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front range crossfit weightlifting meet software

Paul Fleschler is the owner and Head Coach of Front Range Weightlifting Club. Paul began competing in the sport of Weightlifting in , as part of his high school's strength and conditioning program. Paul's final competition as an athlete was the National Championships where he Front Range CrossFit. Front Range CrossFit is Denver's Premier CrossFit, Strength & Conditioning Gym. FRCF Spring Weightlifting Meet CrossFit Level-1 Certificate Course. The Front Range Crossfit gym boasts an separate square foot Weight Room prepares lifters to compete and be successful at all levels of competition, local With the closing of the Weightlifting Residents Program in CO Springs at the.

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If two athletes lift the same weight, they are both credited with it but in terms of placing the one who listed the weight first gets the highest placing. There are two side judges and one head referee who together provide a "successful" or "failed" result for each attempt based on their observation of the lift within the governing body's rules and regulations.

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Two successes are required for any attempt to pass. Usually, the judges' and referee's results are registered via a lighting system with a white light indicating a "successful" lift and a red light indicating a "failed" lift. This is done for the benefit of all in attendance be they athlete, coach, administrator or audience.

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In addition, one or two technical officials may be present to advise during a ruling. Local competition rules[ edit ] At local competitions, a "Best Lifter" title is commonly awarded. It is awarded to both the best men's and women's lifters. The award is based on a formula which employs the " Sinclair Coefficient ", a coefficient derived and approved by the sport's world governing body and which allows for differences in both gender and bodyweight.

When the formula is applied to each lifter's overall total and then grouped along with the other competitors' and evaluated, it provides a numeric result which determines the competition's best overall men's and women's lifters.

Pre-Olympic[ edit ] Competition to establish who can lift the heaviest weight has been recorded throughout civilization, with the earliest known recordings including those found in Egypt, China and ancient Greece. Today, the modern sport of weightlifting traces its origins to the European competitions of the 19th century.

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The first male world champion was crowned in ; the weightlifters were not categorized by weight at this time, and a women's championship did not exist until Early Olympic[ edit ] The first Olympic Games of included weightlifting in the Field event of the predecessor to today's track and field or athletics event. During the Olympic Gamesthere was no weightlifting event.

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Weightlifting resumed as an event, again in athletics, in but was omitted from the Games of and These were the last Games until after the First World War. In these early Games, a distinction was drawn between lifting with 'one hand' only and lifting with 'two hands'. The winner of the 'one hand' competition in was Launceston Elliotwhile the winner of the 'two hands' event was Viggo Jensen of Denmark. At these Games, which took place in Antwerp, Belgium, fourteen nations competed.

The competition lifts were the 'one hand' snatch, the 'one hand' clean and jerk and the 'two hands' clean and jerk. At the next Olympic Games, in Paris, France, inthe 'two hands' press and the 'two hands' snatch were added to the program, making a total of five lifts.

In the Olympic Games afterinstead of requiring all competitors to compete against each other regardless of size, weight classes were introduced and, by the Olympic Games, weightlifting was divided into five weight divisions.

front range crossfit weightlifting meet software

The kg division weightlifting winners of the Olympic Games, held in Moscow Inthe sport dropped the 'one hand' exercises altogether leaving only the three remaining exercises: Adaptive Training Adaptations are a part of life.

Our survivability relies on our ability to adapt to change. To achieve new levels of performance, we have to adapt to the constantly varied functional movements we use every day - in the gym and in life.

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Aerobic Capacity The Aerobic Capacity Course is appropriate for all CrossFit populations ranging from the day-to-day CrossFitter to the competitive CrossFit athlete looking to create a more robust and efficient aerobic system. Anatomy The Anatomy Course provides information on the basic movements and an overview of the structure and mechanics of the human body.

front range crossfit weightlifting meet software

Be Your Own Bodyguard is a single-day, immersive course designed to improve physical self-defense, situational awareness, verbal de-escalation skills and fear management.

Competitors This course is designed for athletes, and the coaches of athletes of any skill level, interested in competing in fitness competitions - be it local competitions or official CrossFit competitions such as the Open, Regionals, or the CrossFit Games.

Conjugate Methods This course is for the athlete and trainer interested in learning the methods used by Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell and incorporating them into training. Culinary Ninja This fun, highly interactive one-day course covers culinary basics in a lecture setting with practical application in a kitchen setting. Educators The CrossFit Educators Course is a continuing-education opportunity designed to inform, inspire, and outfit classroom teachers with tools to implement CrossFit methodology to K students in an age-appropriate way.

Flexibility This immersive, one-day course covers multiple styles and strategies of flexibility training in both lecture and practical-application settings.

Gymnastics This interactive two-day course covers basic, intermediate and advanced gymnastics movements in a lecture setting, with practical application following as participants and coaches perform all presented movements. Skills are repeated until the student has a CrossFit Workshop: Jump Rope is a hands-on, fast-paced, fun seminar at which participants learn how to use a simple and effective tool to energize their programming and workouts. Judges This online educational and assessment module is designed to challenge and support the ability to judge human movement in real time.

This course is required for participants who wish to judge at Regionals and the CrossFit Games. Kettlebell This course is open to anyone interested in maximizing personal performance and acquiring the skills to be a proficient kettlebell instructor. Participants learn how to effectively teach kettlebell exercises, quickly assess and correct common errors, and s CrossFit Specialty Course: Kids The purpose of this course is to learn specific methods for teaching CrossFit to children and adolescents.

Participants learn techniques to overcome the unique challenges of teaching kids CrossFit methodology, as well as how a CrossFit Kids program can hel CrossFit Specialty Course: Masters The purpose of this course is to learn specific methods for teaching CrossFit to adults 40 years of age and beyond.