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east meet west brooklyn

East Meets West Showdown @ Beer Culture – POSTPONED. EmW_ _NYC_Beer-Culture. UPDATE: THIS EVENT HAS BEEN. Don't miss this unique opportunity to try some delicious beer and food pairings at BC Liquor Store. We will be pouring Brooklyn Lager and. East Meets West Inc in Brooklyn, NY -- Get driving directions to Metropolitan Ave Brooklyn, NY Add reviews and photos for East Meets West Inc. East.

east meet west brooklyn

For antidote and inspiration, to invalidate the mediocre, mere moderne through talent and imagination, to achieve somatic release?

But the supercilious Miss Shonagon doth protest too much, methinks.

east meet west brooklyn

Laboratory Dance Project in No Comment. No Comment, the work of choreographer Shin Chang-ho, was inspired by German television video-only i. The work was highly interpretable, its narrative revolving around the physical conflicts occurring in the male psyche, literally embodied by the street gang macho male dancers.

Individuality, conformity, rebellion, repression, violence and escape were all danced—convincingly, exuberantly, to sinewed pound-and-gyre music, punctuated by impressive airborne acrobatics.

Another Story, the U. As it opened, two couples, dressed in monochrome businessworld attire, sat around a table.

East Meets West

One male keeled over, the other three covered him in furniture, he revived, the table was reset, rinse, and repeat… and repeat… and so on.

Various variations were redundantly reprised. There were probably some dance-like movements, too, but they were, regrettably, unremarked. All business, they, one ratiocinates. It was really something back in 30, allowing for no later substitutes.

east meet west brooklyn

The primordial essence of humanity: We were thrown back to our own dreamtime hindbrain bestial origins by the variety and fluidity of their subconscious-seeming movements. I spoke with the author just before the American release of his book about starting this novel in high school, his interest in public policy, and life overseas.

Your background is really interesting. Can you give us an insight into what your life was like and how you got into writing? My mom is a writer.

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She really encouraged a love of reading and writing in me. I started working on the first draft of [Beautiful Country] in high school actually. They said if I did a big project, like work on a play or a novel, then I could do it. I went to my English teacher to see if he would work on it with me.

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We worked out a plan where I would turn in one chapter a month. By the end of the year I had most of the initial first draft done. Then I worked on it on and off for the next year. I decided to put it away for awhile and come back to it once I was a better writer.

east meet west brooklyn

I took a lot of workshops while I was at Harvard. I went back to the book and started rewriting it. I thought I could make it better. It seemed very amateurish in the way it was written and I had come a long way since I wrote the first draft. I spent a year rewriting it. When you were in high school writing it, were you in America or China?

I was in the U. I took a year before high school to go to China. That was partially because I was a year younger than I should have been in the U.

I had grown up in England until I was twelve and then moved [to America] and because of the way the school system starts a year earlier [in England] I was going to start high school very young.

My parents wanted me to take a year off to get back to the right age group [as other high school freshman]. I took sort of a gap year then in China, then came back for high school in Connecticut. That year in China, what was that like for you?

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I know you grew up in England and America, so you were already pretty worldly. China had to be completely different though? It was super different. I had been once before for about a week with my dad when I was younger.

It was totally different transition. At the time I went over to China, it was about four years or so before the Olympics.


There are only a couple western restaurants outside of the hotels. It was a totally different experience, but I do think I was better prepared for it than maybe somebody who had only lived in one country before because I at least already had the experience from moving from England to the U.

I spent some time in the south and up in Maine.

east meet west brooklyn

So you got back from China and started writing the book in America. While I was in Beijing I kept a journal every day. I had a bunch of material from that which I knew I could probably use at some point to do something.

It was pretty rich material and was some stuff that many people my age never experienced. That was always in the back of my mind for if I was going to work on something longer. I came away from Beijing being really impacted by the boys I practiced [tennis] with and my teammates there. Their system is so competitive and the stakes are really high for them. They had to approach it like they were professionals.

Their work ethic and their professionalism made my American friends who were the same age feel very immature. Those guys had a really big impact on me and that was something I remembered when I came back.

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A lot of the work ethic I developed was because of them. I felt like the China that was being talked about in the press or in history articles was a very one dimensional country. I had a hard time relating what life was like for my friends, my teammates, and kids my age.