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die hard 2 airport scene meet

THE Die Hard 2 writer has revealed the movie studio almost made them drastically alter the film's most confronting scene. The scene we're. Washington Dulles International Airport when terrorists take over the air Die Hard 2 (sometimes referred to as Die Hard 2: Die Harder), is a filmed at this air force base for the scene showing a Meet the stars of Alpena! Alpena is. Die Hard 2 () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more Edit (Coming Soon). Why did Holly taser Thornberg in the airplane lavatory? WZDC Reporter.

die hard 2 airport scene meet

Barnes helps McClane locate the mercenaries' hideout and they tell Grant and his team to raid the location, but the mercenaries escape on snowmobiles. McClane pursues them but is stunned to discover the mercenaries' guns are loaded with blanksconcluding that the Special Forces team are in fact Stuart's subordinates.

Die Hard 2: The scene that almost didn’t make it

McClane demands Lorenzo intercept the Boeing in which the mercenaries will escape; Lorenzo refuses to listen until McClane fires at the Captain with the blank gun, thus proving his story. Aboard Holly's flight, a suspicious Thornburg is monitoring airport radio traffic and learns about the situation from a secret transmission to the circling planes from Barnes. He phones in a sensational and exaggerated take on what is happening leading to panic and preventing the officers from reaching the escape plane.

Holly subdues Thornburg with a stun gun. McClane hitches a ride on a news helicopter that drops him off on the wing of the taxiing mercenaries' He jams the left inboard aileron with his jacket, preventing the plane from taking off.

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Esperanza, who is flying the jet, is shocked when he sees McClane on the wing. Grant emerges and fights McClane, but is knocked off the wing and falls into an engine, killing him.

Stuart then comes out and succeeds in knocking McClane off the plane before removing McClane's jacket. However, he fails to notice that McClane had opened the fuel hatch. McClane then uses his cigarette lighter to ignite the trail of fuel which causes the jet to explode, killing the other soldiers, Esperanza, and Stuart aboard. The planes circling above use the fire trail to help them land. As the other passengers on board are rescued, Holly and McClane happily embrace.

Theo retrieves their getaway vehicle, but is incapacitated by Argyle. After knocking Kristoff unconscious, he confronts Gruber and is ordered to surrender his machine gun.

The truth about Die Hard 2’s most confronting scene

McClane does this to spare Holly, but distracts Gruber and Eddie, allowing him to grab a concealed pistol with only two bullets taped to his back. McClane shoots Gruber and kills Eddie with a single shot to the forehead; Gruber crashes through a window, but grabs onto Holly's wrist.

die hard 2 airport scene meet

Gruber raises a pistol and attempts to shoot them, but McClane removes Holly's wristwatch and Gruber falls to his death.

Outside, McClane and Holly meet Powell. Karl emerges and attempts to shoot McClane, but is shot dead by Powell with his police revolver. Argyle crashes through the parking garage door in the limo.

Thornburg arrives and attempts to interview McClane, but Holly punches him before she and McClane leave the area with Argyle.

Robert Davi and Grand L.

die hard 2 airport scene meet

The novel was adapted into a film of the same name starring Frank Sinatra and was a box-office success. When a movie based on Thorp's sequel went into production, the studio was contractually obligated to offer Frank Sinatra the lead role in Die Hard.

die hard 2 airport scene meet

Although it has been rumored that at this point the project was repurposed to be a sequel to Schwarzenegger's action film Commandoscriptwriter de Souza has denied this.

You should sometimes think about looking at your movie through the point of view of the villain who is really driving the narrative. Willis initially turned down the role due to his contractual commitments to Moonlighting. However, after his co-star Cybill Shepherd became pregnant, Moonlighting was shut down for 11 weeks which provided sufficient time for Willis to work on Die Hard.

die hard 2 airport scene meet

Thenth Century Fox president Leonard Goldberg justified the cost, stating the film was reliant on its lead actor, while other sources within the studio would state that Fox was desperate for a star for Die Hard, intended to be its big summer action blockbuster, especially since they had already been turned down by so many other suitable actors.

The force of the explosion blew him out to the very edge of the airbag. When upon completing the stunt Willis inquired why they hadn't filmed such a dangerous scene at the end of production, he was told that if they had, then they would have run the expensive risk of having to reshoot the whole movie with another actor. He chose to avoid the terrorists' politics in favor of making them thieves in pursuit of monetary gain, believing it would make the film more suitable for summer entertainment.

The film's ending had not been finalized by the time filming had begun; one result is that the truck depicted as transporting the terrorists to the building is too small to house the ambulance that was later revealed to be inside it.

Other scenes also lacked context: Likewise, the character of McClane had not been fully realized until almost halfway through production, when McTiernan and Willis decided that he was a man who did not like himself very much, but was doing the best he could in a bad situation. In the original script, Die Hard took place over three days, but McTiernan was inspired to have it take place over a single night by Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

At the time of filming, the building was still under construction, and the setting for a scene of McClane exploring an unfinished floor complete with construction equipment was real—after filming and construction was completed, the room used for that scene became the office of former President Ronald Reagan. The Nakatomi building's 30th floor, where the hostages are held, was a recreation of the Frank Lloyd Wright -designed house Fallingwaterincluding a large rock with water dripping from it.

Govia's inspiration came from Japanese corporations of the time buying up American products, his rationale being that Nakatomi had bought Fallingwater and reassembled it in their own building.

The building's logo originally was too reminiscent of a swastika for McTiernan; the final design is closer to a Samurai warrior's helmet. A foot-long matte painting provided the city backdrop as viewed from inside the Nakatomi building's 30th floor.