Dhiraj na fal meet halfway

Imran wins Pak polls, needs to stitch alliance

dhiraj na fal meet halfway

The National Assembly has seats in total and the halfway mark is for a simple majority. Although Imran Khan appeared likely to fall short of the seats needed for a Modi, Xi meet; to keep the momentum in ties HYDERABAD, JULY 27 (UNI): Dheeraj Jain, Managing Partenr, Stonelife LLP. has jumped by more than 70 percent from a low set in the middle of last year. foreign-exchange swap window to meet the entire daily dollar requirements of. Government needs to loosen purse strings: Niti Aayog's Dhiraj The ratio of investment to gross domestic product was around 38 percent in , in the middle of that run. Almost the entire fall took place before the current government . RBI Governor to meet MSME, NBFC representatives next week.

Dhiraj Khatri Photography: Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and Chambal WLS

Those kinds of doms Manish knew are found is religious places. Out of which he said that Banaras would be the ideal setting for the film. The domes over there have a lot of respect. That's how we finalised the geography as well as the name of my character. Since we had chosen Kaashi, we had to choose Ganga too. We cannot dissociate Ganga from Kaashi. We thought of naming Kaashi's sister 'Ganga' because they are incomplete without each other. And that's how we came up with the title.

Initially, my friends thought this was an offbeat film. But when the trailer was released, they changed their opinion. Now they feel it speaks from the perspective of women, who are ill-treated at various levels.

But that is only one of the aspects; there are various other aspects as well. What kind of preparations did you do for the film?

dhiraj na fal meet halfway

Manish and Dhiraj wanted to use the Banarasi dialect and I was very concerned over that. Because what happens is, in the pursuit of getting the accent right, the emotions are lost, So I made sure to start the preparation before a month. I used to record the dialogues and keep listening to it, studying and practicing so that it becomes a part of me.

Then I had no idea about the world of doms. I wanted to get a sense of it. So, I requested Manish and Dhiraj if I could go to Banaras five days prior to the commencement of shoot. I wanted to observe how the dom community, who are caretakers of cremation grounds and make preparation for final rites, lead their lives. While doing this, I also got an opportunity to observe the way in which the locals communicated with each other. Aishwarya Devan How different was it working in the Hindi film industry?

I didn't find any major difference except that here we work late nights and start shooting late in the morning. But down there, we had to reach the sets by 10 am. Also, there was a difference in language.

Dhiraj Khatri Photography: Goa - Feel the Paradise

I am a South Indian and therefore had to face a few challenges because of my accent. During the dubbing, whenever I used to say the dialogue, it had the South Indian accent in it. Didn't you think of making your Bollywood debut with a larger than life film?

dhiraj na fal meet halfway

I always wanted a good character where I could just perform and which would show people that I can act. I had barely any screen presence down South. So I was really happy when I came on board for Kaashi because my character had a lot to do. The screen presence was almost equal to Sharman's. Performing with such a versatile actor is something every actress dreams of. I got the perfect debut film. Share something funny and interesting from the sets of Kaashi I remember one scene where I and Sharman were shooting a song sequence.

In the scene, I had to pretend that I am falling in the water because I wanted him to hold me. But I was so keen on doing it naturally that I actually fall into the water. That was so embarrassing and everyone was laughing at me. Also, there is a scene where I am going in search of Ganga.

We shot that scene amidst the real crowd who came to see the Maha Aarti. How did you come on board for the movie?

Holding the attention of today's tech-distracted, fast-paced workers can present numerous challenges, especially if those employees are already time challenged. It's important that your meetings be efficient and interesting or you may be wasting everyone's time. Here are a few tips to capture and hold attention during your next business meeting. Make It Interactive If your meetings consist of one person speaking at length to a roomful of people, your employees likely are only capturing a percentage of what's being said.

Instead of spending a half an hour reviewing the plan for your upcoming project, for instance, you could invite your employees to participate in the planning process during a brainstorming project. Ask for questions throughout the meeting and repeat each question to the group when it is asked. Allow employees to see each other through video conferencing. If your employees feel as though they are taking part in the meeting, they'll be more likely to remain alert and interested.

dhiraj na fal meet halfway

Use Visual Aids Visual aids are a great way to engage your meeting participants, giving them something interesting to look at. However, PowerPoint slides have become so ingrained in work meetings, employees sometimes get slide fatigue.

Imran wins Pak polls, needs to stitch alliance

Consider using other presentation apps to give your slides a kick, but don't overdo it. Too many graphics and sound effects can turn your meeting into a circus. Bring in Food This is my favorite tip.

dhiraj na fal meet halfway

Even if nothing gets accomplished, at least you had something to eat. Instead of holding your standard staff meeting every Monday morning, host special lunches where employees are invited to eat before the meeting starts. Even a box of doughnuts or bagels can give workers a reason to look forward to meetings.

By adding food to meetings, businesses encourage conversation and camaraderie between employees. Gamify Give employees a reason to pay attention by making a game out of it.