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Union Minister Bandaru Dattatreya meets the Telangana girls team Odisha ( Sarita Das 6) bt Uttarakhand (Sarveen Kaur 4, Chalsi Choudhary. Cycle To Work - Hyderabad · Swavalamban. See More. LikeComment. Most Relevant. Atherullah Khan, Suresh G, Sarita Singhariya and 15 others like this. There I met with doctor Praveer Singh, who immediately without any late checked my BP and did ECG without any late. He given some medicine and I was.

Game based learning is one of the latest in the genre of technologies aimed at this present generation.

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It is also reported that certain hard-to-teach students showed improved concentration when playing an educational game. Research also indicates that under some conditions, serious games can accelerate learning and development of higher-level cognitive skills.

The current focus is on evolving models that transition serious games from being motivation medium to actual transfer of knowledge.

madhavi from hyd | New Gardeners | Urban Farming & Commercial Hydroponics in India

The current team is a mix of cognitive scientists, computer science and electronics engineers with game based external collaborations. Current Projects Sandtable War gaming is an old concept for the military used to analyze and convey tactical situations and decisions. One of the oldest mediums for these exercises is the sandtable models, which were and still are large physical representation of a particular terrain or area of interest. In this project we virtualized the sandtable with geospatial maps 2-D and 3D First-person-view and overlaid an application to facilitate interactivity and competitive learning.

madhavi from hyd | New Gardeners | Urban Farming & Commercial Hydroponics in India

Positive impacts of games include strategic skills, decision making, recall capabilities, problem recognition, problem solving options anslysis, psychomotor skills, memory and learning or creating knowledge by community game play also social skills. Traditional physiotherapy exercises is usually at dedicated rehab centers with expensive equipment or with gym systems modified for specific exercise and are not accessible for economically poor sessions of the society and importantly rural population.

Many of them move to cities with family for months of therapy sessions. The current sessions are un-motivating and importantly require the doctor's or therapists constant monitoring to access the progress. By making minimal modification to off-the-shelf gym equipment, tested rehab centers can be set up by youth in remote areas and the data collected y sensors transferred to doctors for diagnosis.

The uniqueness of the proposed systems Cost effective Modular, the same hardware can be used in many exercises. The hardware signals integration to any game is easy. This making game development for open-source. The diagnosis can be remote. Data for each patient can be transferred over internet or mobile to a remote doctor. Youth in rural areas can start therapy center which can also double as regular gyms, making it profitable.

I definitely feel that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi we will see that political interference should go from sports. All Federations should be run by sportspersons. Jharkhand boys got the better of Gujarat in a close encounter that ended Tamil Nadu boys were also involved in a tight match against the Delhi, managing to pull away in the fourth quarter for a victory. The level 1 boys games today morning were one-sided affairs as Madhya Pradesh dominated against Kerala with a win, while Rajasthan put up a massive 74 points in their win against Maharashtra.

Andhra Pradesh came from behind to clinch a victory against Uttar Pradesh on the basis of a balanced scoring effort. Nayeem put up 16 points for AP. Centre Asmat Kaur 14 pts led the Madhya Pradesh girls to a triumph over Karnataka in their opening game. Kumari 2,Group F: Anjali 8 bt Chandigarh Anjali 7,2. Faiz Sheikh 6,2. Chhattisgarh Pranav Sharma 12, R. Deepak 12 bt Karnataka Achinthya 17,Level 2: