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It's not just the bikes at The National Motorcycle Museum that make us so. Enter your postcode for local news and infoSee news near you . In one moment two scrambler bike riders zoom past a parked police patrol car The incident happened at the regular Tuesday night meeting of riders at Bassett's Pole traffic island Two bikers do wheelies in front of police at Bassett's Pole. Yesterday night/ early this morning my dads motorbike was stolen Minories Car Park in London by Tower Bridge post code E1 8LP. Aprilia Tuono Factory stolen from bassets pole, Tamworth on the 21/07/ at

Clive had also boxed up several batches of components for son Simon to airmail out to them in an emergency, including a crank complete with con-rods and cylinder head and valves.

They were not needed. The blistering heat of the Sudan was among the most extreme tests of the bike. The people there were among the most friendly they encountered but the terrain was tough and there were other perils. Clive and Denise arrived in the country by ferry down the Nile from Egypt.

The news that greeted them was that a German motorcyclist had been attacked and killed by a hyena. Make yourself look as big as you can and they will run away, but crouch and they think attack because they think you are cowering. Teaming up and travelling in convoy is the answer.

Their travelling companions were a South African couple returning home from Europe on Honda trail bikes and travellers in a trio of 4x4s. At night they formed themselves in the kind of circle you see cowboy wagon trains adopt in the movies in case of Indian attack. There was another major The blistering heat of the Sudan was among the most extreme tests of the bike. The Thunderbird is no beauty contest winner but Clive knows Triumph twins inside out and wanted to tackle the trip on a solid, reliable bike that was easy to fix if anything went wrong The next Road Chef is… a continent or two away.

The crowd roared their appreciation for Eddie when he rode pillion on a quad that was wheelied and spun around the main stadium by team leader Andy Hobbs. Head injuries have left him partially paralysed but he puts himself through a daily workout that would exhaust most.

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The Over The Top squad also includes the Dukes of hazard - a family of riders spanning three generations. He started off as team mascot but has graduated to ramp jumper. He is their star jumper, Well normally. At the Tail End that role was taken on by Gary Brown because Kristian has been sidelined by a badly broken ankle. They were planning to marry before the end of the year but they want the Over the Top Team to be there and they want Kristian to leap over the wedding party — bride, groom, bestman and bridesmaids.

A television station is interested and I can guarantee it is going to make people smile. Sabotaged Good weather made it a good event to attend but sabotaged the battle of the Bands contest performed in the afternoons in the new exhibition centre to an audience of family, friends and the odd stray dog or two while all the bikers sat outside in the sunshine. Pictures Graham Ward Hero of the show Kidd gives thumbs up to the crowd.

Four-year-old stuntrider Billy Duke with dad Kristian and granddad Barry. All the bikers were outside slapping on the Factor 21, There were plenty of thrills and spills in the moped enduro which saw the overall title won by Trial and Error riders Mike Rose and Martyn Rashbrook. BAGSTER will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in by introducing a fantastic collection of bright and funky motorcycle aprons to its range.

Look out for these in shops soon! The soft luggage, all weather aprons and muffs, bespoke and comfort seats and tank covers are also available for sports, touring and custom motorcycles. The commitment to provide a luggage solution for every motorcycle rider is evident in the range they offer: Aprons are our obsession so contact our team of luggage experts on who will assist you with any query or order.

Seats and Seat Covers: Add an innovative GEL insert — for added comfort for those long rides. Or chose our most popular option - the bespoke service where we recover your existing seat with your own bespoke design - we have a facility where you can design your seat yourself on line at www. To find out how we can help you contact our team on Please quote MCM www. The model epitomised the thrills and speed of motorcycling in the era when the Bonnie ruled the road.

Those heady ton-up days are often exaggerated and tinted with the finest rose coloured goggles but to many the Thruxton really was something special. Personally I am far too young to have been involved in biking back then and must confess that I have never yearned to own, beg, steal or borrow a classic Triumph or any other oily old bike for that matter. Surely those machines of history and legend have their fair share of good points?

