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MailChimp has a style guide for writing content such as their blog posts and knowledge base articles: Andrew Spittle of Automattic shared that instead of using a formal tone or style guide, they emphasize individual judgement and follow a few basic principles: Promise updates, not timelines: Promise investigation, not fixes: Or, the seemingly basic feature might turn out to be not feasible to implement.

They want us to understand what the problem is and why they are excited about this idea. The hypothetical email above, suggested by Chase Clemons from Support Opsdoes this well. Feature requests that you are not working on As much as we love our customers and their suggestions, we know that we do not have the resources to work on all the requests.

Even when we could, it might not be the wisest thing to do. That would be ugly. Innovation is not about saying yes to everything. Nobody likes to be rejected. Why do they want that feature? Our co-founder Jamie wrote a great post about this where he explained how in the early years of Kayako we struggled with high volumes of customer feature requests. In one instance, a substantial feature request was implemented only to turn out that the functionality the customer wanted could be achieved by making a minor change to an existing feature in the platform.

So we started using the 5 Whys principle to dig deeper into customer feedback. Adii Pienaar, co-founder of WooThemes and now Receiptful, also wrote a great post on this topic.

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He suggested that startups should try and understand the end goal customers have when they request for a feature. He said that this not only allows you to learn from the customers but also engages the customers, lets them know that you are listening and communicates that you care about their wants and needs.

Your customers may not know your product as well as you. So they might not know the possible workarounds. When you understand the real need that they have, you will be able to offer them alternative ways of using your product. An honest explanation will help the customers understand your context and they might empathise with your situation. It shows that you value them enough to explain how you will act on their feedback.

Feature requests that you have already planned for What if you are already working on the feature? Tell them that the features are coming soon and they will be satisfied! Yes, they might be delighted that your team is already building the feature for them. However, they are still unable to use the feature now. The next question will pop up in their head — when can I use the feature?

Communicate ETAs honestly Similar to dealing with feature requests that you are not working on, honesty is key. At Buffer, they let customers know transparently where they are with the feature development — dreaming and discussing, customer research stage, building or testing.

Through this, customers can form a rough expectation. Giving exact dates of completion can be an issue if we cannot deliver the feature on time. This can happen for a variety of reasons — a change in scope, focus or project timelines. And there are different ways through which PNR status could be checked like online, using SMS or by enquiring at the railway counters at platforms.

So, use any of the approach to know of the PNR status and know about the exact status of the ticket that a user is holding. Have a safe and smooth journey! Know about released Want to know about released PNR status in a railway ticket? If yes, here you will come to know of the same for sure. In case the PNR status of your railway ticket is been depicted as Released, then it means that at the time of booking, the status was confirmed and later it has been changed to released showing on the website determining that the ticket is not cancelled but the alternative accommodation is been provided in spite of that.

There are other PNR statuses as well that could be shown once you do the booking, and it is important and beneficial if you know the meaning of each one of them. So, make sure to know about the meanings of them and also do check out PNR status before heading out to the station and confirm the status that the railway ticket is holding at that time. PNR status could be checked through different means like online, calling up at railway counters at platforms, using SMS strategy or so, and it takes hardly seconds to know of the same.

In all, access any of the method to check on PNR status through PNR number and if you have a confirmed reservation, do reach station on time and in case of waiting rail reservation ticket, the refund will be initiated and credited to the account holder within 5 to 7 business working days.

How is a PNR number generated for a train in the Indian railway? It is indeed very simple to do and if you are also wondering the same, read on to the following as it will help you in knowing about the live running status of a train and that too within minutes. Simply access Spot your train utility, a widely in use train tracker app, feed in there train name or number, along with the date of journey and click on the submit button.

Once it is been done, you will get the details related to exact location of the train at that time, its expected and actual time of arrival, expected and actual time of departure, number of halts within, distance that is still remained to cover the journey, and much more. The best part of using the app is to know about the fact whether it is running in accord to its scheduled arrival and departure time or not.

In case, the train is been running late or so, people can know about the information and make their plans accordingly. Many a times, people get late or so and cannot avoid important meetings or such and in those cases, this real time train tracker acts as a boon. Just open up the website, enter the details and grab latest information about the train running status at that time. Read on to the following as this post will give you an insight on the same.

Sometimes, it happens that people get this status but most of the times, it got confirmed and been updated. The likely probability and higher chances are that the ticket gets confirmed. And people can check out the same at the final chart without any hassle. So, what are you thinking of? In other ways also, when you are going to travel in trains, it is preferable to check out the PNR status to be sure of the status of the travel. Well, there are firms that are sharing information related to the PNR prediction and they use machine learning as well as pre devised algorithms based on different factors including booking trends, seasonality, station quota, holidays, running days in a week and likewise several other parameters.

