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hunt meet billy rescued

and escape. Billy is an advanced SCUBA Diver, Dry Suit, EAN, and Rescue Diver. Scott Hunt- Engineer , Practical Preppers - Retreat Water and Energy. In the spirit of A Street Cat Named Bob and Dewey comes a mother's touching, true account of how a rescue cat named Billy transformed her autistic boy's life. Meet Our Animal Ambassadors Billy the Armadillo (patient #) arrived at the clinic in April of after he was found as an orphan in Cape Coral.

Through patience and understanding and months of antibiotics, a very crabby, frightened senior Setter blossomed into the amazing hunting dog. It took a bit of arm pulling on my part but having noticed Cliff's very reliable off leash skills and pointing abilities, I convinced Pat to run him in a hunt test last October once we had his AKC registration accepted.

She was a natural and Cliff made it look easy. On January 30th, Heathcliff was adopted to a wonderful family in Madison, WI and they agreed to continue his medication and retest in the spring. Cliff was their first English Setter and he started working in the field and pointing birds to their delight. We could not be more proud of them both.

Cliff's follow up tick panel in June shows his Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever are gone--but he still has antibodies for Ehrlichia so he will continue treatment and hopefully be negative in a few more months.

Here is a nice email we got from Candy once she heard of Cliff's recent accomplishment, "Meg, what a difference a year makes!!!! He came in that day and just look at him now. This exceeds all hopes and dreams we have for our rescue dogs.

There is so much sorrow and pain in rescue and many times when dogs cannot be spared euthanasia or illness strikes them, this is one case that keeps the hope alive and keeps the 'fire in my belly' as the old saying goes-- to continue on when all seems futile. Jules on nice pheasant find. Jules is one of IBR's amazing success stories.

She only had a few days left in an over-crowded shelter in Hopkinsville, KY in December of when we located a foster home for her. Upon arrival to foster care, Jules showed some fear aggression and bloodwork showed she had Lyme disease most likely because her owner didn't use a flea and tick preventative.

hunt meet billy rescued

We started her on antibiotics even before we got the Lyme diagnosis because her behavior was untypical of a happy- go - lucky Pointer. After 3 weeks on antibiotics we had her spayed but it was too soon and she struggled with swelling and pain. Jules continued to show fear aggession and anxiety for several more months.

The first time we tested her on pheasant the end of FebruaryJules was overwhelmed, frightened and couldn't even be handled. She would just cower on the ground--she was so pathetic--poor baby. With several months of antibiotic treatment for her Lyme disease, Jules finally started to show improvement in her temperament and personality.

Much to our delight, her confidence and birdiness began to show through. As her brain started to heal, Jules started to lock on point on every tweetie bird and squirrel in the back yard.

Off leash training started at this time and Jules showed herself to be a true Field Trial prodigy- running with huge independent casts, taking every tree line all the while her tail whipping back and forth with such energy and enthusiasm. In April ofwith Jules' progress in foster care and her natural ability to point coming back, she was registered with the AKC and was allowed to run in a Field Trial for ribbons.

Sadly, what Animal Planet doesn't know is that any dog or puppy that doesn't meet with Ferrel's standards are culled killed. It is common knowledge that Mr. Miller will take a load of pups to Canada for training and several won't return to Paducah, KY. With the 17 Jules has tatooed in her left ear--she is just one of many of a Field Trial Pro's assembly line of Pointer pups much like the puppies in the Animal Planet Video that didn't cut it--through no fault of her own because of her undiagnosed Lyme disease illness.

What a tragedy it would have been if Jules had been euthanized in an over-crowded shelter and dumped in a land fill in rural Kentucky somewhere.

A Tick Panel Serology test caught it. We treated Jules for 12 weeks on doxycycline and retest 2 months later showed she was cured. Read more about Jules' success story. RMSF is the most common tick borne illness we are diagnosing in our rescue dogs--especially those anywhere in Illinois. Heathcliff came in from Southern Illinois and began treatment right away as he was exhibiting neurological issues and aggression. As he started to feel better his energy level and concentration and focus got better and his snarkiness disappated.

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Who wouldn't be cranky with a fever and headache? With his focus came his desire to hunt and amazing bird finding ability at the fall hunt test. We are hopeful Cliff will be adopted and adored by a loving family that will allow him to work in the field as well as being a spoiled rotten pet. She had never competed in a hunt test before but as his foster mom- I wanted her to be the one to handle him. Much to her delight they did a great job!! Read more about Heathcliff's rescue story.

Not only did Abe loose part of his tail in what we can only guess to be a hit and run accident, he also has some scaring on his back legs. While Abe started on his antibiotics to combat his RMSF prior to heartworm treatment, he struggled with nausea, joint pain and fevers. She has worked hard on his off leash hunting and recall training as Abraham has an amazing nose for upland birds and quite a stylish point.

We have no doubt that Chris and Abe will go on to complete his JH title. Read more about Abe's success story. Cassie and Steve's first Hunt test Q.

