How did moses meet his wife zipporah

ZIPPORAH, wife of Moses in the Bible, a determined woman

how did moses meet his wife zipporah

What does the Bible say about Moses' wife Zipporah? Zipporah and her sisters brought Moses back to their tent to meet their father, the priest of Midian, who. “Zipporah May be Obscure, but the Wife of Moses Mattered” is the title at a lodging place for the night, the Lord met Moses and tried to kill him. What Zipporah did stopped God's hand against Moses and she saved his life. Zipporah, as a woman of Midian, did not share the spiritual values of her Moses is too prostrate to take a knife and circumcize the child, so his wife The best of wives; his help meet given him of God; the most self-effacing of women; the wife.

I am sending you to Pharaoh to bring my people the Israelites out of Egypt.

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He gets permission from his father-in-law and the family prepares to pack up and leave. One day they depart. Her Bold Act Exodus 4: How did God try to kill him? Some have thought that Moses got deathly ill, very sick. Others have said he might have been injured severely. The text is not clear. We are told that Zipporah takes a flint knife, a sharp knife, and circumcises her son. How did God attack Moses? Why did she perform the circumcision?

how did moses meet his wife zipporah

Which son was involved? What do her words mean? Somehow she knew what to do and she did it. What did she do? She circumcised her son. I think we have an answer. For Moses to have ignored this requirement was unacceptable, open disobedience.

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Despite the many ambiguities, the main message of the story is clear, according to Kirsch: She did what God required, God required circumcision and she did it, and that is why she matters, why she has influence. She knew what God desired and she did it.

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And Do You Do It? God wanted to take away my fear of dying. Know what God wants and do it….

how did moses meet his wife zipporah

How do we know what God wants? Today we have the written Word of God to guide us, to let us know what God desires for his people.

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We have the gift of prayer too. Do you love to talk to God? Do you listen to Him speak to you? It reminds us the priority of worship, seeking Him to meet our needs and how important forgiveness is to maintaining all our relationships. Are you part of a community of faith where you can find godly good counsel to help know the will of God? Knowing what God desires and doing it is key to our influence. God is honored and can use us when we are obedient.

In the midrashic presentation, Moses took them with him because he wanted them to be with the Israelites when they received the Torah Ex. This teaches that at some point Zipporah and her sons had been sent back to Midian, where they stayed with Jethro until he brought them to Moses in the wilderness.

The Torah does not specify when Zipporah left Moses, nor the reason for this parting.

how did moses meet his wife zipporah

In the midrashic amplification, Zipporah set out for Egypt with Moses, but never arrived there. Their parting took place on the way, following the encounter with Aaron. Moses and the latter met at the mountain of God when Moses was on his way to Egypt Ex.

how did moses meet his wife zipporah

Aaron goes forth to greet his brother and hugs and kisses him. These midrashim depict Moses as not wanting to part from his wife and children, but rather as wishing them to participate in the formative process of the people of Israel. The predicate of this verse is unclear.

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Another interpretation, however, has this danger hovering over Moses, and in order to save him, Zipporah circumcises their son.

Both possibilities appear in the midrashic expositions. The midrash explains how Moses and Zipporah could have had a son who had not been circumcised. When Moses asked Jethro to marry his daughter Zipporah, Jethro had told him: Whose legs did she touch? The Rabbis interpret the vague wording of the verse in different ways. The prevalent idea among the Rabbis is that a woman is qualified to perform circumcision; the fact that she herself does not require circumcision teaches that she is regarded as if she were already circumcised.

An opposing view, however, argues that a woman is not deemed to be as if already circumcised; this commandment is not relevant for the woman, and since she herself is not circumcised, she may not circumcise others. The Rabbis raise an objection to the latter view, based on the story of Zipporah, who circumcised her own son, as is related in v. Another interpretation supporting the opposition to circumcision by women is that Zipporah began the circumcision, but someone else came and completed it BT Avodah Zarah 27a.

After having performed this rite, Zipporah says v. Lieberman], Ki Teze 1, reads: The Cushite Woman Num.

The Rabbis resolve this by identifying the Cushite woman with Zipporah. They answer that just as a Cushite has different skin, Zipporah was different, since she was more comely than all other women. Just as everyone speaks of the blackness of the Cushite, so do all proclaim the beauty of Zipporah Tanhuma, Zav Yet another exegetical tradition explains that Zipporah differed from other women in her deeds BT Moed Katan 16b.

Some women are beautiful in their youth but are repulsive in their old age. There are women who are poor, the children of the poor, who do not know how to conduct themselves when they come in contact with royalty. Zipporah, in contrast, was a Cushite in her poverty and a Cushite with regal status. Moses recognized this quality in her, as it is said Num. Some women are fit but not comely, while others are comely but not fit, while Zipporah was both beautiful and fit.

Some women are beautiful to others but not to their husband, and there are women who are beautiful to their husband but not to others; while Zipporah was lovely in the eyes of her husband and of everyone who beheld her Midrash Tehillim 7: The Rabbis suggest that Miriam and Aaron talked about Moses having withdrawn from his wife.

Another exegetical tradition places Miriam next to Zipporah when Moses was told Num.

how did moses meet his wife zipporah

They will be prophets, and they will withdraw from their wives, as my husband withdrew from me.