Giant men meet puppies buzzfeed try

Cats' 'mysterious power over humanity' - CNN

giant men meet puppies buzzfeed try

For dogs in the Big Apple, the subway is off-limits unless they fit into a bag or Or, you know, snap up a sturdy laundry tote for less than twenty bucks and try it out! so this guy trained his pit-bull to calmly sit in his small bag. from funny . Pet Store in Hilarious Video · Meet the NYC Dog Who Stands on the. Check out these 17 lovable video marketing campaigns to inspire your Riddle me this: Why do people buy quarter-inch drill bits? . One of these kids meets the boy in the wheelchair and creates a . is a great example of influencer marketing , the tech giants it features . BuzzFeed for Purina: Puppyhood. The Dodo serves up emotionally and visually compelling, highly sharable animal -related stories and videos to help make caring about animals a viral cause.

One reason is that cats have a set of physical features that, for completely accidental reasons, remind us of human babies. Cats have big round eyes located right in the middle of their faces, because they're ambush predators and need good binocular vision.

They have little noses, because they don't hunt by smell. They have round faces because they have short, powerful jaws.

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This set of features, which is actually just an expression of the way the cat hunts, looks to us like our infants. That gave them a leg up on the competition, and made them an intriguing and charming presence, rather than a straight-up nuisance, like a raccoon. One justification people give for keeping cats around is that they hunt rodents.

I was surprised to learn that cats aren't even that good at killing rats. Cats are magnificent hunters, and they can hunt anything from butterflies to wallabies.

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They can kill rats but they have no reason to, in our cities. There's plenty of garbage for everybody. Cats and rats have been photographed sharing piles of trash.

Why would these animals fight and risk their lives, when they could just comfortably graze together? Cat named Baby sees a pack of pit bulls and brings it People have tried it before -- letting a feral cat colony go within a certain area, with the goal of keeping rat populations down.

While they might kill a few rats, the populations of rats are so big that there's no way the cats can ever repress them. In colonial Australia, there was this act called the Rabbit Suppression Act of The Australians released hordes of house cats, because they wanted them to kill off these invasive bunny rabbits, which the British had also released. They even built them little cat houses out in the wilderness, so they would have a place to live.

But the cats didn't end up killing off the rabbits. Cats can kill a gazillion rabbits, and there are still more rabbits -- they breed like rabbits. What the cats ended up doing was killing off other more vulnerable, native animals.

Cats don't do their assignments the way that dogs do. Pet owners like to say that caring for their dog or cat confers various health benefits -- mental as well as physical.

giant men meet puppies buzzfeed try

But what do we really know about how having a cat affects our health? Why some are stealing medications from their pets There have been all these studies about toxoplasmosis, the cat-borne parasite that can get into human brain tissue. Some scientists think that there's a link between this parasitic disease and mental-health problems, especially schizophrenia.

Even if your cat doesn't give you toxoplasmosis, it may not be wonderful for your mental health. There are a few troubling studies that show that having a cat can decrease your likelihood of surviving a heart attack and increase high blood pressure. People who have cats are less likely to be outside in the world, walking their cats, meeting other people in cat parks. And cats may not be as good a substitute for human companionship as other kinds of pets.

Dogs and their owners have this lovely synergy -- they gaze into each other's eyesand both of them have this flow of oxytocin going. Is there really such a thing as a cat person?

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That doesn't happen so much with cats. In nature, cats don't live near other cats, and they don't have a good expressive repertoire. One way they communicate is by leaving pheromones and other smells around, which humans are completely oblivious to.

We're really not built to communicate with each other. The mewest exercise trend One of the fascinating things about cats is their adaptability. Even though they are fundamentally asocial animals, they've figured out how to manipulate their human hosts. Feral cats don't meow much, but in the presence of humans, cats learn how to communicate to get what they want. They purr in a manner that embeds this insistent, annoying, almost infantlike cry inside of a pleasant purr, to condition their owners to get them food.

But is it possible to know if cat owners' mental-health problems are the result of having a cat? Might someone who is already lonely or antisocial be more likely to get a cat?

I think it could be both. Somebody who is socially isolated to begin with, or unable to do the rigorous care that a dog needs, might be more likely to get a cat -- but having a cat can be isolating in and of itself. The internet destination attracts countless teenagers and young adults with its clever posts and content that explores life as a young person. Of all the content the site creates, videos remain one of the most popular.

Take a look at popular social networks and you will see plenty of links to BuzzFeed videos. In fact, the site counts nearly 12 million subscribers on its main YouTube channel alone.

If you are a language student, BuzzFeed videos offer a great way to learn English slang words. Of course, much of their videos are also really humorous and entertaining, which make the site a fantastic resource for any student who wants to improve their English.

Women often talk about the challenges associated with carrying a baby: Of course, men will never fully understand the difficulties of pregnancy fully. As you will see, the men start off things pregnancy will be pretty easy. Carrying around a heavy belly is no small job, however. By the end of the day, the guys are screaming in pain and cannot wait to take off the cumbersome bellies strapped to their midsections. If you like this video, you might like the others in this series on the motherhood, including this video where the Try Guys test labour pains!

Most all of us have been tempted by cheap sushi at one point or another. It feels impossible to resist the pull of a cheap bite to eat, right? But is the taste difference between cheap sushi and really pricey fish really worth paying The two friends try three different sushi restaurants and report their findings.

Which do you think will win, the pricy option or the cheap alternative? Watch these kids spill the beans. Everybody keeps some things secret from their parents. BuzzFeed takes the idea of secrets between parents and kids to a different place in this video, however. The site challenged several participants to share very private secrets with their moms and dads. Most of the secrets these people share are secrets from their childhood!

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They have been holding on to these for a long time. As you will see in the video, the parents respond to these secrets in very different ways. How embarrassing for both the parents and their kids! High School You Vs. College You How did you change after you went to university? Most people change somewhat as they grow older.

giant men meet puppies buzzfeed try

The years after you leave home often make a huge impact on you, as this video explores. In this clip, a BuzzFeed staffer named Eugene demonstrates the differences between kids in high school and college. High school and college are the American words for secondary school and university, respectively. If you have made the transition from being a teenager to being a university student, do you find this video fits your experience?