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doodle meet me page

Why should I use MeetMe quick calendars? Your invitee opens the link, confirms one of the pre-approved time slots, and the meeting is booked. We will automatically update your Quick Calendars if time slots become unavailable. As productivity apps go, you can't get much more straightforward than MeetMe. There are options to customise the look of your calendar page. Doodle radically simplifies the process of scheduling events, meetings, appointments, etc. Herding cats gets 2x faster with Doodle. For free!.

Office hours are one of the best ways students can get to know their professors.

doodle meet me page

The time spent in one-on-one meetings with your students can include some of the most important opportunities for teaching that you have with your students.

And while many professors are happy to meet with students to help, coordinating schedules and other constraints often dampen the experience and can frustrate students and professors. Digital Dialog itself is designed to allow private conversations between professors and students. This private channel of communication allows students to bring questions or concerns to the professor in the same way office hours do.

If students have questions to ask, or if you need to check up on a student, the dialog is already open, and you can just use Digital Dialog as is to communicate with students privately.

As long as the professor and students are using it at the same time, Digital Dialog can be used like a real-time chat tool.

doodle meet me page

Also, holding office hours through Digital Dialog may incline students to post during that time since they know they would get answers and feedback immediately. Doodlethe same service that can help you easily schedule group meetings, has a tool for those who are interested in streamlining the process of scheduling meetings with students: A MeetMe page is a calendar that is synchronized with a Google or Outlook calendar and is embedded on a page that you could share with your students.

Easy Scheduling with Doodle

Easy, simple, highly utilitarian. Can connect with your existing calendar.

Setting up research consultation appointments using Doodle’s MeetMe page

Cons Unclear time-zone options. Bottom Line Doodle is the best online scheduling tool for finding a date and time for many people to get together. Doodle is a scheduling app and website that makes it easy to find a time when a group of people can get together—simple as that. If that's not going boost your productivity by cutting down on needless emails and schedule-juggling, I don't know what will.

Doodle has long been one of my favorite productivity apps thanks to its simplicity and utility. It's free to use, though bonus features in the premium subscription tiers are a joy for business users. The biggest drawback to Doodle is that more people don't use it.

Pricing and Plans Doodle is a freemium tool. That means that app is free to download, and there's no charge to use the service. If you upgrade to a Private or Business account, however, you get additional perks.

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The free account gives you all the basics you need to schedule a get-together with a group of people. You can create polls, invite others to participate in them, edit them, see the results, and so forth.

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There are no limits on how many polls you can create, either. Nothing major is missing from the free version. You can even connect your personal calendar to Doodle for free, allowing you to see when you have conflicts as you schedule. Note that I've also tested the Doodle Android appwhich is excellent, and there's an iPhone version, too. MeetMe is an online calendar from which people can request meetings with you, based on your availability.

You give them a link to the calendar, and they can see when you're busy or free. They cannot, however, see the details of what you're doing when you're not busy.

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The person requesting the meeting suggests times and dates to meet that will work for you based on your availability, and you confirm whatever meetings you like. With a paid account, Doodle can also send reminders to those people automatically.

doodle meet me page

Private users get end-to-end SSL encryption, too. As a team, however, it seems highly likely that you'll have at least a few people on board. There are various options depending on team size, with volume discounts. This plan includes everything that's in the Private account, plus custom domains and designs if you want them, as well as user-management features.

Doodle Features When you sign up for a free account on Doodle.