It conjures up an image of gleaming chrome, twotone paintwork, carefully laced wheels, speed and style. The factory itself had more than its share of ups and downs in a long and turbulent history but the new Triumph, headed by John Bloor and based at Hinckley, has risen to be a leader and innovator.

Ian Grainger goes for a blast. A raked Bonnie frame sharpens the geometry and it boasts better brakes and suspension. Despite quite a few hours in the saddle in less than perfect conditions, the sound of the booming twin cylinders firing through the optional but very necessary Arrow 2-into-1 exhaust system perked me up like an intravenously fed gallon of neat Red Bull.

Sitting astride the Thruxton for the first time was a surprise. Its narrow tank swallows a knee either side and the dropped bars force you into a slight racing crouch, but this is no sports bike-style uncomfortable position, more of a natural racing posture and much more user-friendly than I expected. The detailing looks spot on, and the dials are crisp and clear, in keeping with the period the bike emulates. Its silver paintwork with red pin striping is deep and well finished and the chrome work and spoked wheels compliment things nicely.

Think of it instead as a development of the theme with modern brakes, decent tyres and a pretty much sorted chassis. Fortunately they have not made the mistake over sanitising things that helps keep intact the character and spirit of the original machine. The Thruxton was reintroduced to the range in Then it was carb fed and the engine was 75cc bigger than the standard Bonnie. Modern take on a Triumph legend. Bonnies were big winners at both and when it came to producing a hotted-up version of the bike, the name of the Hampshire circuit was chosen to add to the magic in much the same way as the Bonneville itself had been named after the Salt Flats in Utah where Johnny Allen had ridden a Triumph streamliner at more than mph in Only 49 were built.

It should have been 50 but stories suggest one of the specially prepared cylinder heads was stolen. Swift overtakes can usually be carried out without knocking down a cog or two, but if you want to show off, the Thruxton sounds great accelerating in the lower gears. When you park the bike up be prepared to fend off numerous questions.

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If the sound of this bike offends you should have your eardrums perforated with a sharpened twig. In town the bike has impeccable manners and will burble along without missing a beat. Smooth gear changes and well-sorted fuelling add to pleasure. Out of town the bike can hustle its way through the twisties with the best of them.

Instead, the Thruxton needs a little bit of rider input to get the best out of it while cornering. It is a case of shifting your weight slightly and powering your way through. And although this Triumph is no missile, it has oodles of useable torque, which helps power it out of turns and charge ahead for the next section of flowing bends.

The result is superb fun at relatively low speeds. If you do want to join the tonup club though this bike will still see over mph on the analogue clock, which is just about enough for this naked beauty. I might not want to get my hands dirty by owning a classic bike but the modern Thruxton has a certain charisma and charm which will endear it to most riders. It looks great, rides well and would easily fill a gap in my fantasy bike garage.

Although this Triumph is no missile, it has oodles of useable torque which helps power it out of turns and charge ahead for the next section of flowing bends. Terms and conditions apply. Ruth escaped the spill with gravel rash but Danny is still fighting to fully recover from serious leg injuries. The accident happened on a county backroad.

It was so very alarming. A helicopter from Warwickshire and Northamptonshire air Ambulance was there within 10 to 15 minutes and Danny was whisked off to University Hospital in Cambridge. A superb Seeley CB Honda was voted best bike while Andy Rayment had the distinction of seeing his well-used, rusty but trusty CX Maggot hailed the dirtiest rat.

Sue Beck, now secretary of the club, said: Hundreds of bikers turned out for the air ambulance fundraiser. The Maggot that won best rat. Used, abused and loved CX with owner Andy Rayment. He dares to be different, which could help explain why he is now commuting through London on a Honda DN He said he loves the look, comfort and performance. The DN is perfect for these sort of journeys which include heavy traffic, dual carriageways and the odd stretch of motorway. His missus his Ruby Wax.

