Head on nice to meet you album lloyd

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head on nice to meet you album lloyd

Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Life Is Sweet! Nice to Meet You - Lightspeed Champion on AllMusic - Lyrics and video for the song Sympathy For The Devil by The Rolling Stones - Songfacts. Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess As heads is tails. Just call. Nice to Meet You Lyrics: I can't think / I can't sleep / I can't find the words I want to say / Wasted / Useless / Don't have the strength to raise my Album Inside. 1.

head on nice to meet you album lloyd

We both paraded our copies around college. Trevor Morris, however, ripped his up and then taped it back together first. That was how we met, and he pretty much taught me to play guitar.

head on nice to meet you album lloyd

We rehearsed in the front room of the Chorley two-up two-down I stayed in, gratis, courtesy of the lady who ran a funeral home across the street.

She was a member at the golf club my parents worked at Shaw Hill in Whittle-le-Woods and when they moved to Glasgow, I needed somewhere to stay to finish my A-levels.

Head On - Nice to Meet You

Then there was Chic and Funkadelic. In you polled 11th in a magazine listing of musician golfers, with a handicap of 5. That was a while ago. The last great album was probably Robyn the fourth album from the Swedish recording artist of the same name, released in Has he ever consider fate played a part in him changing course, so to speak, and heading north of the border? And how long was it before you decided to head stateside?

You appeared to have the best of that world before Polygram were taken over. Is that how you see it now? We recorded the album which was never released, and much of The Negatives. That must have been gratifying at times if you were starting to wonder if anyone was properly listening out there. And are you good at writing on the road? Do you carry a notebook wherever you head? I used to write well on the road.

Deadlines are good for that. Frightening times, both sides of the Atlantic, it seems. I thought people might introduce their kids to it. Well, there was no band, per se. The only band was that week in L. Around Christmaswhen my son came home from school for the holidays, we recorded his parts. The band he was in just disbanded and I thought they had a real chance but they just ran out of steam, I think.

He also grew up listening to Keith Richards and groups like The Strokes so he brings a unique voice to the record, which I think is really important for a lead guitar player. Otherwise, I might as well play it.

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Initially, Standards was issued overseas but Omnivore is releasing it here in the U. How did you connect with Omnivore? When the record was made, European distribution for it was guaranteed. My leverage in the U. Basically, I took a chance making Standards.

Once it was finished, I planned to present it to labels and hope it was good enough for someone to take it. To be honest, it took awhile. Universal had a relationship with Caroline Distribution, who at that point was distributing Omnivore. They are enthusiastic and really putting some work into it. Yes, the clear vinyl is cool. After that, I went for fifteen years without having a release on vinyl.

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Fortunately, in that time we got to the point where we could make CDs sound great. Now vinyl is back again. My enthusiasm for the vinyl resurgence is two-fold: I have an internet store on my website and I know that it is difficult to ship vinyl.

It makes much more sense for you to go buy it in your local shop. Second, the physical interaction between the listener and the album is even more accentuated with vinyl than it is with the CD or digital files.

You have to pick it up and turn it over. Another thing about vinyl is its length.

head on nice to meet you album lloyd

Those last three songs are good but not as good as the first twelve. He got away with it because everyone loved Girlfriend but he was able to do that because of CDs. An hour is bit long and longer that is too much to call an album. A lot of the things that we loved about the analog age was due to constraints. To be fair to Matthew, Girlfriend was released at a time when the record companies were going overboard adding things to CDs: Actually, I titled it Girlfriend. He was obsessed with her at the time, after that movie Heathers.

My influence on the album was not that huge but I did persuade him to use those two titles. Well, thank you for your input! A little further back, Rattlesnakes was a huge album for me. After two decades, is Rattlesnakes a burden or a blessing?