Circle city classic 2013 swim meet app

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circle city classic 2013 swim meet app

Biophilia may also help explain why some urban parks and buildings are preferred These 14 patterns have a wide range of applications for both interior and exterior Classic examples include the garden courtyards of the Alhambra in Spain, .. spaces for limited periods of time ( see City of San Francisco, ). Swim-Proof Track swimming; Interchangeable Accessories; Reminders to Move; SmartTrack™ Auto Exercise Track swimming automatically & see your exercise summary in the Fitbit app. Plus firmhandshake Circle Classic Band. Werchter Classic, 07/14/, Werchter, Belgium, Buy Tickets · More Info. Ernst- Happel-Stadion, 07/17/, Vienna, Austria, Buy Tickets Buy VIP · More Info.

Malaria, dengue, yellow fever and schistosomiasis are among the top contenders for increasing mortality rates among human inhabitants. Going by recent WHO statistics, over 3. Children of these countries are at the greatest possible risk with one child dying every minute due to vector and vector-associated diseases.

So how does one tackle this menace?

Kendall Pickering - Circle City Classic 100 Breaststroke Champion

The answer is, No. Ever since consumers have become more health-conscious and aware, the mosquito repellent industry has been buzzing. Moreover, with the urban populace choosing convenience and comfort over effective vector-control solutions, mosquitoes have found new, fertile breeding grounds.

Flower pots, old tires, drains and leaky faucets to aquariums, storage tanks and swimming pools, the mosquito is now breeding more than ever. Apart from insecticide-containing sprays, current repellents, as the name suggests, do not kill control but only repel mosquitoes by temporarily preventing them from attacking a host. These include creams, lotions, wipes, vaporizers, sprays, foams, mats, coils and electronic buzzers.

But in reality, how effective are they? The least functional, off the list, is the latter — the electronic buzzer. Although effective, creams, wipes, lotions, sprays and foams are frequently battered with allergy-related complaints, while fumes from vaporizers, coils and mats have been charge-sheeted with pulmonary-related problems.

Controlling Mosquitoes, Saving the Planet With popular repellents coming under the scanner for containing toxic pollutant properties, the repellent industry shifted its focus to Nature. Claude VonStroke — Urban Animal I highly suggest looking up a large-scale version of this image so you can fully appreciate all of its intricacies.

Traditionally a symbol of freedom, the bird showcased on the Urban Animals cover is made of dilapidated buildings, smoke stacks and other less-than-flattering signs of city life. The startling cover was so controversial that UK versions were sold in cardboard sleeves that covered the image.

You wizard of controlled chaos. What does it mean, and what does it have to do with Marvel or Tolkien? Sometimes weird is just weird. I look at the cover now and still, to this day, have trouble distinguishing it from the used electronica bins and an of Montreal album cover reject.

The blurry mess of half robot noise and half punk spritz resonates on the swirly face of The Looks. Boards of Canada — Geogaddi This sun-saturated, red-orange, kaleidoscopic image depicts a child standing, arms spread, between two trees.

The cover represents the tone of the work accurately; there is a sense of dread and an ominous tenor in the compositions.

Tosca — Opera Put Opera on repeat.

circle city classic 2013 swim meet app

Then put it on repeat again. Its downtempo trip-hop take on electronic is best understood with a few big spoonfuls, ideally when the atmosphere is thick and heavy. On a pale, hospital-green cover, some molecular form or sculpture hovers, abstract and intriguing.

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Hot Chip — Why Make Sense I have already written about this cover, but it merits a repeat mention. Using a hand-screened process, no two copies of this work will be the same. That uniqueness of tone and hue brings a kind of intimacy to the act of buying a record. It is one of the elements that make buying an LP so special. It functions as an object; it is art on its own, and combined with the music, it creates a great experience for each of us.

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Well, here is a painting of such a scenario, suggesting in this instance a sunken Titanic, or WWII battleship survivors—an affecting cover for a sample-heavy more than 3, samples and reverie-inducing soundscape. The KLF — Chill Out Sheep are lounging in this bucolic cover, which in the original versions, had no type or signage of any kind.

It is an arresting pastoral image for a contemporary electronic music cover. The music is a continuous composition, a soundtrack for an imaginary journey from the Texas Gulf to Louisiana—ambient to the fullest.

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From a distance, it looks like dozens of tiny, multicolored circles. Up close, one can see that each of these circles contains bits of computer-rendered graphic design, as well as images of flowers. While clearly digitally composed, the cover contains trace elements of the organic, which speaks to an album on which hundreds of robot-like electronic beats compose music that is most definitely alive.

After an intro to the Clash and the Sex Pistols, I fell down a rabbit hole of infinite angry possibility. I eventually found goth music and, finally, industrial. On Angst, the band captures every feeling a disillusioned teenager could have and presents it with lyrical style.

