Eagle swim team meet results track

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eagle swim team meet results track

Saturday, the Eagles Track and Field Team split for two different Between the On Your Marks Meet in Santa Barbara, and. Full Results. Team Partners. Metro+Swim+Shop. Under+Armour. Speedo. TrainHeroic MAC Hogan Mini Meet (10 & Under). Jan 26, - Jan 27, Attend/Decline. The official Swim and Dive page for the Liberty North High School Eagles. The Liberty North Swim team is in the Christmas spirit before the annual 12 days of.

Please send in a size if you did not provide one at the team meeting. You can let your coach know or email your name and size to cferyo ptd.

eagle swim team meet results track

All orders are due by December 1, Please take order form and money directly to Sneaker Villa. Coaches will not collect these orders. We will be placing only one order this season. We will be having a home meet on Thursday, December 22, at 6pm at Albright against Boyertown. Rob Scoboria will be in charge of the concessions and is looking for volunteers parents to help coordinate this effort.

Please contact Ron at rscoboria boyertownasd. He will also be sending out a Signup Genius for concession donations. Subway Night will be on February 6, during our meet at Blue Mountain. Rebecca Burkhardt will be coordinating this even and is looking for 1 volunteer to help.

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Please contact Rebecca at acceber ptd. Cindy Feryo will coordinate the event and is looking for volunteers to help. Please contact Cindy at cferyo ptd. Senior Night was discussed.

The hope is to have this event at either the Wilson or Reading meet in February.

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We currently have 8 seniors. The Boosters would like to announce the seniors and have them walk with their parents with a reception afterwards with cake. They found out along with staff members during late spring, while Svirida was immediately beginning 16 weeks of chemotherapy.

That was followed up by surgery in September and then radiation through December, before she got the all-clear from doctors. Once we all found out that she had cancer, it was a blow to all of us, because she's such an influential figure in all of our lives. Just went about her business doing what she needed to do to overcome it," said Gibbons. I only talked to her once during that time when she was undergoing treatment, and she told me that she fully intended to come back.

Likewise, it was what drove her team to support her. They wanted her there when they dove in for the first medley relay of the new school year. She forms a kind of an attachment to the kids and the kids to her.

eagle swim team meet results track

It's a mutual thing, it goes both way," said Gibbons. We've had a successful swimming program for quite some time, pretty much since she took over.

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Jill is a known quantity and kids want to swim for her. The girls extended their unbeaten streak to four consecutive years and the boys submitted a winning campaign in the midst of a heavy rebuild.

eagle swim team meet results track

I knew it was life-giving to me, being able to be with them," said Svirida after the split with Pittsfield. It's a life-giving sport and they're such a special group of people that it never entered my mind that I wouldn't be back doing this. She certainly had that in mind and nothing was going to deter her from that, whether it was breast cancer, or being a busy mom or anything like that. So many people contributed," remembers Burnell.

eagle swim team meet results track

The look on her face when we did that was priceless. But they kept encouraging me during the fight to keep going on, like they always do in practice," said Svirida, who started coaching high school in Annand overcame a goggle malfunction to grab a key third, and one swimmer so exhausted himself he was later seen leaning out an emergency exit losing his lunch.

This is the drive Svirida brings out of her student-athletes. Jill is such an influential person, she'll always be there," said senior Marideth Jordan.