Bosworth water park classic car meet ups

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bosworth water park classic car meet ups

Bosworth Water Park classic car show. Public. · Hosted by Jason Kiely. Interested . clock. Tuesday, June 27, at PM UTC+ More than a year ago. pin. David Tredinnick, MP for Bosworth, has welcomed new investment of up to . at Market Bosworth Square and will no longer extend to Bosworth Water Park. .. Tredinnick's Car Parking Charges Bill Passes Second Reading . is great fun; St George's Day; and the largest town centre classic motor show in the midlands. Proud classic car owners are being invited to bring along their pride and joy to join in a It was such a success organisers decided to make it an annual event. before finishing up at Bosworth Water Park in Market Bosworth.

The plan was to stage uprisings within a short time in southern and western England, overwhelming Richard's forces. Buckingham would support the rebels by invading from Wales, while Henry came in by sea. Richard's spies informed him of Buckingham's activities, and the king's men captured and destroyed the bridges across the River Severn.

When Buckingham and his army reached the river, they found it swollen and impossible to cross because of a violent storm that broke on 15 October. The duke abandoned his plans and fled to Wemwhere he was betrayed by his servant and arrested by Richard's men. On 2 November he was executed. He reached the coast of England at either Plymouth or Poole and a group of soldiers hailed him to come ashore. They were, in fact, Richard's men, prepared to capture Henry once he set foot on English soil.

Henry was not deceived and returned to Brittany, abandoning the invasion.

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Francis refused, holding out for the possibility of better terms from Richard. Landais reached an agreement with Richard to send back Henry and his uncle in exchange for military and financial aid. John Morton, a bishop of Flanderslearned of the scheme and warned the Tudors, who fled to France. The gossip alienated Richard from some of his northern supporters, [33] and upset Henry across the English Channel. By the 15th century English chivalric ideas of selfless service to the king had been corrupted.

Although a king could raise personal militia from his lands, he could only muster a significantly large army through the support of his nobles. Richard, like his predecessors, had to win over these men by granting gifts and maintaining cordial relationships. As well as obtaining a guarantee that the Scottish government would concede territories and diplomatic benefits to the English crown, Richard's campaign retook the town of Berwick-upon-Tweedwhich the Scots had conquered in Norfolk was due to inherit a share of the wealthy Mowbray estate on the death of eight-year-old Anne de Mowbraythe last of her family.

However, Edward convinced Parliament to circumvent the law of inheritance and transfer the estate to his younger son, who was married to Anne.

bosworth water park classic car meet ups

Consequently, Howard supported Richard III in deposing Edward's sons, for which he received the dukedom of Norfolk and his original share of the Mowbray estate. Northumberland had been captured and imprisoned by the Yorkists inlosing his titles and estates; however, Edward released him eight years later and restored his earldom. Northumberland was mollified when he was promised he would be the Warden of the East Marcha position that was formerly hereditary for the Percys.

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According to Carpenter, although the earl was amply compensated, he despaired of any possibility of advancement under Richard. He spent the first fourteen years of his life in Wales and the next fourteen in Brittany and France.

At the Battle of Barnet, he commanded the Lancastrian right wing and routed the division opposing him. However, as a result of confusion over identities, Oxford's group came under friendly fire from the Lancastrian main force and retreated from the field.

The earl fled abroad and continued his fight against the Yorkists, raiding shipping and eventually capturing the island fort of St Michael's Mount in He surrendered after receiving no aid or reinforcement, but in escaped from prison and joined Henry's court in France, bringing along his erstwhile gaoler Sir James Blount.

Lord Stanley 's skilled political manoeuvrings—vacillating between opposing sides until it was clear who would be the winner—gained him high positions; [68] he was Henry's chamberlain and Edward's steward. The two had conflicts that erupted into violence around March Despite these differences, Stanley did not join Buckingham's revolt in However, he declared her titles forfeit and transferred her estates to Stanley's name, to be held in trust for the Yorkist crown. Richard's act of mercy was calculated to reconcile him with Stanley, [22] but it may have been to no avail—Carpenter has identified a further cause of friction in Richard's intention to reopen an old land dispute that involved Thomas Stanley and the Harrington family.

As a very young infant, I spent time in a pram at the back of that shop, so I know my constituency extremely well. As a youngster, I also used to spend time in our shop in neighbouring Hinckley, so I also know my hon. I welcome the improvements that the Conservative council in Hinckley has made in recent years.

It is good to see how it is working with the local business community. In the summer, I was absolutely delighted to go along to speak to the Hinckley chamber of trade. I met some excellent and very well-informed business people, who seem to have an excellent rapport with their local authority. Wendy Morton I cannot let this moment pass without saying that, although the towns and villages in my constituency have not entered the awards, they have excellent town and village centres.

Does the Minister agree that we should all support all our town and village centres to thrive and prosper, and to play their important part in supporting local communities? Mr Jones My hon. At a time when we are all starting to think about Christmas shopping—some of us have planned more than others in that regard—and when we are spending significant amounts of money, people should think about shopping in their local high streets and town centres when they can.