Blind biker in control Blind biker Bud Surber is a back seat rider with a difference - he built the bike and has given himself control over the throttle, clutch and gear lever from his perch on the pillion. His buddy up front merely steers and applies the brakes.

Surber, from Oklahoma, spent three years building the Harley special which he gave its first proper outing at the recent th Harley bash in Milwaukee. Surber built the bike by touch. Check out the video at www.

Things were certainly going well for Airwaves, but obviously too well for BSB series boss, Jonathan Palmer, who saw a domination developing. On the eve of the fourth round at Donington he slapped on a controversial weight ruling that directly affected the teams running Ducatis. The weight penalty increased to 10 kilos as the series progressed before a reduction was agreed prior to the penultimate round at a Silverstone where Byrne wrapped up the series with third and second places.

He reveals to John Brown the secret of his success, and the personal family tragedy he had to overcome.

Watch: Lawbreaking bikers pull wheelies and taunt police

Another pre-season build up for Byrne concentrated on physical fitness. The Airwaves team was the best I have ever ridden for and I feel privileged to have been part of it.

In a way, it made even more determined to succeed. I was doing it for him. Try finding somewhere for that as well.

Vehicles in Southern Ireland are also required to display an insurance disc and a new law introduced at the beginning of the year means learner motorcyclists must carry an L on their back as well as on the bike. It has not been without its ups and downs, but all in all it has been amazing, and I feel very fortunate. National Superstock has proven to be one of the most competitive classes in the BSB field, with often in excess of 60 riders competing to even secure a position on the grid, let alone a result in the race.

I hope to compete in a couple of events if time permits, so stay tuned to see if I can make as many excuses for my off-road exploits as I can with my road racing. Pirelli tyre winners Four lucky readers have each won a set of Pirelli Diablo Rosso tyres in the free-to-enter competition we ran in the Sept issue of Motor Cycle Monthly. Opening times 10am — 6pm except Preview Day 28 November when doors open an hour earlier.

See show website for details of star appearance and news updates. Ticket hotline or visit www. All the information for one-off events is contained under this listing. However, certain venues and companies stage many events. To find the full address and contact details for these look under the appropriate heading. Cafes, Pubs, Meets and Bikes at the Beach also contain details of many weekly and monthly events and you should consult Auctions and Autojumbles to pre-plan your visits to those sales.

Money can also be saved by booking tickets in advance for many of them. There is no charge for inclusion of events details in our WWW guide. Send full details to guide motorcyclemonthly. M ore new bikes to see, more bikes to ride, more shows to catch and more star riders than ever before to buttonhole for autographs and photographs. The Arai Entertainment Zone will see star interviews every day and an auction of Arai related signed memorabilia in aid of Riders for Health on 6 December.

That same day is TT Sunday when some of the heroes of the most demanding road racing course in the world will be attending to back the announcement of bold new ideas for the races. There are also special showcases for quads, drag racing, classic racing and customs. And for those new to biking there is a chance to find out what the fun is all about with British School of Motoring training sessions and the chance for youngsters between 5 and 11 years old to get to grips with restricted 50cc machines in the My First Honda Licence feature.

Last month we gave away ten pairs of tickets to this event, which is an absolute must for all motorcyclists. Now we can offer the same again thanks to the generosity of the show organisers. This is a free draw, a pair of tickets going to each of the first ten names pulled from the hat. The closing date is 14 November.

To enter visit us online at www. New clothing and accessories will be unveiled but for many the crowning glory is the chance to see in the metal the new motorcycles that will be coming our way in — see centre pages. Young riders can have a go at riding a 50cc restricted bike on the indoor track in the My First Honda Licence feature. Three new K Series models also make their UK debut powered by a bigger and more powerful version of the cc engine used in the earlier Actual capacity of the new engine is cc, which adds 8bhp to the KS sports option, taking its power to hp.

