Girl refuses to meet me

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girl refuses to meet me

Hey so I matched with this girl on tinder last summer, and we started talking and then after a while we got each others Facebook, we talk on. Arrow Girlfriend won't meet me. So I met this girl and we really hit it off. We talk everyday on the phone for like 5+ hours. She asked me to be her. I don't know, if she doesn't want to meet me I wish she'd just tell me .. do need to talk with your girlfriend and see what expectations she has.

I knew what she looked like already but I figured we could chat in person to cement our young love. A few minutes later she said her cam was broken.

girl refuses to meet me

I figured we could do it another time. We e-date for a few more weeks and, being the 13 year old boy I was, I wanted to see her again, so I asked to cam chat again. Again her cam was broken so I began to get a little dejected. We start to talk less and less.

girl refuses to meet me

When she comes online I have to say "hi" first now. She used to say "hi" to me first. Why doesn't she want me any more?

What do I do if the person I'm messaging with won't meet me in person?

She's sent me a lot of pictures of her and I always tell her I love her, I miss her, I thought of her while I was at school, etc. Slowly talking a few times a day turned into once a day, and then not at all. We now went a week without talking, and when she got online I had to rush to talk to her before she'd sign off.

That's when it happened and I knew she was cheating. She was talking to another guy named Brian. When I started pushing for information I found out she'd met this Brian guy in the same chat room we met.

I found that chat room because my best friend at the time, Brian, was a guy I went to school with and he told me about the chat room.

I asked what he looked like, just to be sure, and she said "black hair, glasses, and a few freckles. Fast forward the next day in school.

girl refuses to meet me

I'm walking to first period pissed as hell. As soon as I see Brian I'm going to attack.

He's ruined my relationship with the perfect girl. My Kaitlyn was being ripped away from me by a dude I know in real life. She lives in Florida, we live in Washington State.

Why not anyone else that was in the chat? I see him down the hall at his locker.

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All I can see is red and I'm ready to attack. Regardless of the magnitude, the discussion was heated in an We got over it easily, but about a happy month later she said 'I love you, but I just want to be alone. You don't understand it' Yeah, I didn't.

girl refuses to meet me

I'd think that IF you love someone, you'd want to be with them! Anyway, I agreed to trying a break but very quickly we released that there was no reason NOT to be together if we were in love what a surprise.

girl refuses to meet me

Since this though, and here is the actual "problem," we haven't met up for approximately a month and a bit. Still talk online all the time, though she often doesn't inform me of what is going on with her. It is suspicious and I can imagine as a reader of this you might think 'maybe she is slowly phasing you out because she doesn't want to be with you' or something worse, but I have complete trust that this is not the case.

I often try to arrange ways to meet up, but there is always a reason she can't go. As you can see it is a small problem, very small, and I appreciate how lucky I am to not have something worse.

Someone wrote that an essential part of love is communication and being contactable. I don't know why. I just want to be with her and remind her how much we enjoy each others' company. If someone read this, thank you for your time. Some Guy Erin's advice Let's look at the facts.

Your girlfriend has initiated a separation.