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bel air swap meet yelp

David of Bel Air, MD Verified Reviewer. Original Never ever book an Apple Vacation which uses Swift Air. Helpful .. Secrets Royal Beach did not want to return the initial payment nor work with Secrets Cap Cana to make this complimentary swap happen. .. However each time you call - the excuse is she is in a meeting. Best Flea Markets in Fontana, CA - Bel-Air Swap-Meet, The Orange Show 17 reviews Great local swap meet in the area wish they had more selections. 6 reviews. Shopping Centers. Mission Inn Ave Riverside, CA Fontana Indoor Swap Meet Inc Yelp Rating Bel-Air Swap-Meet Yelp Rating.

These problems only happened after my system turned 5 years old. I expect the same next year with my 4 year old system. Once we were ready it was hard to get the rep back out and for him to match the prices of other solar providers even though I had lower prices in writing. I finally went with a new rep I met at Home Depot and she came out the next day.

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The process should have been quick as our local power company is small and easy to work with. Unfortunately it was about three months before it was scheduled and another weeks before the crew started.

bel air swap meet yelp

Once they installed the panels about a week - they weren't able to finish in one day and due to scheduling weren't able to come back for another weekthey failed to put a sticker on the electric meter for emergency shutoff which delayed turning the system on for another two weeks.

We could have saved hundreds in utility bills had the system been installed sooner. Then, after I thought we were all set and paid up I find that PayPal took the final payment from my bank account but didn't transfer the funds to Tesla. Tesla failed to find the billing error until I called and it took another month to get the rest of the bill paid.

Still, a year later and after several calls and requests I do not have an official receipt so I can submit it for tax purposes. The company could definitely benefit from some organizational improvements. We did a claim from the beginning, letting them know the problem, and we have not received the return of the money for the difference between the consumed and the guaranteed.

SolarCity is the largest installer of residential solar panels in America. Tesla started as an electric car company but is now a clean energy conglomerate selling Tesla solar panels, the Tesla Powerwall home battery and solar roof tiles alongside their electric cars. However, selling solar panels to consumers is a very different business to selling a consumer an electric car because tradespeople are needed to climb up ladders and install solar panels on the roof of their customers all over this vast country.

bel air swap meet yelp

Logistically this is a difficult thing to do and this is the reason few roofing or air conditioning companies are truly national. SolarCity rose to become the largest solar installer because they were one of the first companies to offer zero down solar leasing and also PPA contracts.

However, the market has now changed and with solar prices much lower than they were a few years ago most homeowners want to buy their solar panels outright rather than be tied to a 20 year payment.

Consumers have now realized they are better to buy their solar system and collect the solar tax credits themselves. It took Solarcity quite a while to start to offer customers competitive prices for outright purchase.

bel air swap meet yelp

What is the biggest issue with Solarcity and what can we learn from SolarCity reviews? Ironically, size and geographical coverage are the biggest problems for SolarCity because of the need to have skilled salespeople and installers in a wide variety of locations. Commission only sales people are a recipe for disaster because they receive little training and tend to say whatever the client wants to hear in order to get a signature.

It also means they have to use a wide array of third-party contractors as installers and it is difficult to manage quality where this is the case. I am a big fan of Elon Musk and Tesla for their vision of the seamless integration of a package of renewable energy solutions that together can allow customers to live a carbon neutral life.

Their company probably does more to tackle climate change than any other company or government in the world and their battery factory in Reno, Nevada is doing more to make battery storage of renewable energy possible that anyone else in the world. Their Powerwall 2 home battery is clearly the best solution on the solar battery market. However, I would not buy a residential solar power solution from SolarCity because there are lots of really good small and mid-sized solar companies out there that have their own dedicated install crews and who I trust more to take care of my roof and the solar equipment when installing it.

Although SolarCity reviews on our site are poor it needs to be remembered that happy customers tend to say nothing whereas angry customers leave reviews.

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As such your odds of having a good experience buying solar panels from Tesla are probably better than their reviews suggest. Extremely informative and helpful. He made sure all of my concerns and needs were met. I will recommend IRA and especially Joel for all of their new or used car needs! Angelina Batchelder Reason For Visit: Notably worthy of praise for clarity, efficiency and integrity. And friendly too - that counts when making such big decisions.

My guy was very frank and capable of a no-pressure assessment of all the options. Mark Gately Reason For Visit: Dave Kelly is a great service advisor. He was thorough and professional. I brought my car for my 5k mile service on Friday June 2nd. My car was ready in record time.

bel air swap meet yelp

The waiting area and the restrooms were very clean. The whole staff was courteous. Mounir Hilmi Reason For Visit: I would like to take a pause and thank Sam Ali for the wonderful service and advise given throughout the entire car buying process. I came in very tense hubby and I have tried over and over to get the best deal and lower payment that we need.

Time and time again we were told no. But not today we got a yes and a wonderful yes at that.