People often complain when high street shops close because there has not been enough demand to keep them going, but at the same time they often buy things on the internet from a range of retailers, so I encourage people at this time of year to use their local high street or town centre. I suspect that parking is an issue with which most Members of this House are very familiar. Both as a constituency MP and as a Minister, I find that my postbag is kept very busy by this important issue.

Indeed, many of my hon. Friends write to me about it regularly on behalf of their constituents.

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High streets and town centres continue to play an essential role in the lives of our communities, and parking plays a major role as the gateway to our town centres. That was recognised by the Conservative-led coalition Government in a number of reforms of parking facilities owned by local authorities. They made it mandatory for local authorities to provide minute grace periods for all on-street parking bays and off-street car parks.

The previous Government were also concerned by the use of closed circuit television cars, which were mentioned by the Opposition spokesman, whom I welcome to his place. In many cases, those are being used as nothing more than a revenue-generating tool. That is why, in addition to the grace period, the previous Government banned the sending of parking tickets through the post by local authorities, so individuals now have a far greater degree of certainty.

If, when they get back to their car, they unfortunately have a ticket, they know that the ticket is there and has to be dealt with, rather than not knowing about it on the day and ending up with a ticket through the post weeks later, when they cannot recall whether they were at that particular location, and so whether they can challenge the ticket. That was an extremely important move forward. We are also looking at further reforms to the local government transparency code, following a recent consultation.

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We intend to amend the code so that motorists can see at first hand a complete breakdown of the parking charges that their councils impose and how much they raise. Friend the Member for South East Cornwall Mrs Murray mentioned that we must be careful that our car parks are not used simply as revenue generators or cash cows, because although it is important that local authorities are able to pay for the provision and maintenance of council car parks, it is also extremely important to recognise that car parks are there for the pure and simple reason that they allow people who want to come into a town to use the shops, restaurants and bars.

We should never forget that. The Bill brought forward by my hon. The involvement of local communities in these decisions is extremely important. As has been said, the local community has a backstop, when it comes to any decision that a local authority makes, as it can kick that particular administration out at an election.

However, given how councils are often made up and how often elections occur, that is not always that easy, and it can take some time. This issue is so important to the vitality of high streets and town centres, many of which create the jobs in our constituencies, so it is extremely important that local people and local businesses are consulted before any changes are made that could have a detrimental effect.

Wendy Morton This topic affects anybody who drives into a town centre or a car park owned by a council. Does the Minister agree that the Bill would enable those who use those services to make their voice heard, through the consultation, directly by the council?

That can only be a good thing for community engagement and democracy. Mr Jones I absolutely agree with my hon. A question often asked, in this House and in the country, is how we can engage our communities more, to get them to get out and vote. The more a local authority engages, the more it will encourage people to do that.

The good thing about the Bill is that where a council is doing the right thing for a local area by dropping parking charges to welcome businesses on to their high street or into their town centre, and to facilitate things for them, there will be no obligation on them to go through a lengthy consultation. They will need to consult when they wish to increase car parking charges—a change that could well be against the will of local people.

We are not saying that this is a one-size-fits-all situation. We are saying the Bill will make it quicker and easier for local authorities to do the right thing where they think it necessary. The Bill offers a real opportunity for councils to take a far more flexible approach to supporting their high streets, for example by responding to the opportunity of town centre festivals. We are coming up to Christmas; many councils reduce car parking charges over the festive season, and the Bill will facilitate that by removing bureaucracy.

bosworth water park classic car meet ups

This is a real opportunity. The Bill will allow councils, when there are festivals, to use the celebrations to demonstrate how good our town centres and high streets are. People lead busy lives and they do not necessarily pop to the high street or the town centre to do their shopping. They might do their shopping and even banking—through apps and so on—on the internet. We often find that because people do not have a reason to go to a high street or town centre, they forget to frequent them.

That is a real pity. One thing I learned from my involvement in the Great British High Street competition when I was the Minister with responsibility for high streets last year was that people up and down the country had a passion for their high streets.

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When I was chairman of the all-party group for town centres, I led a Backbench Business debate in this Chamber. I think that was when you, Madam Deputy Speaker, were the Chair of the Backbench Business Committee, which I later had the great pleasure to serve on under your chairmanship. If I recall correctly, about 70 right hon. Members attended that debate, which filled a full six hours. It just showed, as my hon. Friend the Member for Bosworth did in introducing the Bill, what passion there is for our high streets and town centres.

If a place can get its high street and town centre right, it can create an experience that visitors will not get on the internet or in an out-of-town shopping park, and that is why we should do everything we can, as legislators, to facilitate the use of our town centres and put them on a long-term, sustainable basis.

The Bill offers flexibility on car parking charges, but as has been discussed by hon. Members, there is concern about local authorities deciding to raise charges without consulting businesses, as does happen.