On the basis of all of them, they compute and let people know about their predictions. It uses the data in order to predict the related pattern for that train, its travelled route, and on the basis of that provides the probability that whether the ticket will get confirmed or not. Such predictions are also based and related to RAC status tickets as if the passenger has a RAC ticket, he or she is liable to board the train. People can even download their apps on their mobile and get prediction over their PNR number status.

Is the information relevant to the question asked and did the answer resolve your concern? Stay tuned for more posts. And do check your PNR status to make sure about the status of your ticket and travel. How is a PNR passenger name record allocated to a passenger? If yes, read on to the following. PNR is basically is a ten digit unique pointer that is stored as a record in the Indian Railways database supposed to be containing comprehensive journey information.

As per the sources, the first 3 digits of the PNR number derived depend on the zone of the train with respect to the source station of the train. And the 2 digits depict for the specific PRS. On the other side, the last 7 digits are randomly generated numbers and depict for as such no specific information. A particular PNR number lasts for about 9 months of time and afterwards usually it gets eradicated or simply flushed out.

After a year, the same PNR number could be generated without any problem. So, make sure to check out PNR status to be confirming whether your ticket is in waiting status or confirmation. It could be done via several ways like through web, mobile app or SMS basis. Hardly, checking out PNR status is a minute activity and let passengers know about the exact status of the ticket without any hassle.

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So, be informed of the same and have an enjoyable and trouble free journey. What does the PNR passenger name record number on Indian railway tickets signify? PNR number is basically a unique pointer that is been addressed to be pointing for a record in the Indian Railway database. It comprises comprehensive journey information of a passenger including passenger details like name, age, sex, berth preference, transaction and payment details, transaction ID, ticket charge and payment mode, ticket details like train number, from, to, date of journey, reservation upto, boarding station, berth, quota and so.

It is been devised by the CRIS and depends on the zone of the train with respect to the source station. Aside from this, the last 7 digits of the PNR number are randomly generated numbers and as such do not represent anything related to the travel or the ticket.

It is just done to make the PNR number unique and distinctive. Did you understand and get the idea now and clearly understands what does PNR number stands for and what does it depict?

It is important to check PNR status before travel and make sure whether your ticket is in confirmation state or not. There are many ways to do the same, so, know about them and do make sure to check out PNR status before heading out towards railway station.

What is PNR status prediction? If you are curious to know about it, go on and read on to the following. Basically, PNR status prediction is kind of a way that predicts the chances of your train ticket confirmation in an intelligent way. It involves the risks that could be involved in the same and take the decisions in an according way covering whether the ticket is been in confirmation state or not.

There are apps and platforms that does this PNR status predictions using machine learning and getting status on the basis of existing as well as past booking trends, season in which the ticket is been booked, station quota, days of the week, holidays, and many other parameters while deriving the results.

The prediction could vary based on whether it is weekend or a holiday. The ticket confirmation chances even depend highly on the day on which ticket is been booked and the time whether it is peak time or not so predictions are also quite related to the same. Adding to this, these platforms consider RAC tickets as confirmed tickets as the people carrying them at least are allowed to travel in trains.

People are free to download the app and get prediction whenever they wish as per the convenience. It is certainly none but a smart way to know about the chances whether the tickets have probability to get confirmation or not. Do access the same and have a safe travel.

This post will let you know the same. PNR status could be checked easily and vastly using SMS method and it is also been among the most common forms of checking up the status. It is simple to do on one end and on the other saves a lot of time and energy of everyone as people require to do is to get their phone, feed in the relevant pnr number, and send the same and message it to Within minutes, people will get a message back depicting all about pnr details, its status and more.

Just for the record, do make sure that the number is not at all toll free and for each one of them, Rs. Apart from SMS, there are other ways as well to check PNR status including via online websites and asking the personnel at the stations. So, understand all about them and make sure to check pnr status to know about whether your ticket is been confirmed or not. Also, do make sure to carry along with you an authentic identity proof while travelling.

Have a safe travel!. Do you have same concern? If looking for the relevant answer, go through the following post and you will get to know. PNR number is been regarded as a unique pointer addressing to a record that is been stored in the Indian Railways database. The record addressed comprises integrated journey information including the passenger details like name, sex, berth preference, age, travel details including date, train number, from and to stations, berth, quota, reservation upto, and transaction information involving payment mode, transaction ID and ticket charge.