The increase is achieved at lower rpm and torque is also said to have been boosted. Buyers of the S can also dig deeper for two HP2 upgrades — a quickshifter to shuffle the gears and a MotoGP-style multi-info dash. Those high marks on style too.

The 50s look includes such features as an instrument nacelle, toolboxes and a traditional colour scheme. The result has got to be the best-looking model the factory has made and it will be on sale here early next year. Honda Their V4 concept bike is bound to be the talking point of the show.

It has been produced to mark the 30th anniversary of their first season racing a V4 four-stroke and illustrates the fact that there are many new ideas still to be explored. The learner-legal CBF replaces the CG and though clearly aimed at the commuter rider, has a sportier look. Fuel injection is a feature of the sohc single cylinder engine. The unit is air-cooled and harnessed to a fivespeed gearbox. Honda claim the 13litre tank can give the bike a range of miles!

Unlike many machines in this capacity it is equipped with a seat that really is big enough for two. Yamaha The Big Bang Yam is a must-see. The all new engine in the incarnation of the R1 borrows its firing cycle from the works MotoGP bike that put Valentino Rossi back on top of the world this season.

The newcomers range from 50cc scooters to hot sports bikes, from trailies to tourers, commuters to cruisers. The bikes we picture on these pages are to whet your appetite for the biggest bike show in Britain. The rider can control potency of the power delivery by switching between three different performance modes.

The styling is new too and improvements have been made to frame and suspension. Triumph Things are looking good at Triumph. The Hinckley factory unveiled their range this summer and the addition of an uprated Street Triple R and revamped, lighter and more powerful Daytona should keep the orders flooding in. The line-up also includes an Anniversary Special Bonnie to mark the 50th birthday of the famous parallel twin, a revamped T and standard Bonneville plus a higher spec Bonneville SE.

A sure crowd-puller at Birmingham will be the pre-production Thunderbird, powered by a cc parallel twin cylinder engine that feeds its power through a six-speed gearbox and final drive belt. And to think Edward Turner had grave doubts about raising the capacity of his Speed Twin from to cc! The new Thunderbird is aimed at the cruiser market and will be on sale next summer.

Ducati Fun is the word that best describes the year dynasty of Ducatis that have been Monsters. The latest additions to that range are the and S. Both versions have single-sided swinging arms and are powered by the two-valve 95bhp, Desmo V-twin engine but the S has various upgrades including fully adjustable Ohlins suspension front and rear.

ESA II automatically tunes the suspension according to the loading by simultaneously adjusting the ride-height, pre-load, spring rate and damping. The rider can also choose whether to put the emphasis on comfort or performance settings.

The factory in India have risen to the challenge with production of a new fuel-injected version of their cc ohv single, which also moves to a unit construction design.

New star of the line-up is the Bullet Classic. The frame is said to be stronger, yet lighter, and the engine is shifted in position to make the bike even more agile. Race-developed Showa Big Piston Forks are said to help in that respect too, and an Ohlins steering damper is there to keep things in check.

Increased midrange torque has been conjured by subtle tweaks to the engine internals and intake system. The spec includes twin semifloating mm stainless steel front discs with radial-mounted calipers, anti-hop clutch and a new exhaust system, switching from an underseat pipe to side silencer Only subtle tweaks have been made to the engine and chassis of the ER-6n and ER-6f but cosmetic surgery has given each of the brothers in arms a new look.

The curves of the naked model are replaced by sharp, angular lines and the faired version has been dressed to look more like a supersport Ninja. A new VN long-stroke V-twin motor has been developed to replace the sohc and is said to produce more torque and power.

It is used in a trio of newcomers headed by the Voyager, a model Kawasaki describe as their first full-dress tourer. It also features K-ACT Kawasaki Advanced Coactive-braking Technologya system that applies extra stopping power to the pressure the ride exerts, and is the first Kawasaki to have fully electronic control of the throttle valves.

The VN Classic Tourer, with panniers and windshield, and naked Classic are variations on the same theme. All have belt final drive and an overdrive sixth gear. If you are able to spare a few hours each month to help to keep this important youth facility running.

