Global investors meet karnataka 2012 jeep

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global investors meet karnataka 2012 jeep

For information on investment opportunities in Karnataka get in touch with the Advantage Karnataka; Global Investors Meet ; Global Investors Meet According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, (WTTC) India will be the world's leading Relationship between Investment, Employment and GDP Jeep safari into the Dubare Forest, Coracle Ride, Bird watching and Trekking. . Meet- Karnataka tourism and hospitality sector profile. Page Karnataka - Projects and Development Karnataka. on Monday ahead of Global Investors Meet (GIM) scheduled in June, .. Kerala is on top when it comes to households with four-wheelers (car, jeep, van).

Child population The Census gathered data on the child population aged up to six, mainly to calculate the literacy rates and also because of its linkage to the potential growth of population in the future.

global investors meet karnataka 2012 jeep

This group's share in the State's population declined from The decline was marginally higher in the case of female children in this age group. The proportion of the child population in this age group was the highest in Yadgir district The four other less developed districts of north Karnataka — Bijapur, Raichur, Koppal and Gulbarga — also had a high proportion of children to total population.

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The high proportion of child population, which was usually correlated to a high birth rate, was generally interpreted by demographers as an indicator of social and economic backwardness. Literacy rates The first impression from the Census for was that Karnataka had achieved significant progress in literacy, especially among females, since the last census.

The data showed that the number of non-literates declined by 1.

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Further, almost 60 per cent of the decline in the number of non-literates in the State was on account of the decline in illiteracy among women. However, this somewhat rosy picture was marred by the fact that the gap between male and female literacy remained high.

GIM-Global Investors Meet 2012, Bangalore

While the overall literacy rate in the State was Again, this average rate masked critical problems in the social infrastructure in the State, especially in the relatively backward areas. While the overall gap had narrowed from These are contiguous districts in north Karnataka, which are known to be backward.

The extent of the gap clearly showed that Karnataka's problem of illiteracy was increasingly a gender issue. In Bijapur, for instance, where male literacy was Access to amenities The detailed tables would follow later, but it was evident that when they come they too would reflect these sharp divisions.

Indicators on the access to the daily amenities such as drinking water and latrines, qualitative information on the kind of housing that people enjoy, and of access to services such as mobile telephony and electricity supply can be expected to vary significantly across the State. For instance, data for Karnataka showed that about one-third of the households in the State live in one-room tenements; nearly 30 per cent more live in two-room tenements.

global investors meet karnataka 2012 jeep

When the disaggregated data become available, they were likely to reveal a significantly higher proportion of households living in one- or two-room tenements in the northern districts of the State. India needs a sustainable pipeline of scientific research. A population grounded in the sciences will strengthen our industries and government.

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Our nation will have home-grown minds working on the myriad problems facing society and improving the lives of everyone. The responsibility for this task lies not just with government but with private industry, schools, families and individuals. I encourage young scientists and students to consider careers in research — whether in corporate laboratories or academic institutions. In the private sector, my colleagues and i set up the Infosys Science Foundation ISFa not-for-profit trust, to promote scientific research in India.

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The ISF has set up a series of public lectures by the winners of the Infosys Prize that we hope will kindle a spark of interest in young minds. We hope also to make role models of the Infosys Prize winners — the Sachin Tendulkars of science, if you will — that youngsters will want to follow.

global investors meet karnataka 2012 jeep

The high point of our year is when we award the Infosys Prize to honour the outstanding achievements of researchers and scientists in the fields of engineering and computer science, humanities, life sciences, mathematics, physical sciences and social sciences.

One of our recent winners, Professor Kalyanmoy Deb, was honoured for his work in engineering and computer science. His research has led to advances in the areas of non-linear cons-traints, decision uncertainty, programming and numerical methods, computational efficiency of large-scale problems and optimisation algorithms.

The winner of the Infosys Prize in life sciences, Dr Imran Siddiqui, worked on clonal seed formation in plants that has significant implications for agriculture, especially in the developing world.

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The work of our winners is meaningful, impactful and inspiring.