Grid 2 addon 3 5a district track meet

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grid 2 addon 3 5a district track meet

History · State Results Archive · 8-Player Football Boys Track & Field We have provided an Academic Eligibility grid for fall sports on our Web site under player takes part, Rules of Eligibility, Article I, Section 5A-2 (Handbook, p. .. the meeting folder, Rule ,4,5; Case Book 5A,B; and Simplified , pg May 25, 2 years ago The State of Cataclysm(s) I personally do not use the extra addon GridStatusRaidDebuff, though I have If you'd rather select your own specific debuffs for Grid to show, read on:) . for ME to know about to cleanse, while still keeping track of everything else =) May 26, at PM. Oregon high school state track and field Day 3: Photos, highlights, team races, top OSAA Class 5A, 4A, para-athlete state track and field: Meet the winners.

Baseball coaches may field ground balls, but may not hit ground balls. If it looks like a baseball drill, the coach may not do it. Recreate is not doing drills. I have a question about accepting prize money from cycling races I compete in over the summer.

I was wondering if it would be permissible that if I were to win any cash prize, that I could accept only the amount of entry for the race? Our amateur status rules which the member schools have put into effect limit student-athletes from receiving benefits from athletic achievements in WIAA recognized sports.

Thus, since the Association does not presently sponsor interscholastic cycling amateur status restrictions do not apply to your cycling achievements. Current WIAA recognized sports are: I am the association manager of our local bowling association, and I have a young gentleman that will be going out for the high school golf team and wants to bowl in a USBC sanctioned league. There will be prize money at the end of the bowling season which will be the second week of April.

What is his eligibility or penalty if he participates up to the beginning of the season, or during the season?


He is under 18 and his parents have signed a USBC waiver? Thus, since the Association does not presently sponsor interscholastic bowling amateur status restrictions do not apply. I represent a free publication in the Madison area. We would like to highlight two area high school athletes. There will obviously be no compensation, just an interview and photos.

Do you foresee any problems or violations? Articles published by news gathering publications have been acceptable by our member's rules. Your concerns may revolve around amateur status. Athletes may not appear in ads promoting a publication, product, or service whether they receive compensation or not.

I own a local running store, and we are going to be doing a team building event for the store at a fun run on February 13, I have two students athletes that work for me, and I don't want it to affect their track eligibility. They both own jerseys with our store name on them already, so they will not be receiving any prizes or benefit from running on the team.

Please let me know if they can run on the store team for this event without making them ineligible for the track season. The students may run since it will be during the off season for both cross country and track.

They may compete on the team, but cannot receive any benefits other than a trophy, etc. They could wear the t-shirts, but you would want to refrain from using any photos with them in any advertising. Can a club volleyball organization, not associated with the school, give a scholarship to a 9th grade student to pay her fees for the club? The club wanted to ask to make sure that if they scholarship her fees, that she does not lose amateur status.

So long as any student who wants to have fees paid for the opportunity can also get reimbursed. Athletes may only have reimbursement for actual and necessary costs associated with transportation, food, lodging and entry fees paid in connection with playing a contest.

This opportunity may not be a "benefit" based on performance, e. My varsity girls basketball team has asked if it is legal for a private party to purchase pink shoes for them to wear in a game for cancer fundraiser. My response is that if the private party wants to purchase them for any girl in our school who would be interested in them it would be ok.

Just for the varsity girls basketball team would not be allowed. Then they said what if the private party donated the money to the basketball booster club and the club purchased the shoes for the team? My response was that I would not allow it because I viewed it as a way of skirting the rule. Am I correct there as well? If the private group the booster club is not considered school wanted to purchase the shoes and gift them to the school, the school could issue them as part of the uniform.

At the end of the season, the school could sell them to the players for a reasonable not outrageous price or the school should keep them. We are having a conference showcase on January All conference girls teams will play that day. I was going to have a couple of players from the corresponding boys teams compete in a 3 pt. As you have described the contest, this would not meet our membership rules.

Our Rules of Eligibility page 37 of the WIAA Handbook state a student becomes ineligible in a sport for the remainder of the season for competing in nonschool game, meet, or contest in the same sport during the season of practice or competition established by the school ROE, VIA.

In addition, our membership rules of amateur status state: A student may not receive such merchandise items as shirts, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, jerseys, warm-ups, equipment, balls, duffel bags, backpacks, watches, rings, billfolds, coupons, gift certificates, e. Question on awards for representatives for our school for Wendy's High School Heisman.

