Horizon hobby air meet 2013 movies

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horizon hobby air meet 2013 movies

There's a lot of hatred for direct from China distributers, Hobby King in particular. Apr 30, They want something cheap, just to get them in the air. Sure, that may be true, but many folks in this hobby enjoy a good meet up. .. up with competition. it is the exact same thing with the movie business. Horizon Hobby's Matt Andren, right, teaches Jason Beckgerd, manager of the air during a demonstration April 29, , at the the National Retail Hobby Stores An Empire Hobby pilot films the annual boat demonstration by flying a the first leg of the yard freestyle relay in the Porters' boys swim meet against Joliet. RC Jets - Horizon Hobby sold! - Dear Valued Partner, I am very pleased to announce that our board of directors has signed an Agreement.

When complaining about the closures of local shops, I hear this claim fairly often. I can't argue with that. They certainly sell at a price point, even with shipping, that is less than the price of the typical products being carried at your local shop. I'd be willing to argue that the blame doesn't lie with Hobby King, but with the local businesses. Largely the mindset of American hobby shop owners, and their frustrations at the customers for "not buying American. Not all shops are the same, but I've encountered several that seem to think you're supposed to buy from them, at the prices they're charging, merely because they have a shop.

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It's like you owe them, for them being there, without any efforts being put forth on their part. No, I propose that the death of the local hobby shop is due in large part to the owners and their own failure to be able to change with the times. Case in point, the argument that budget electronics and airframes from China is costing the hobby shops customers. Most of the items people are buying from HK for the low price, is decent crap. It's far from high end, it's a great product for getting the new person into the hobby, or someone with low income a way to stay with the hobby.

horizon hobby air meet 2013 movies

I doubt that there's many people who have gone on to higher end models, expensive airframes, and still fly their aircraft on budget electronics. So there's two different markets here.

You've got people who are willing to buy usable junk, these people aren't looking for longevity of the product. They're likely going to crash that motor, or through learning curve errors, burn out that ESC. They want something cheap, just to get them in the air.

horizon hobby air meet 2013 movies

This is a customer base that I think the local hobby shops are ignoring. This seems crazy to me, since I think this is the growing customer base out there. Then you have the higher end market, people who want quality products, the secure feeling that buying a name brand product will give them a quality item that will last for the life of the aircraft. This is the line of products that the shops seem to carry, and unfortunately, their customer base is much smaller. Why don't LHS's figure out if you can't beat them, join them?

Cheap motors, batteries, speed controls, etc. Sure, the profit margin might be smaller, but the amount of sales will be higher.

Another old fashioned mentality that I think is hurting the hobby shop owners, is the idea that they need to be in a highly visible, heavy trafficked shopping area, to get the business they need to stay open.

Pomona Valley Model Airplane Club

This seems wrong to me on so many levels. Sure, you're getting lots of visibility and traffic, by teenage girls, and soccer moms. Unless you get a retail space next to Home Depot, or a hot wings restaurant, then you're spending all of that extra money for nothing. A prime example of how doing it differently is doing it right to me is Hodges Hobbies.

Hodges is a hobby shop in the middle of nowhere Georgia. Surrounded by farm fields far from any major highways. Yet chances are if you know much of anything about RC, if you've spend any time online, you know about Hodges in one form or another.

Hundreds of people were just at his shop last week. I was talking to a guy a few years ago who had decided he was going to open his own shop. He insisted on getting some retail space in a strip mall "for visibility". I suggested instead of taking a mortgage out on his house to get into that lease, that he should sell his house, buy a little farm with some land, and set up the shop in the barn. What types of planes do you fly most of the time and why?

Building, I really like to build, and then see if it fly. Tell me about the airplane you enjoy flying most today? What is the biggest mistake you've made in the Hobbyand what did you learn from it? I crashed a very nice P because I did not check the receiver battery. Now i really take care of the batteries What are you working on now? An ultimate biplane 85cc gas engine. If you could fly in any real airplane, what would it be and why?

I am planing on helicopter flight training to fly ultralight Helicopters. Oh, and I like helis. We are of course talking about the Goodwine Family. Phil Goodwine, our past president and chairman deserves the highest recognition for his work, effort and financial contribution to the PVMAC. Over the past six years, Phil spent many hours on field maintenance, upgrading our flying sites and making our events the fantastic events they were.

There were also countless times that Phil made trips to Prado to take care of one problem or another. Next we would like to thank Beth Goodwine. Beth spent much of the last six years filling the positions of Secretary and Membership Director. Both of these tasks were a big demand on her time and effort.

Is Hobby King is killing the local hobby shops?

There is much more to both these jobs than most of us realize and Beth performed both of these jobs to the fullest extent possible. What most members do not know is the countless hours of time and effort Beth put into running the snack bar. Purchasing the food, cooking and serving the food, and taking the entire dirty dish collection home after an event to wash them. Phil usually ran our events, but the snack bar was always all Beth.

Yes Beth would usually have volunteers helping her at events, but that really is a small portion of the responsibility of running the snack bar. Beth always did it without complaint and she did a tremendous job. Finally there is Kyle. Anytime something needed to be done at the field, Kyle was always there with Phil making it happen.

Kyle ran the raffle at the club meetings and was always involved in the club. How many of us relied on Kyle to maiden our airplanes and trim them for us. The simple answer is many members.

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It is the time and effort he puts forth to help others in this hobby. Kyle should be an example to us all as to what a club member should be. However no words are really adequate to express our appreciation for everything the Goodwines did to make the PVMAC what it is today and the envy of other model airplane clubs.

Thank you Phil, Beth and Kyle for all your effort and support.

horizon hobby air meet 2013 movies