District meet taekwondo america

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district meet taekwondo america

One of our AAU Taekwondo District Directors, Master Kevin Balon was featured on ABC's . Meet Robert Lee, a passionate taekwondo athlete since age f. Wuxi World Taekwondo Grand Slam Champions Series Ⅱ. N/A 2nd WT Presidents Cup-Africa Region. G-2 .. Lima Parapan American Games. Proud District Partners of Kiddo! for the last 35 Years! Founded in by Master Roger Carlon, West America Tae Kwon Do is a family-run dojo .. It's allowed me to meet extraordinary people I wouldn't normally have the chance to get to.

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By learning life skills such as goal-setting, persistence, confidence, motivation, communication, etiquette, and public speaking, you will become a leader no matter what life path you choose. Advanced Training Opportunities Because Leadership students receive specialized training, they're equipped to reach their goals more quickly. Advanced Protech weapons training is also offered at both the school level and at regional events and tournaments throughout the year.

Advanced Competition Opportunities Although regional and national tournaments provide an excellent opportunity for leaders in all divisions to compete for best in Traditional and ATA X-treme Forms, Weapons, and Sparring, only Leadership students are eligible to gain points toward a State Championship title.

district meet taekwondo america

Those who attain the prestigious distinction of State Champion are then eligible to wear the designation on their uniforms. Expert Weapons Training As a Leadership student, you are eligible to receive advanced weapons training to further your martial arts knowledge and expertise.

district meet taekwondo america

Jahng Bong bo staffSsahng Nat kamaSamdan Bong three section staffand Gumdo Korean sword art are some of the weapons that can be studied. Therefore, Leadership students are encouraged to get involved in their community and give back. While service projects vary in scope, there's always a way for students to find an activity in their school, neighborhood or city that matters to them and makes a difference in the lives of others.

What Other Members Are Saying: They not only teach Taekwondo skills but also life lessons such as honesty, courage, respect, discipline, etc.

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Our family would highly recommend Minnesota Family Martial Arts. These guys are amazing! The instructors are extremely knowledgeable, and teach our kids the life skills that so many are lacking today!

I looked around, and there is no one better in the area!

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And, they are constantly training students to become the best of themselves. I look forward to my son becoming the next black belt.


I appreciate ATA very much for welcoming us in like family. May God bless each and every single one of you. Today I had my final end of the year parent teacher conference and review of our son's progress. In addition to the perfect score his teacher told me that Leo has been an amazing class leader, showing great discipline, amazing attitude, he makes good choices when no one is looking, and has been a good friend and inspiration to his classmates.

Everyone I meet today had nothing but good things to say about his attitude and determination.

district meet taekwondo america

I have to thank ATA for being a big part of his life and for helping reinforce his winners for life attitude. I can't say enough good things about what you have done for my son and our family. I am proud and honored to have you guys as part of our extended family.

district meet taekwondo america

Thank you to the entire ATA family you all rock! Gary Karamikian Huntersville I can't thank ATA Mooresville enough for all the positive changes they've made in my son and by extension my family! I have seen my son grow both physically and mentally.

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His teachers are so pleased with his progress and he has been able to apply his martial arts training to other sports. The positive influences from the school of Mr. Yeasted have proven invaluable. I will recommend them to anyone who wants to see their child improve in discipline and confidence!

He has learned so much from the staff and the life lessons they teach him. The staff are always so considerate and really kind.