Canada post delivery standard not meet

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canada post delivery standard not meet

Canada Post meets this need by providing a mail delivery service that is known for Canada Post establishes its own standards but is not required to respect. Canada Post: Expect delivery delays in latest strikes. Canada Post No mail is moving from a major hub for sorting and delivery in Richmond. If your parcel was delivered late, find out if you qualify to request a refund. Back Find a delivery standard · Request a pickup . Are all these conditions met? Canada Post and its partners are not responsible for delays caused by customs.

Over the past few years, mail volumes have declined, particularly in countries where populations were early adopters of the Internet and smart phones. Footnote 26 In developed countries, each national post has a universal service obligation that defines postal service with respect to scope, frequency of delivery, access e.

Canada Post Isn't Even On Strike Yet But It's Already Affecting Canadians, Here's How - Narcity

It is important to note, however, that universal service obligations differ from country to country. For example, in74 countries included financial services in their universal service obligations and included parcels.

With respect to delivery frequency, the universal service obligations of some countries demand six days a week e. It is also interesting to note that, in France, La Poste is an instrument of the state and receives government funding for the delivery of social programs Footnote 27 on behalf of the government while it also has free rein to compete with the private sector. This meant that national postal services had a monopoly to provide postal services within national borders.

Eyewitness Proof: Canada Post Does not Deliver Parcels

More recently, particularly in developed countries where mail volumes have been declining, the exclusive privilege no longer generates sufficient revenues to finance postal services.

In addition, some national postal service providers, such as La Poste in France, receive government subsidies in support of the universal service obligation for the delivery of government social programs that also have an impact on regional development and retail banking.

According to eMarketer, in in Western Europe, e-retail sales reached 7. Footnote 32 Sales to consumers are surpassing sales to businesses and are expected to see accelerated growth over the short term. E-commerce growth currently presents an opportunity for many postal service providers to leverage their extensive delivery networks to compensate for the drop in mail volume. In some countries, parcel revenues are offsetting the decline in mail revenues.

Footnote 33 To encourage e-commerce and subsequent parcel delivery, some national postal services e.

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However, the growth in these markets has attracted new lower cost delivery competition e. Footnote 42 Giant e-tailers such as Amazon are continuing to look for cheaper delivery venues since driving down delivery costs allows greater profits. In the UKfor example, over the past few years, Amazon is increasingly moving parcel delivery away from Royal Mail.

Amazon has now established a network of more than 13, parcel pickup locations across the UKincluding parcel lockers. As in Canada, many other postal services compete in parcel and courier products. Other business activities carried out by national postal services include the provision of various kinds of insurance by Italian Post Footnote 46 and Post Office Ltd.

Footnote 50 In some countries, entire post office retail networks have been sold off e. Other countries have largely franchised or licensed their post office networks to reduce costs e. In some countries, postal retail networks that are often made up of franchises or licensed post offices are leveraged to provide services other than postal.

Footnote 54 In France, post offices offer public services in agreement with the government of France: Mobile phone sales and services are also offered. Footnote 55 This is possible given a centralized government model in France that has subsidized La Poste, which has a network of about subsidiaries. Canada Post had provided postal banking services from to More recently, some countries with high levels of banking inclusion have exited postal banking or are in the process of privatizing their postal banks, such as Japan and Italy.

In other countries, postal banking became an attractive option particularly in cases where there were sizable unbanked minorities e.

canada post delivery standard not meet

In the United States, the Postal Regulatory Commission exercises regulatory oversight over the postal service. Footnote 59 Postal Regulatory Commission is tasked with conducting public, on-the-record hearings concerning proposed rate changes, mail classification or major service changes, and recommending decisions for action by the postal Governors. The European Union EU requires member countries to regulate their postal services to ensure the guarantee of a universal service and that the markets are competitive for the purposes of creating a single EU market in postal services.

Footnote 60 Of course, a regulatory model is not the panacea. In order to be effective, a regulatory model should be light-handed, minimal, and regulate only when necessary. On a Reddit posta Canadian small business owner was really worried about the strike since having to change to another delivery service, such as Puralator, would double their shipping costs, reducing their profits basically to zero. Another Canadian business owner expressed similar concerns, saying that any other service was way too expensive to even consider.

Via Reddit While those were strike concerns of Canadians over two years ago, there's nothing to suggest that a Canada Post strike now would yield any other results.

canada post delivery standard not meet

Business owners would still have to find alternatives shipping options to meet customers' demands and that could be detrimental to their profits. But they aren't the only ones worried right now. Even large corporations are taking early measures to prepare for the potential postage strike.

Canada Post Isn't Even On Strike Yet But It's Already Affecting Canadians, Here's How

Huge nationwide companies like Bell are trying to get ahead of the strike action by sending emails to customers today making them aware of the impending strike and urging them to sign up for online bill payments saying that Bell won't waive any late fees because of the mail strike.

Ontario and Quebec hydro have also sent out similar notices to customers. Via Reddit Aside from all the impact to businesses big and small, there is also a simple, and more personal fact to all this that we as Canadians won't receive our mail in the event of a strike.

While email and digital communications have become the go-to form of connecting, if you wanted to send or receive a letter, birthday card, or care package in the mail, you'd be out of luck. Contract negotiations between the union and Canada Post have been ongoing, but the two sides have yet to reach an agreement.