Find a place to meet halfway - Find great places to meet or stop halfway

find a place to meet halfway provides a unique way to find somewhere to meet or stop halfway between two or more locations. Great for planning road trips, business. Find the ideal restaurant or other point of interest halfway between two or more addresses. What's a good place to meet your friend for lunch or for coffee?. Meeting friends at a halfway point is a better idea than travelling all the way. You just have to find a good meeting place. Here are five tools for.

Diamond Rio - Meet In The Middle

If you want coffee, search for coffee; if you want a park, search for a park. A particularly nice feature is the ability to add more than two locations: I added as many as five and the site kept giving results, though obviously the more scattered your locations the harder it is to find a meeting place not in the middle of one ocean or another.

Meet Me Halfway finds interesting places near the halfway point of two locations

But if you want to choose a place to meet with an internationally scattered group of people, this site can offer not only a suggested city but things to do when you all get there.

This time, however, you can use checkmarks to browse specific things to do in given areas: If you want to get an idea of the sorts of things you can do at your halfway point, this is the tool you should check out first.

Meet Ways offers features similar features, but is better turned for finding halfway points in your own city. There are options to calculate your halfway point on driving, as with the other tools, but you can also calculate a halfway point based on walking or public transit.

find a place to meet halfway

Meet Ways gives you a better tool for that situation. Tired of finding halfway points? If you live in North America, you might have dug a hole in the back yard as a kid and claimed you were going to dig to China.

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That was ridiculous, and your parents knew it: In most cases, the ocean is. Once you have added the two addresses, usually in the form "city street" you need to tap on the Meet Me Halfway button to look up the halfway point and potential meeting places near it. The app zooms in on the location, and highlights both places that you have selected on the map.

MeetWays: Meet in the Middle - Find a Halfway Point

An assortment of additional places are displayed near the halfway point of both locations, highlighting bars, restaurants or game stores among other locations where you may want to meet.

You can zoom in or out of the map the usual way, and also open places of interest on Google Maps to display additional information or use the route planner to find out how you can get there. The application does not offer any sharing options so that you cannot just send the location to the other person's phone. You need to use the phone, email, SMS or other forms of communication to do so. That's a usability issue.

find a place to meet halfway

Another issue is that you cannot filter places, so that only restaurants, hotels or bars are highlighted. The application highlights places that are not as suitable for meetings currently, including pharmacies, commercial buildings or drug stores. Considering that this is the initial release of the application, it is likely that it is going to be improved by its author to resolve those issues.

find a place to meet halfway

All in all it is a great idea that could work well with a friend list feature and chat so that suggestions are displayed to all at the same time.