Happy to meet you in spanish

"Hello, nice to meet you."

happy to meet you in spanish

Now that you have introduced yourself, a Spanish speaker would respond " Encantado de conocerte" which means "I'm pleased to meet you" in Spanish. I am taking the Rosetta course in Spanish and came across the phrase "Encantado de comocerlo", also "Encantado de conicerte". Are there other ways to say "glad to meet you"? You can also say, "Mucho gusto," "Encantado," "Es un placer," and many others. The language barrier can be both enjoyable and frustrating when you travel to a different country.

The best way to learn a language is to go live even for a short while in the country where they speak it. For me and for a lot of you, that would be Spain.

happy to meet you in spanish

Spain Spanish is nothing like the tex-mex Spanish they teach us in the States. People eat tortilla de patata here, not corn tortillas or tacos.

Burritos are small donkeys, not a tasty budget dinner option. Accept that you will make mistakes and move on. Accept you will say at least one truly embarrassing thing, and learn from it. Got any embarrassing things to add? Embarazada What do you think this word means at first glance?

This is probably the classic mistake English speakers make in Spanish.

happy to meet you in spanish

Constipada Actually this is usually the other way around, when Spanish speakers learn English. Estoy constipada in Spanish means I have a cold or I am stuffed up in the head haha. However, how many years later in Spain, and I still cannot bring myself to say constipada to a pharmacist with a straight face.

Spanish phrase for pleased to meet you is mucho gusto

However, when you are in a foreign country and you are thinking on your feet, it can be a whole lot trickier to keep those endings straight in your head. Most of the time, people understand you, nbd.

happy to meet you in spanish

However there are a few instances where you really need to be careful. Pollo is chicken, however, polla is something entirely different read here.

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Make sure you remember this at 5am when you are drunkenly ordering a chicken kebab, otherwise it can lead to some pretty awkward moments. Club When Americans come to Spain, one of the first things they do is hit up the crazy night life here.

  • "Hello, nice to meet you."
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Top 10 Spanish phrases and sentences you need to know We have prepared a list of common Spanish expressions that will help you have a basic conversation in Spanish in no time.

But what if it's later in the day and you want to greet someone from Argentina?

Learning Spanish: what NOT to say

Let's say your name is Mondly, you are traveling to Costa Rica and meet someone on the street. Now that you have introduced yourself, a Spanish speaker would respond "Encantado de conocerte" which means "I'm pleased to meet you" in Spanish.

At this point, it might be polite to ask the person you are having a conversation with "How are you? Spanish speakers are known to be really friendly, so it wouldn't be unusual to make a Spanish friend during your travels. But friends are sometimes late to meetings in which case you might have to call them and ask "Where are you?

I am happy to meet you | Spanish Translator

And because you might find yourself in a bar when visiting Mexico you might have to learn how to order a beer in Spanish. There are times when what you ordered is out of stock, so a bartender might say "Lo siento" which means "I'm sorry" in Spanish. This is a good way of saying "See you soon" in Spanish to a co-worker from Spain that you are probably going to see the next day. Even though the Latin language has a huge influence over Spanish, there is also another surprising language having an important contribution: This is largely because Muslims have ruled over the Iberian Peninsula for over years starting from the year onwards.

Obviously, the new words that have entered the Spanish language, influenced by foreign languages like English or French, are an exception to the above rule. The benefits of learning the most common Spanish phrases first Get smarter day by day Learning a new language is a perfect way to boost your IQ.