I believe every school that has students fill out the forms receives one boys winner and one girls winner. Article IV, Section 1, B. Just wondering if I am taking this too literally. A student could participate in the contest — but is not able to accept or direct to school or any other person or place, the various cash awards which are mentioned.

My guess is no as this would essentially be the same as the student athlete accepting the cash award. The answer to your question is that a student athlete may NOT direct to another, reimbursement or award in any form a salary, b cash, merchandise of any kind or amount or d share of game or season proceeds, for achievement in athletics.

Some additional detail for random draw based contests: Thus, you must always see the person whose name is drawn is the person that "performs" the skill. This year, our team wore a small helmet sticker on the back of our helmets honoring a classmate of our seniors who had passed away in elementary school. In honor of that, the mother of the former classmate we had honored approached me about the possibility of her purchasing from our school the jerseys of our seniors, who were the classmates of her late son.

She wanted to give them as a gift their home game jerseys that they had worn this year. I was wondering if this was acceptable. Would she have to wait and give it to them after they graduated from high school?

She would like to give them to them for Christmas. I didn't want to do anything to hurt their eligibility. Our membership rules pertaining to amateur status allow students to purchase uniforms from schools according to the procedures in place by the administration and board of education. If your school has a practice of allowing anyone and everyone the opportunity to purchase used uniforms, then the situation as you describe it may be done.

If your school does not have a practice in place of allowing anyone and everyone the opportunity to purchase used uniforms, I suggest that you go to your administration and board of education to establish such a program in order to satisfy the amateur status rule. As far as a team goes, however, can a sport teams' fund-raised money be used to supplement all players purchase of something like polo shirts or warm-ups? Reimbursement may only be for transportation, lodging, and food for competition from an outside group or school.

A t-shirt is allowed, but polo shirts or warm ups are not. The owner of a pizza parlor has shown interested in making a donation to the program in return for advertising in the form of a half-court shot contest. For each home game, we would randomly select one fan in attendance and give them a chance at the "X half court super shot" or something similar. Anyone who makes the shot wins a gift certificate to the restaurant, with the certificate being provided by the pizza parlor.

If they have a banner, I would offer to place that in the gym, and a few announcements would be made during the game to plug the contest and the pizza parlor. Before I return the call and start talking about anything substantial like donation size, I want to make sure I have the green light here. As described — this is OK provided everyone has the opportunity through random draw.

If everyone who buys a ticket gets the opportunity: XI, Rules of Eligibility Art. When looking at random draws: Be sure your number is broad and not skewed 'by just the JV players sitting in the bleacher's when lucky ticket's drawn' Opportunity is then no longer, random. This may only be done during regular season games and not WIAA tournament games. Is it a violation for a booster club to pay for a Tri-State All-Star game fee out-of-season for a senior athlete?

A student may be reimbursed actual and necessary costs associated with competing. This may include transportation, food, lodging, and entry fees.

I have a niece that races go-carts in the summer and receives trophies, ribbons, etc. She also receives a payout at the end of the season. She is a freshman this year, and I am wondering if this will affect her amateur status. Will she be able to participate in school athletics?

Boys Track and Field

Thus — since the Association does not presently sponsor interscholastic go-carting, amateur status restrictions do not apply.

Same as we do not sponsor lumberjack events, bass fishing, snowmobiling, motocross, BMX or rodeo, e. On the other hand however - even though student plays school football, basketball and baseball — and then while golfing with dad or buddy in summer event hits closest to the pin and wins a sleeve of balls, or sandwich at the club house, or a new driver, e. I am the site director for a hockey training facility. We are looking to sponsor a player of the week for one of the Web sites that covers hockey and already awards a player of the week.

grid 2 addon 3 5a district track meet

I was hoping that you could verify that this is not a violation of any rules and we will not get any players into trouble by sponsoring the player of the week. I was also wondering if it would be legal for us to give a free team or individual training session to each player that is honored with the player of the week award? Sponsors can be used for a player of the week if done properly.

We would be happy to review your plan to ensure no violations to amateur status for the athletes. As for an award or benefit, athletes may not receive discounts for merchandise or services unless offered to ALL students. Please refer to our rules on our Web site. Is there a way that a club can legally provide financial assistance to a family of an athlete who can not afford the full club program?

