Global investors meet chennai highlights on dark

Global Investors Meet planned in CM - The Hindu

global investors meet chennai highlights on dark

He has a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Brown University and a Ph.D. in Congress, World Water Summit apart from consultancy, training and research in energy sector. Dr Garg He joined Austrade in in its Chennai office in India and moved to RE-INVEST Day 3 / Oct 5 Agenda & Highlights | View. The Global Investors Meet is expected to bring in Rs. 1 lakh crore in investments to Tamil Nadu, but Roughly 1, rooms have been blocked in 33 hotels in Chennai, for the delegates who are participating. >Day one highlights giant strides of Tamil Nadu . 18K | The dark side of Kota's dream chasers. Highlights of Tamil Nadu Budget Mary's college in Chennai will be restored at a cost of Rs crores. The State Government has proposed to conduct the second Global Investors Meet on 23rd and 24th January Government will directly procure red gram, black gram and green gram.

The promoter of this scheme from Malaysia was given pride of place and received special mention during the conference by the then Chief Minister. Today, nobody knows as to what happened to this project scheme.

global investors meet chennai highlights on dark

Tall claims are made after such Meet by the State Chief Minister, which gives considerable space in the media for the Chief Minister but provide no tangible benefits for the state, commensurate with the efforts made and money spent in holding the Meet. In recent times, several important industrial and scientific projects have been blocked in Tamil Nadu by fringe groupswho claim themselves to be environmental crusaders or social activists and obviously they have vested interests.

Tamil Nadu awaits investment spree

With such prevailing conditions, the industrial investment climate in Tamil Nadu does not create confidence amongst the investorswho always study various factors with extreme care before taking investment decisions.

The Koodankulam Nuclear Power project was delayed by several years due to protest by the agitators. Gas exploration project in Neduvasal has been given up in the wake of protests by agitators. Now, the Neutrino Project in Tamil Nadu is facing protests and the fringe groups demand that this advanced research project should be scrapped.

The proposed construction of port in Colachal in Kanyakumari district has been opposed and the proposed construction of National Highway between Salem and Chennai is yet another project against which agitation has been organized.

Sterlite Copper Project in Tuticorin has now been ordered to be closed by the Tamil Nadu government due to massive agitation against the project by the activists. Though Sterlite Copper management claims that it has not violated any environmental norms, the government declared that the plant should be shut in the wake of violent agitation.

It is recently reported that Philips Carbon, which earlier considered a proposal to set up a large carbon black project in Tamil Nadu, is now having second thoughts about locating the project in the state due to the negative industrial climate.

global investors meet chennai highlights on dark

When the fate of the industrial projects are decided on the streets by the agitators and motivated protestors, which investor will have the courage to set up project in the state? No less a person than the Prime Minister of India has said very recently that some extremist groups in Tamil Nadu are spreading false information and preventing the development activities and the growth of the state.

This event is crucial for Tamil Nadu for a variety of reasons, the topmost being the heavy competition with other states such as Gujarat, Rajasthan, West Bengal to attract the bulk of investments in India.

Tamil Nadu Global Investors meet 2015

Yamaha to set up third plant in Tamil Nadu - trial run on now. Chief Minister Jayalalithaa poses for a group photograph with the delegates.

Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet (TNGIM) in India | Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet

Sankar proposes the vote of thanks for the Global Investors Meet Investing in TN is an investment in the hardworking people of TN. Tamils have contributed to the growth of the country: I request Ms Nirmala Sitharaman to expedite any clearances required at the Central government level for investments signed at this Meet. From May to date, the govt has facilitated investments through MoUs and Single Window facilitation.

This is not an accident. I took charge of a State with chronic power shortage in Init is on the verge of becoming a power surplus State: I fully realise that as the world moves forward, we in TN need to move even faster. We have constantly updated our policy framework and redoubled out efforts: I do not believe in resting on my laurels.

Investment Opportunities | Global Business Investors Meeting in Chennai, Tamilnadu - TNGIM

We have still higher goals to reach. The people of this State should have access to infrastructure comparable to that of the best in the world: TN is known to be one of the most advanced, progessive and competitive States of India. Tamil Nadu attracts third highest foreign direct investment in India. TN per capita is more than 1. We have taken advantage of economic liberlisation: Chief Minister Jayalalithaa addresses the audience.

We cannot live with red tapism anymore in India if investments have to flow in: We will be setting up Commercial Courts division in High Courts which will deal with commercial disputes. There is need to give thrust to manufacturing.

global investors meet chennai highlights on dark

TN is showing initiative: TN has attracted higher investments than states like Haryana. It already has plans to simplify taxes and single window system, which other states are talking about now, had already been created here: Tamil Nadu can become a powerhouse in Maritime industry because of its port: Tamil Nadu Industries Minister P. Thangamani address the audience.

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The firm was supposed to start operations this year. I am familiar with the level of intellect in the State. We will have more operations in Madurai and Thirunelveli to grow further: I was born here, I was brought up here," Mr Nadar says in Tamil. Global companies have made TN its production base not just for domestic consumption but for export: Anand Mahindra tells The Hindu.