Please contact Councillor Mrs M Baggs on for further information or to volunteer your services. All We publish a programme for the Calne Bike Meet donation welcomewristbands, patches and adult volunteers are subject to full CRB clearance. T shirts can be purchased. There are collection buckets so please donate. Our stalls will be placed just outside the Library and opposite the Lansdowne Arms and a further stall on the corner of Phelps Parade and The High Street. Please search us out. There will be further opportunities up at the Field as well.

You can always visit our website where there is further information on other ways to donate. We also run events for siblings and mums and dads — we support the whole family. Our respite care means so much to parents who are looking after a very sick child 24 hours a day.

It gives them time out with their partners, their other children or simply a chance to catch up with some day-to-day tasks, safe in the knowledge their child is being looked after by people they know and trust.

WiltSHiRe aiR Our nurses and carers provide life-changing support for parents and their children both in the hospice and in their ambUlanCe own homes.

We are there year-round and in a crisis, offering emergency respite and overnight care. Our NHS income has been frozen for seven years, a considerable real terms devaluation against the rising cost of providing our care services. This lifesaving service can reach anywhere in Wiltshire within 11 minutes. We rely on public fundraising and donations for 94 per cent of what we need to raise each year.

We transport patients to the most appropriate hospital, including major trauma centres, best able to treat their injuries, giving them the best possible chance and quality of survival.

Since January we have been a stand-alone service. Previously the charity shared a helicopter with Wiltshire Police, but this arrangement ended due to the force joining the National Police Air Service.

Our state of the art helicopter, a Bellis the first to be used as an air ambulance in the UK. It operates up to 19 hours a day. For more information about Waa just visit www.

SN11 9PX have supported us! We also has a number of vegetarian and vegan in the 16th century as an important coaching inn, and tel: The hotel is ideal for business travellers and those visiting the beautiful Wiltshire countryside that was also home to a local brewery for a time. We also do a carvery every Sunday from Speak to us to find out more all our rates include breakfast.

Beautiful Business advice Call Briony on range of Vintage www. Need someone to create it for you? SN11 0HA info odettefuneraldirector. Experience the magic of traditional Indian cuisine and all its exotic aromas with us here at Spice of Bengal. Our experienced chefs use only the finest, freshest ingredients to create specialities which will enchant you. Attractive surroundings and a team which radiates proverbial Asian hospitality await you at our restaurant.

Bevirs are always keen to support the community and the Calne Bike Meet is part of the local Heritage. It is wonderful to see the event grow and become one of the best events that Wiltshire has to offer. Goldmans is an established family run business based in the heart of Wiltshire serving both domestic and commercial customers across the region. Pop in to see us and browse our Phelps Parade, Calne What do we do?

Goldmans supply made to measure Blinds, Awnings, Curtains, Pop in to see us and browse our beautiful selection of flowers, plants Carpets and Flooring — all with an extensive choice of designs. Bouquets, How do we do this? Goldmans provide a friendly personalised service, plants and gifts for all occasions. Baskets, Arrangements, Chocolates, Office Delivery Rounds working closely with customers to achieve best results.

Goldmans shop also houses a large range of ribbons, Sundries. Rupert Bolt Bolt Electrical Free no obligation quotation. Bolt Electrical Contractors Ltd Tel: This website celebrates the This website celebrates the vibrancy and diversity of all that vibrancy and diversity of all that our community has to offer. Whether you are a resident, Whether you are a resident, business, or visitor this site is business, or visitor this site is for you.

It contains all the information It contains all the information you need to get the most out of you need to get the most out of Calne. Find out what is going Calne. Find out what is going on. Find the your business. Find the services you need. There are also local news Boost Your Business There are also local news feeds, updates on festivals, Joining your local Chamber of Commerce is a great way to meet feeds, updates on festivals, information on clubs and like-minded business people and talk about issues that relate to you.