Cassandra was pulled from an overcrowded shelter in Manhattan, Kansas after voluteers tried their hardest not to put her to sleep when conditions became over crowded. What a waste that would have been--but sadly Cassie's story is all too common as many aren't as lucky as she and don't make it out alive. It took Cassie a long time to bond with Steve and Christine as we do think she was ignored most of her young life and didn't even know how to respond to cuddles and affection.

Abe was very helpful in building Cassie's confidence around humans and now she is very well adjusted and a spoiled rotten house pet with an amazing hunting drive in the field. Read more about Cassie's success story. The spring of I took matters into my own hands and treated Bogie for his "exposure titer" and almost immediately he started to feel better.

His fevers, itchiness, skin leisions and behavior started to improve and we hope that follow up testing will confirm that he is in remission. He is one of the most independent Setters I have ever met.

I am hopeful to continue his training and get him to be a reliable hunting companion. He may always have allergy issues--but I am thrilled that I never had to get him on life shortening steroids to help find him some relief.

I am hopeful that what we have learned about Bogie--will be published in a way to help vets better dianose dogs with chronic allergy issues. ILP stands for Indefinite Listing Privilege and is a limited registry for pure bred dogs that have no proof of pedigree.

Bronson was an abused hunting dog and he is still leery of strangers- but his rehab and TLC has helped him build his confidence and I am hopeful he will get his Junior Hunter's Title while in foster care. Well Bronson did very well at his first local Hunt test. He has come a long way from the frightened abused Pointer who was pulled with days to spare back in March of this year.

He pointed several quail and even retrieved one to hand. He appears to be over his gun shyness but needs a lot of work on his recall. It was a feel good to see him somewhat at ease around new dogs and people- especially men. Bronson's stay in foster care with IBR is another testament to the good work we do and how important our volunteer efforts are to help save and rehab these abandoned birddogs.

Our goal will always be to place these dogs in pet homes first, but if we can help a homeless hunter who by no fault of their own are dumped into a high kill shelter deemed unworthy by some good ol boy who in Bronson's case- treated him unkindly - and then bring them back to the point where they can be hunted over again someday, then that really makes our extra efforts worth while.

Bronson has turned into a first class house dog too and the fact that he lives indoors and IS neutered has no affect on his hunting desire. Be sure to check out Bronson's Blog to read his full story and to follow his progress.

In the puppy stakes, placing first was parvo surivor, Hercules pictured on rightplacing third was Maverick middleand placing fourth was Duchess left. Way to go puppies!!! April 16th and 17th,at the Weimaraner Club of Northern Illinois several IBR dogs took home orange ribbons and a got a few steps closer to their Junior Hunter titles. Way to go Alex and Ben!!! Billy loves to cuddle up in the couch. His new theme song is "addicted to love", now that he has had a taste he cannot get enough.

He will paw at you when you stop petting him and he will even give a little bark to let you know you forgot to keep petting him. Sweet Billy does have a little anxiety when his people leave the house and barks, but he does settle down.

He does not like his crate as it causes him more anxiety, he has not needed to be crated in our home. He gets along well with his Foster Fur Sisters and his Human foster sister. Billy gets very excited to go outside, he does need patience as he does have some accidents but he is a beautiful work in progress, with love, trust and a place to call home he will sort the rules out quickly.

Billy loves to walk on leash, pulls at first as he is excited but then settles for a nice walk. He also loves to go with you in the car but he takes time to relax in the car, he worries I think he is being taken somewhere, after living an unsure life before. But I know for sure he would get use to it with more adventures and be a great sidekick. Billy does not like cats unfortunately so he needs to be in a home with no kitties.

He has learned his name and the word no, he is understanding what outside means too. He would thrive in a home as the only dog as he craves so much love and attention but not to say he cannot get along with the right friend.

He had a great time with some fur cousins over the holidays. So if you are looking for a sidekick, co-pilot or partner in crime, Billy is your boy!

Scarteen Hunt's Meet in Hospital Feb 2018

Give him a safe and loving home that he can grow old in and learn what true love is. Gidget is a little bundle of cuteness and sweetness with a nice energy level, an independent girl who also love to play. While she yearns for affection she is a little guarded until she gets to know you and once she does will shower you with kisses. Gets along with dogs and ignores cats.

hunt meet billy rescued

Would do best in an adult only home, but would do fine with children visiting. Buttercup gets along with other dogs and ignores cats. Her favorite things are food, lots of cuddles on the couch and giving kisses It is best she go to a home with older, respectful children as young children intimidate her. Bella Bella is a 3 year old 19 pound Loulou Mix This little girl is such a loving, sweet dog with the cutest ears, she loves spending time with you cuddling on the couch or playing outside.

Bella also gets along with other dogs. Bella can be shy when you first meet her but warms up very quickly as you will find out when she showers you with kisses! Roy Roy, was born February 10, and is a 10 pound Shih Tzu. Roy came to us from our friends at BETA in the summer of and was adopted into a very loving home in July of Roy is a loving little guy who gets along with other dogs, ignores cats and loves men! He is housetrained, walks very well on leash.