Some sort of plaster or resin mannequin is shattered and captured in a photograph mid-explosion, with the title and band name simply rendered in the tapeworm font shouts to Ed Ruscha. It features German producer DJ Koze riding atop a reindeer, sitting in a psychedelic and colorful forest environment. Needless to say, I played the album on air and fell in love with its unique sound.

This is far more free jazz and much less a boom-bap of a record, with a cover that feels—like the music—similar, yet wholly different from before.

Girl Talk — Feed the Animals By the late aughts, Gregg Gillis, the former biomedical engineer known to most as mashup genius Girl Talk, had perfected his method: It reminds me of the Bazooka bubble gum packaging: The nostalgia is real. Jon Hopkins — Immunity Drop a book on the ground, or even tap a table lightly with your hand. The resulting energy ripples, like in a body of water, are exactly what I think of when I think of Immunity. Individual tracks rely heavily on sluggish bass sequences that are just as experimental as they are fleeting.

The red and purple forms you see in the artwork are actually clusters of food dye molecules crystallizing over a period of time, viewed through a spectral lens to bring out the colors. For Hopkins, such chemical reactions serve to visualize different components of his music and different sounds in his head, a process he often describes as best represented in color changes. The Creators Project highlighted the phenomenon in this videowhich I definitely recommend giving a watch.

He trades in his electro and house know-how for a heavily synth-pop project, producing a body of work that could have come straight from All I can say is, I wish my fantasies looked this fantastic. And honestly, if Die Antwoord wrapped up a live set with Yo-Landi riding off on a dragon, would you even be surprised?

circle city classic 2013 swim meet app

Kraftwerk — Trans Europe Express This was a huge record from these titans of electronica. The band is presented like some ersatz lounge act, really one of the first postmodern ironic graphic gestures seen. The painters, Gerhard Richter and Sigmar Polke, had done similar portraits as a show invite, but this was a major artistic gesture and commentary on the idea of an artist portrait.

Sadly, a lot of it is lost in the formatting of the American cover. The colors are changed, and the framing is clumsily altered.

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The original comes with a great poster, as well. This is strictly a cover choice. The sculpted multiples of the band members, front and back, is haunting and was very timely when the simulacrum was becoming a much-discussed topic. This album feels as good as it sounds, comparable to warm towels out of the drier or a soft, white robe after a long bath.

Klaxons — Surfing the Void If you think nothing good comes out of drinking, just take a look at this Klaxons cover. After realizing how funny a billboard of the image would look, the group decided to make it a reality. The end result is one of the top electronic album covers of all time.

The clean design and rich color tones give the image the look and feel of a s movie poster the A Space Odyssey vibes are strongwhile the solo figure standing in the red field in the bottom-left corner adds a sort of ominous feel to the image. As soon as I saw it was in the running for our list, I knew it had to make the cut. DJ Shadow — Endtroducing…. After releasing two widely acclaimed records that earned him a Mercury Prize nomination, the rumor mill was alive with wild speculations that Burial was a new side project of artists like Fatboy Slim, Four Tet or Aphex Twin.

His humble declaration shocked the music blogs and set the internet ablaze. Plastikman — Sheet One The illicit references are hard to ignore here—an obvious nod to the psychotropic poison of choice of the hordes of techno heads who would frequent the unregulated, anything-goes raves of yesteryear. Designed to mimic a sheet of LSD, legend has it that the cover once led to a man being taken into custody, after a police officer saw the album sitting in plain sight on the dashboard of his car.

That acid-tinged aesthetic is echoed in the minimalist approach employed by Richie Hawtin throughout the debut album of his Plastikman alias. It was a stroke of genius, to the say the least.

Fischerspooner — 1 Receiving a polarized response upon its release in1 was hailed by some as a pioneering release, more art-directed than written. It was a little over a week after a tumultuous breakup, and I had started falling for another girl from my past. I imagined the kaleidoscopic spectrum to be the visual equivalent of falling in love. I like the Columbia cover with the Joseph Cornell-inspired collage. As with all the best album art, what you saw on the cover panel was just the tip of the iceberg, pun intended.

Funki Porcini — Fast Asleep A cheeky note in the credits for this album reads: The Uterus Goldmine modelled and designed by Openmind layers and counting.

This cover depicts the title treatment spelled out using vintage synths—the ultimate eye candy for gear-spotters—and a girl fast asleep on a circuit board rug. Who are these women? What exactly is their job?

Is there some sort of Atlas Shrugged statement here about women being unable to balance the weight of the universe? This one proves that simple yet evocative is always the way to go.

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The cover sees a traditional athlete cross a plane into a digital rendering. Clear is still the go-to joint for a pop-locking session! Boys Noize — Oi Oi Oi The branding was so good on this album cover that Boys Noize still uses it as his Facebook profile picture, nearly 10 years after its release.

Kudos to the designer, because the 13 tracks on Oi Oi Oi deserved a timeless piece of art. The album was a thrashing tour de force that fueled millions of fist-pumps across the world and inspired the wave of bloghaus to take over and spread like wildfire in America. The harmonics on this LP are really beautiful and complex.