thing you'll both have to leave for England today night itself. I am sorry for the short notice but Oxford is resuming day after tomorrow and if you don't leave today, I fear that you will not have enough time to settle down. Is that okay with you both? We can see our dreams coming true!!!!!!!! Always remember one thing: There are two educations.


One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live. Khushi was busy thanking her Devi Maiya while Lavanya was cherishing the fact that both of them would be united forever; both were studying in the same domain and both would do the same job at the same place!

That was really exciting! Where are you both lost? I am scared to death!


Did you get the scholarship? I've got my scholarship to Oxford!! Now no one can separate me from achieving my goal! I'll become a famous fashion designer one day and amma and babuji will be proud of me!