John goodman flight hospital scene from meet

john goodman flight hospital scene from meet

Video: Denzel Washington and John Goodman in Flight exclusive clip Check out this exclusive clip of the hospital scene as Whip recovers from the crash. Denzel Washington portraying Whip Whitaker in a scene from “Flight. While recovering from his injuries in the hospital, he befriends a played with outsized comedic flair by John Goodman — is called in to The movie picks up the story 13 months later, with Whip now in prison leading an AA meeting. Flight is director Robert Zemeckis's first live-action film since the brilliant When you first meet him, he's a captain of sex, drugs, and alcohol until the to be his drug dealer Harling Mays (a scenery-chewing John Goodman, who's particularly Reilly and a dynamite little hospital scene with a cancer patient.

I mean, he flies a plane upside-down, for crying out loud! If I had not been programmed throughout my entire life to believe that cocaine is a dangerous and addictive drug, I would want some. I've seen this upside-down plane in the trailers. Why is the plane upside-down? Whip purposely inverts the plane in an effort to stop the plane's freefall, which works.

Again, I am convinced that only someone using cocaine would have the balls to try something like this. Please do not try cocaine. After landing the plane, is Whip a hero? The landing was miraculous, but it still resulted in six fatalities, and things change drastically for Whip once the results of Whip's pesky toxicology report is released. Is the accident Whip's fault?

And Flight makes that pretty clear from the start.

john goodman flight hospital scene from meet

In fact, the co-pilot is flying the aircraft when the problems start. What is Whip doing when the aircraft starts having problems? Well, he's passed out.

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But that's not why the plane suffered a mechanical failure. If it's not Whip's fault and he actually saved people's lives, why is he in trouble? Because A it's illegal to be drinking while flying an aircraft and B the manufacturer of the aircraft will want to push the blame on someone else. What's the most ham-handed aspect of Flight?

Denzel Washington’s first nude scene in ‘Flight’

Near the beginning of the film, we meet a junkie named Nicole Kelly Reilly. After overdosing on heroin -- at precisely the moment Whip's flaming, upside-down plane passes over her apartment -- she meets Whip, post-crash, when they both sneak cigarettes in the same hospital stairwell. After that, the two start spending a lot of time together -- because they both like addictive drugs, I assume. Of course it is. Of course we do. What's the last live-action movie that Robert Zemeckis directed before Flight?

Cast Away, which also involved a plane crash. Should I see Flight? For the first 30 minutes alone, yes. Will I like what happens after the first 30 minutes? Denzel Washington is solid, as always. But, after the first 30 minutes, Flight just won't stop hitting you over the head with the fact that Whip is a drunk -- to the point that the movie won't let you see Whip without possession of some sort of alcoholic beverage.

john goodman flight hospital scene from meet

What's the most unnecessarily dramatic scene in Flight? At one point, it appears that Whip is going to pass up the chance to drink a bottle of vodka, leaving it on the counter. The camera stays focused on that bottle for what seems like 30 seconds, music swelling, until If you are going to see this movie only because you like John Goodman, boy, are you going to be disappointed. In the movie trailerthere's stunning footage of Washington, in his role as commercial airline pilot "Whip" Whitaker, flying a commercial jumbo jet upside down in a miraculous and successful effort to land the plane safely.

And while there's certainly hint of trouble to come -- post-crash drug testing reveals that Whip was drunk during the entire incident, which, in theory, could earn him a long prison sentence -- the trailer, to maintain suspense, leaves the audience guessing about what happens next, and why.

Flight Movie CLIP - Life In Prison (2012) - Denzel Washington Movie HD

Important plot details are revealed below] Most of the movie's dramatic tension consists of Whip's lawyer and friends struggling to get him to stop drinking long enough to appear at a National Transportation Safety Board NTSB hearing sober to exonerate himself.

He has the good fortune of retaining a high-powered, Johnny Cochran-style attorney, played by Don Cheadlewho manages to get his incriminating toxicology report thrown out on a technicality. But Whip's a full-blown alcoholic who can't control his drinking, and like nearly every alcoholic in the throes of the disease, he refuses to admit it -- even if his entire professional career and beloved pilot's license are at stake.

Whip, though, does have one potential angel in his midst. While recovering from his injuries in the hospital, he befriends a suicidal waif, Nicole evocatively portrayed by the relatively unknown long-time TV actress Kelly Reilly and decides to look her up after he's released.

She's a fellow substance abuser and they quickly bond, especially after he saves her from a nasty eviction. However, they're clearly on different paths: She's fond of him, but on the advice of her friends in AA, which Whip refuses to join, she decides to leave him.

He's left to fend for himself -- his drinking worse than ever.

john goodman flight hospital scene from meet

What happens next is first hilarious -- then deeply moving. Drunk and hungover on the eve of his testimony, Whip's long-time drug dealer Harling -- played with outsized comedic flair by John Goodman -- is called in to "rescue" Whip with a high-powered cocaine speed-ball. Whip's lawyers are dumbfounded, but when Whip snaps out of his stupor, he seems ready for the hearing. All looks good, in fact, until his interrogator played by Melissa Leo asks him about three empty vodka miniatures found on the airplane that could only have belonged to a member of his crew.

Whip, of course, drank those bottles, but one crew member -- his mistress and a flight attendant who died during the crash -- is an easy scapegoat.

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All Whip has to do is finger her as the culprit, and he's home free. But it turns out, he can't. As the woman's enlarged image appears on a screen in front of him, he desperately tries to avoid answering the question, but fails.

Finally he blurts out, "I drank those bottles," and proceeds to confess that he was drunk all three days leading up to the flight.

john goodman flight hospital scene from meet

Then, after a dramatic pause, he declares: The movie picks up the story 13 months later, with Whip now in prison leading an AA meeting.

He's beaming brightly, as the other prisoners listen with rapt attention to a man who freely admits: But I would have lost my soul.

john goodman flight hospital scene from meet

Both the words and the tone have the ring of authenticity.