Callmanager meet me conference communications

Using Cisco Conference Now Functionality for Your Company

callmanager meet me conference communications

This document describes a new feature on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) that replaces the present Meet-Me feature. Instead of dialing a Meet-Me number, dial the Conference Now IVR Directory Number. An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) picks up and prompt you for a. Unified Communications Manager: Configure Meet−me conferences require that a range of directory numbers be allocated for exclusive use. The Meet-Me conferencing is one of the useful features of Cisco Unified Communications Manager, but the common issue is that it is not secure enough.

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X, where they added a new conference solution built directly into Call Manager. That conference solution is now called Conference Now.

callmanager meet me conference communications

Well, prior to X code, Meet Me allowed us as administrators to go into Call Manager and boot a very very simple conference bridge. Right, so Call Manager itself could be a software conference bridge, and Meet Me basically allows us to go in, and create separate conference rooms, using a pattern or explicit Meet Me number. X code, Conference Now takes that concept and adds a little sizzle to it.

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We now have the ability to set up Conference Now, which uses an IVR, the Interactive Voice Response system feature, built into Call Manager, and so now when you log into a Conference Now bridge, you actually hear some interaction.

And the conference ID is now configurable on the user account for the end user, so now, we have a little bit of an authentication added to our conference bridge. So we can go in and create individual Conference Now numbers, and then give users the individual self-service ID, which is then used to log into our conference bridge. Versus Meet Me, which is just going to be a static Meet Me number, conference number, that we give to typically our managers, who then would email that or instant message it to their employees, with no authentication.

Note that the initiator must have access to these conference bridge resources by nature of the MRGL assigned to the initiator.

callmanager meet me conference communications

This will be the number or range used by Meet-Me Conference initiators. Modify the Phone Template if needed so that the Meet-Me Conference button is available to only those that can initate the conference. If users will use the Join, ConfList, and RmLstC softkeys, modify either the Standard Feature or Standard User softkey template and assign the modified softkey template to the user device.

Starting and Joining a Meet-Me Conference Meet-me conferences require that a range of directory numbers be allocated for exclusive use of the conference.

All Possible Ways to Set Up PIN for CUCM Meet-Me Conference

When a meet-me conference is set up, the conference controller chooses a directory number and advertises it to members of the group. The users call the directory number to join the conference.

Anyone who calls the directory number while the conference is active joins the conference. This situation applies only when the maximum number of participants that is specified for that conference type is not exceeded and when sufficient streams are available on the conference device. When you press Meet-Me on the phone in order to initiate a meet-me conference, Cisco Unified Communications Manager considers you the conference controller.

The conference controller provides the directory number for the conference to all attendees, who can then dial that directory number to join the conference.

callmanager meet me conference communications

If other participants in a meet-me conference press Meet-Me and the same directory number for the conference bridge, the Cisco Unified Communications Manager ignores the signals. The conference bridge for a meet-me conference is allocated on the basis of the configured Media Resource Group List MRGL for the endpoint that initiates the conference. Cisco Unified Communications Manager does not take into account whether the conference initiator is video-capable to allocate a conference bridge for meet-me conference calls.

It is also important to consider that any conference resources that are not added to a media resource group becomes a part of the default MRGL and therefore, available for everyone's use.

Increasing Number of Meet-Me Participants or Sessions Complete these steps in order to increase the number of participants or sessions for a meet-me conference on Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

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