The first 3 digits of 10 digit PNR number address the PRS — Passenger Reservation System through which the ticket is booked, depending on the zone of the train with respect to the beginning junction of the train. And the last 5 digits are randomly generated ones using the algorithm by the department. It actually makes the PNR number unique. Hope the information is clear and informative. Aside from this, what PNR number includes, it is very important to check out the PNR status before heading to station or so and do make sure about the status of your ticket that whether it is in confirmation status or in waitlisted status or others.

People can accordingly think of alternates in case the status is not in confirmation status.

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Have a safe journey! Is PNR number allotted to unreserved ticket? Want to know whether or not; is PNR number allotted to unreserved ticket? Well, you can find your answer here for sure. For all reserved tickets that are booked either via IRCTC website or via railway reservation counters, PNR number gets generated and is available on the ticket.

For online tickets, the 10 digit number PNR number is printed on the topmost row just below the transaction id and for all those that are booked on the railway reservation counters, the PNR number is been printed at the top leftmost corner just beneath the PNR number heading.

Make it a point and do understand that PNR number is been allotted only and only to reserved tickets and for unreserved tickets, no PNR is been allotted.

It is always promising to check pnr status before heading out to station or travelling to know about the confirmed status of your reservation and booking. PNR status could be checked through different ways and it could be done either via web, phone, other methods and so. So, make sure to check out the pnr status before travelling and make sure whether the ticket you got is in reserved state or in unreserved status. How to find pnr number using transaction id? Wondering about how to find pnr number using transaction id?

Well, it is very simple to do and you will get your answer here. First of all login to the site first of all, by giving a visit to irctc. Make sure that the user id and password you have been entering is authentic. Once it is done, go to print E ticket column, or cancelled history all depending on the journey status or the booked history. It not only depicts your exact and current transaction status but also you can check out and know about your pnr number from there easily.

Well, it is pivotal and very much significant to keep a check of your pnr status so that you know exactly about the status of your reservation and so. It could be done via different ways like by online, mobile, or by asking at railway stations. The important thing is to do check your pnr status and know about every minute detail related to the status of your ticket reservation and whether it gets confirmed or not or is in waitlisted status or in RAC status or so.

Along with in the travel, it is important for you to carry a valid ID proof along with for the verification purpose. There are even many dedicated platforms available that will help you to check out your pnr status, so make use of them and have a safe travel.

Can I change the boarding station? Want to know whether it is possible for a user if he or she is wondering that - can I change the boarding station? Here, you will get the answer. Yes, it could be possible to change the boarding station of your travel. In case you have booked your e-ticket using IRCTC platform, you can edit or change it to any of the other station name that falls in between the source and destination junctions.

It could be changed only and only prior to 24 hours of the scheduled departure time of the train. This service could only and only be possible with e-ticket reservation and is not at all possible with i-tickets at all. Adding to this, the change of boarding station could only be done via IRCTC site and in case of e-tickets for only once.

Hope this information is helpful. Also, make sure to keep an eye and do check out the pnr status before heading out to station and be sure whether your ticket is in confirmation state or not.

It could be done either via web or through SMS or by asking at the railway personnel at station and it will hardly take few minutes to check out the same and be sure whether the ticket is in confirmation state or in waitlisted status. How to get pnr status alerts on mobile Want to know about how to get pnr status alerts on mobile? Here, you will come to know about the same. First of all, visit the site mypnrstatus.

People can also send their pnr number to the toll free number that is and within minutes, they will get the information related to their pnr status on the same number with which the message is been sent. It is very important to check out pnr status online and be sure about the status that your rail ticket is been holding, whether it is in confirmed state, or in RAC status or is in waitlisted criteria. So, know about the same online using different ways like via online or via SMS or via asking at the railway stations.

There are many professional sites and portals where people can go through the pnr status check and once they feed in there the pnr number and click on submit button, they will get to know all about the status within minutes and without any hassle. Checking up on pnr status and grabbing an idea about the latest check on the same helps people to be clear of the confirmation and reservation status of their ticket and making sure they are going to have a trouble free journey.

Does that mean my ticket is confirmed or not? Are you looking for the answer of the same? If yes, you will definitely get your answer here. As per this number, the coach number is B1 along with the seat number as It could be anything including the side lower berth, side upper berth, middle berth, upper berth or lower berth.

Hope there is no confusion now and the information mentioned related to the concern is been clear and informative too.

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Aside from this, it is vital and must to do check out the pnr status of a ticket to make sure in case the seat is been reserved or confirmed or is in waitlisted criteria or in RAC status. The PNR status could be checked through different ways including online, web or by asking queries from the personnel at the railway junction and people can confirm whether their tickets got confirmed or not.

Do the same for sure before leaving out for station and have a safe and fuss free travel. Well, here you will definitely get your answer.