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Finally, we provide outlines and guidance to help you customize the collaborative work environment and case analysis project to incorporate your approach to case analysis, including creative ideas for using this feature throughout your course for the most powerful learning experience for your class.

These notes include directed assignments, financial analyses, and thor- ough discussion and exposition of issues in the case. Select cases also have assessment Copyright Cengage Learning. The Case Notes provide consistent and thorough support for instructors, following the method espoused by the author team for preparing an effective case analysis.

This program is easy-to-use test-creation software that is compatible with Microsoft Windows. Instructors can add or edit questions, instructions, and answers, and select questions by previewing them on the screen, selecting them randomly, or selecting them by number.

Instructors can also create and admin- ister quizzes online, whether over the Internet, a local area network LANor a wide area network WAN. We provide an ample number of application questions throughout, and we have also retained scenario-based questions as a means of adding in-depth problem-solving questions.

An all-new PowerPoint presentation, created for the 12th edition, provides support for lectures, emphasizing key concepts, key terms, and instructive graphics. They are available on the DVD and Instructor website. Cengage Learning Write Experience 3. This new technology is the first in higher education to offer students the opportunity to improve their writing and analytical skills without adding to your workload. We have trained new prompts for this edition!

Micromatic Strategic Management Simulation for bundles only. Student teams make their decisions on a quarter-by-quarter basis, determining price, sales and promotion budgets, opera- tions decisions, and financing requirements. Each decision round requires students to make approximately decisions. Students can play in teams or play alone, com- pete against other players or the computer, or use Micromatic for practice, tourna- ments, or assessment.

You can control any business simulation element you wish, leaving the rest alone if you desire. Because of the number and type of decisions the student users must make, Micromatic is classified as a medium to complex business simulation game.

This helps students understand how the functional areas of a busi- ness fit together without being bogged down in needless detail and provides students with an excellent capstone experience in decision making.

Smartsims for bundles only. MikesBikes Advanced is a premier strategy simulation providing students with the unique opportunity to evaluate, plan, and implement strategy as they manage their own company while competing online against other students within their course.

Students from the management team of a bicycle manufacturing company make all Copyright Cengage Learning.


They formulate a comprehensive strategy, starting with their existing product, and then adapt the strategy as they develop new products for emerging markets. Through the Smartsims easy-to-use interface, students are taught the cross-functional disciplines of business and how the development and implementation of strategy involves these disciplines.

The competitive nature of MikesBikes encourages involvement and learning in a way that no other teaching methodology can, and your students will have fun in the process! All activities are designed to teach students to problem-solve and think like leaders. Through these activities and real-time course analytics, and an accessible reader, MindTap helps you turn cookie cutter into cutting edge, apathy into engagement, and memorizers into higher-level thinkers. Customized to the specific needs of this course, activities are built to facilitate mas- tery of chapter content.

Acknowledgments We express our appreciation for the excellent support received from our editorial and production team at Cengage Learning. We are grateful for their dedication, commitment, and outstanding contributions to the development and publication of this book and its package of support materials. We are highly indebted to all of the reviewers of past editions. Their comments have provided a great deal of insight in the preparation of this current edition: Duane Ireland Robert E.

Hoskisson Copyright Cengage Learning. Hitt received his Ph. He has coauthored or coedited 27 books and authored or coauthored many journal articles. A recent article listed him as one of the 10 most cited authors in management over a year period. The Times Higher Education listed him among the top scholars in economics, finance, and management based on the number of highly cited articles he has authored.

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A recent article in the Academy of Management Perspectives lists him as one of the top two management scholars in terms of the combined impact of his work both inside i. He has served on the editorial review boards of multiple journals and is a former editor of the Academy of Management Journal and a former coeditor of the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal. In andDr. Ireland teaches strategic management courses at all levels. He has more than publications, including approximately 25 books.

His research, which focuses on diver- sification, innovation, corporate entrepreneurship, strategic entrepreneurship, and the informal economy, has been published in an array of journals. He has served as a member of multiple editorial review boards and is a former editor of the Academy of Management Journal. He has been a guest editor for 12 special issues of journals. He is a research fellow in the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers and received an award in for Outstanding Intellectual Contributions to Competitiveness Research from the American Society for Competitiveness.

He received awards for the best article published in Academy of Management Executivethe Academy of Management Journaland the Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship Hoskisson is the George R.