If a club wishes to reimburse, they may do so provided: ANY student who wants to have fees paid for the opportunity can also get reimbursed. This opportunity may not be a "benefit" based on performance,e. Athletes may be reimbursed actual and necessary costs associated with competition. I am the boys basketball coach at a member school. We are playing in a holiday tournament over Christmas break this year and are thinking about staying overnight in a hotel. I was wondering if it would be legal for our booster club to help pay some of the cost of the hotels or if the school would have to pick up the entire bill.

I just want to make sure that we handle this correctly so we're not violating any rules. This can get done — in either of a couple ways. Both "work" within our member's rules. Since our Bylaws and Amateur status rules provide that "costs associated with competition" can be reimbursed, the boosters could either pay the hotel bill directly or they could "gift the school" the necessary amount and the school could cut the check.

There might even be some tax exempt benefit to the second way. But either way will work within the rules. Our volleyball team would like to go see another team play as a team. Can our coach pay for them to get into the game?

grid 2 addon 3 5a district track meet

Can they use money they raised though fundraisers? Or do they each have to pay their own way into the game? As a form of entertainment, this is acceptable. It is viewed as "group entertainment" and permitted by the Bylaws and Rules of Eligibility.

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In addition, the payment can be from any source provided it is offered to everyone. Wanted to clear with you any potential conflict we could avoid with Web site video we are planning to shoot in September for our clinic.

We are doing a 60 second video, and some 30 second clips of our clinic to describe who we are and what we do. We will be getting consents of any minors see attached form and they will not receive any type of financial reimbursement or remuneration. In addition, they will not have on any team logo gear. Is there anything else they or we should or would need to be cautious of as the last thing we would ever want to do is risk or even question ANY eligibility?

Thanks for checking in advance. Being paid is only a portion of the member's provision. It also talks about "being identified as an athlete".

There are three ways most common in considering a student having been identified — by text or spoken word, by apparel and by props. Apparel does not necessarily need to be just the school's uniform to convey the student is an athlete.

Best advice, best practice is to use young adults — recent graduates — who have no high school eligibility remaining. Another best practice recommendation is to simply use actors — students who are not athletes at all — then you have far greater liberties. When I say it's best practice, it's because of our many experiences where one promotion stimulates another in a neighboring business and that business owner does not take the precautions you have contemplated, does not contact us as you have — and does harm to another member's students.

Since we try to help all of our members we must maintain that awareness of the connection of all that goes on. If you would like us to preview your idea before you launch it we will be happy to do so. Can a business put a high school team logo s in their ads in support of their local team s? With permission of the school due to licensing issues, you may do so. When athletes are involved, the rules are more strict. We own a hockey pro shop and would like to give a 10 percent discount to all high school hockey players in the area.

Player comes in to purchase a piece of equipment and they say they are on the ABC team, and we make sure they are on the roster that we received from their coach and then we give them the 10 percent.

Is this okay to do? Our membership rules require the athletes who participate in WIAA athletics be amateur athletes. In the situation which you stated, would be a violation of our rules. This includes but is not limited to: I have a couple returning starters who will be seniors that would like their jersey from last year to take senior pictures that are scheduled before the start of try-outs.

Is this legal per WIAA? As long as your school allows uniforms to be issued in the summertime and your athletes comply with the amateur status rules, this would not be a problem. There are times when photographers may wish to display pictures of students in athletic wear in their studio, etc. The students should not receive any cash or merchandise in the form of discounts in the cost of the picture, waiver of sitting fees, free wallet-size photos, and similar inducements if identified as an athlete or selected because of being an athlete.

The athlete may not provide an endorsement in any promotional event for the photographer. Below you will find the text of an offer extended to our school that would use some of our athletes in a commercial.

Would this be a problem regarding amateur status?

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It is a newer product on the frozen pizza market. We are putting together a T. In the Status menu, select Auras. In the Auras menu, type the appropriate debuff name in the "Add new Debuff" window. You can see this in both the Grid Config panel and in the drop-down menu, as shown below.

Now that you have added the debuff as a status, you can set its specific options to your liking by selecting it in the list of added debuffs: The priority will control whether this debuff is shown over another debuff or alert you have set in the same frame for that player, and you can filter the classes to not show this debuff if you wish. The range filter will keep the debuff from showing on your frames if you are out of range of the person.

Showing the duration will only work if you plan to set this debuff as the "center icon" in your frame: Unchecking the "Enable" will, of course, disable the debuff from ever showing on any of your frames. Now that you've added the status to Grids' "library" of available statuses, it is time to add it to your frames and choose where you want it to appear. From Grid's main menu, select Frame.

My preference for showing most debuffs is in the Center Icon frame.