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james pleased to meet you discogs david

Feb 26, producer: Brian Eno. recording of: Falling Down. writer: Dave Baynton-Power, Tim Booth, Saul Davies, Jim Glennie and Mark Hunter. Dave Thompson asking in his book on record collecting whether FdM is the most collectible label . HOW QUICKLY CAN YOU RELEASE AN ALBUM? a bunch of James Last albums (none with 'Silver Machine' on!) and, worst of all, . nice find by Alex Hoile - the first disc of the Fuchsia 'Song' 2x7" set on white vinyl - the . Pleased to Meet You is the ninth studio album by English rock band James. The album was The Essential Rock Discography - Volume 1: Missing or empty |title= (help); ^ Andre Paine (3 July ). "James: Pleased To Meet You". NME.

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james pleased to meet you discogs david

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james pleased to meet you discogs david

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I reckon there's the best part of 8 hours of music that's never been released on vinyl before, about three hours of music released on CD for the first time, and two hours of video! Bloody ridiculous, when you think about it - best not. Too late to do anything about it, of course, but I wonder if the printers will find a long thin pile of credits gathering dust in a corner of the factory one day.

Still, it's the thought that counts That reminds me, I must dig out the VW Camper Van record player that I bought from Amoeba Records in Los Angeles many years ago, that you put on the edge of a disc, switch on and it goes round and round following the groove, playing the record badly and at wildly varying speeds; not something to try out on your Vertigo swirl collection.

A US band, purveyors of the 'desert rock' sound that I may have mentioned once or twice is getting played a fair bit at FdM Towers at the moment. The album's released by the Italian 'Heavy Psych sounds' label, if you want to check it out. Just about worth 30 mins of your time if you're passing - it's free - but it's a bunch of prints and signed stuff for sale rather than a 'proper' exhibition; wouldn't have taken a lot of effort to make it more interesting for people who love the album rather than having money to burn.

We're not worthy, but I'm not letting on SPOOKY If it's real, it's a bizarre bit of sponsorship and if it's fake it's very nicely done by someone with a fair bit of time on their hands! Some of the music doesn't really fit with FdM but there's an innocent fun to all of it that's strangely attractive.

Release “Pleased to Meet You” by James - MusicBrainz

More to come, I think. Growing up, Sunday morning in our road everyone with a car was out washing, waxing and polishing it within an inch of its failed rustproofing. Then car-washes came along and the streets were suds-free The pride and joy has become just another utility. Nick's 'Hilly Fields' is there in all its glory - I'd claim that FdM had made it to Hollywood but, to be fair, the original track was licensed to us by Cherry Red. I don't know if you had any luck with your seeds, but three or four years on I'm still picking alpine strawberries grown from my pack - in fact, they're thriving in the damp and cold of October.

I'm going to investigate further but, if you're interested, check out Naxatras and Yawning Man for starters. However, the current run of results, and the style of play, hasn't been good enough and it's important to get someone in place before the traditional pre-Christmas fall-out of managers means all the best options have gone before we get into the hunt. Some lapses in taste on there too, but it's still a nicely bizarre thing to find in a supermarket in I've always fancied a copy and you can't argue at 25 quid.

Handed it to the dealer Procol Harum lyrics just a bit too clever for meFrank Zappa I always suspected he was taking the piss, even when he wasn'tRush Jon Anderson on helium ; i wonder if other people have similar mental blocks?

I can handle rejection, but it would be nice to get a 'Dear John' letter Q.

James the Band English Beefcake

When bands who are invited to play the 17th Dream Festival or more precisely, when their managers are approached double their usual fee - presumably thinking they are going to be playing in front of thousands of mud-splattered revellers never typed that word before!

Look out for the 18th Dream Of Dr. Happened on a couple of images of 19th century miracle cures The research lab of Bayer actually developed the process to synthesize two quite similar substances; heroin was seen as the one with big potential, as a cure for almost everything BOXING CLEVER Enjoyed reading a very, and rightfully, positive review of a 7x7" psych box set, which had the one caveat - the reviewer's box was number 1, while the box proudly proclaimed "limited to 1, sets"; I guess it didn't say they were sequentially numbered thinking about it, I had an issue with the 'White EP' set a few years ago, where the printers produced too many sleeves and didn't use up the low numbers first!

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It's in Guildford, which also has a couple of decent second hand shops and a proper street market. But why do dealers insist on cramming so many albums in a box that it's impossible to look through them? I've already bought one copy, but there's something so wrong with it not being snapped up I'm half-tempted to buy another!

OK, before you completely disown me, give me a moment OK, so it's not a proper pint and for god's sake don't tell Mantle Brewery about this blog, but Next time you're near a Sainsbury's, why not give it a try - it's an acquired lack-of-taste, the main flavour is the tin it comes in, but you've got very little to lose And the winner is Peter Green, who wins a set of Fuchsia double LP test pressings.

Congratulations, Peter, and for the rest of us, there's always Pretty Things at the Half Moon tonight - and yesterday evening I thought it was about time I printed out the e-tickets that I ordered months ago.

james pleased to meet you discogs david

No sign of them Am I sure I booked? Do I remember getting confirmation? Old-age doubts creep in I really shouldn't be allowed out on my own and soon won't be PAST IT Great to catch up with The Past Tense's resident crate-diggers Ken and Andy last night, for the handover of copies of the band's 'Remember The Days' 7", which will be dished out free and completely gratis to everyone at the 16th Dream festival; thanks chaps!

STICK IT one of the kids bought me a Panini World Cup sticker book for my birthday - a serious error of judgement as I am now completely hooked on filling the bloody thing as their inheritance goes out of the window What a total rip-off, only a fool would fall for this marketing scam, etc, etc And if all this means nothing to you, well i guess you've not entered the competition in the first place.

One has been taken over by craft IPA fans, so it's when you CAN see through a pint there's something wrong with it, the other felt a bit like a PTA fund-raiser with apologies to all PTA memberswith the beer tent set up more like a tombola stall. The world's going to hell in a basket, I tell you.

I was intrigued but not overly hopeful as it was scheduled to follow the kiddies' disco.

james pleased to meet you discogs david

Now I've been known to have some pretty weird dreams after an evening eating too much cheese, but this was definitely up there and it it was no dream. This time, the prize to the winner is a set of two test pressings of the absolutely-essential Fuchsia debut album reissue that we're releasing at the end of July.

There are only 10 sets in existence! The competition is open to everybody - not only FdM club members - but I want to make sure the TPs go to a good home so you must get the first question right to get into the competition proper Question 1 - what UK label did Fuchsia's debut album first appear on?

james pleased to meet you discogs david

If you don't have my email address, it's fruitsdemer7 hotmail. Liz recently said she was thinking of trading in her old car for a pushbike; this seemed like a rather silly idea at the time, but I'm having second thoughts Ossie Ardiles and Freddie parrot face Davies.

Draw your own conclusions.