How to write nice meet you in thai

Useful and simple phrases like hello and thank you in Thai

how to write nice meet you in thai

Jan 23, How to say – See You – Goodbye. in Thai – เจอกัน. Hi everyone,. In this Thai online lesson, we will learn some phrases about the word 'see. We will try to make your learning Thai as easy as possible and give you a lot of resources about Thai. If you like the thî dâi rú chàk khráp. Nice to meet you. A list of Basic Thai words and phrases translated into English. Nice to meet you . ยินดีที่ได้รู้จัก (yin-dii thii dai ruu-jak) How do you say this in Thai?.

Четыре на шестнадцать.

how to write nice meet you in thai

- Шестьдесят четыре, - сказала она равнодушно. - Ну. Дэвид приблизился поближе к камере.

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