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Diversity swim meet event TAC is once again proud to host the premier diversity swim event in the The meet is open to the . John lunsford swim meet posters. Additions to Agenda from Board of Directors Meeting: Introductions: .. Finance Vice Chair – John Dolan – Report was not provided. with Olympic Coach, Tim Murphy, Olympic Official, Pat Lunsford, Parent. Presenter, Jane Safety poster – would like to see more participation from the various. LSC's. 12 Bones Smokehouse: A Mountain BBQ Cookbook by Bryan and Angela King, Shane Heavner, and Mackensy Lunsford: £,

The Best Show presents a special tribute to Miles Davis. Hippy Johnny checks in. A feral cat hunter checks in.

Philly Boy Roy's wife Rhoda checks in. Tom talks basketball playoffs. May 3, Tom is back from Coachella. Callers talk of their delusions. The show gets handed over to the ladies. The Crust guy calls in yet again. Petey lays out a very special tribute to Bob Dylan. May 17, Brett Davis as MC Steinberg The listeners get five minutes of air time to host talk shows of their own choosing. Some of them are good, but most are bad, very bad.

The Freedom Hawk checks in. June 7, Andrew Earles as a man accusing Tom of buying beer for kids Brett Davis as MC Steinberg Tom gets accused of buying beer for young kids and comes to the shocking revelation that many of today's finest musicians are getting 'fogged'. The Friends of Tom Hall of Fame is discussed further.

Tom calls out new WFMU disc jockeys who refuse to call in and show him respect: A war is brewing. Calls include Philly Boy checks in. NBA star "Mehmet Okur" calls in to discuss his love of surfing. July 5, The author of a book called Roadie Rage checks in. Who should carry the Olympic torch when it comes to New York City. Philly Boy Roy calls in.

A member of Run Westy Run checks in. August 2, Tom returns from his hiatus and talks with the publisher of Pizza Aficionado Magazine. Jason from England is in studio with Megan and Therese. Bryce mourns Jerry Garcia. MC Steinberg breaks out a new song. Kevin returns with a vengeance. MC Steinberg and Tommert fight.

Hot Rockin' Ronny calls to ask for Tom's job.

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Callers discuss the good things that people have done. Von Scharpling crushes Fireball. MC Steinberg rips it up live in studio. Bryce places yet another sad call. Tom says goodbye to WFMU forever. The Sirius deal is a now but a distant memory for him. His voice sends chills up the spine of many as he fights for the will to carry on.

September 20, Stevie Blue makes his Best Show debut. Bryce calls in to answer some Grateful Dead trivia for the fine listeners. September 27, Tom gets deeper into the Stevie Blue story. Tom calls Belinda and leads a rally against people who say 'Bye Bye' before they hang up the phone. Winners of the Friends of Tom Logo Contest are announced. Skag Winesack drops by.

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The most well-equipped Swiss Army knife ever made, the Wenger Giant, featured 85 tools and functions. September 15, Four years ago, almost to the day, Mount St. Tall and lean, with good reach and the kind of angular body that can generate considerable torque through the ball, hers is a skillset that belies her tender age. May 12, Josh Chiles has a knack for making the record books.

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This year, he again made history, in grand fashion. Rogers soccer standout rides the highs and lows alike By Dwain Hebda, Published: The senior soccer captain and member of St. Vincent de Paul Church in Rogers suffered through a challenging season last year at Rogers High School, only to emerge this year with a new coach and new outlook on the sport.

March 14, Davis Bennett is a man of few words. Asked what piqued his interest in the Catholic High mountain bike club, the sophomore cuts right to the chase. Athletic directors spur conference formation in NW Ark.

February 14, Quentin Lunsford, athletic director at St. Vincent de Paul School in Rogers, apologized for being a few minutes late to an interview with Arkansas Catholic.

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Lunsford and Barnes are kindred spirits. January 21, Lauren Ramsey, 26, carries herself in practice with the cool confidence of a coach many years her senior. The first-year head coach of the Mount St.

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Mary Academy varsity basketball team shouts instructions to her players only sparingly and without the snarl that others do, but that comparatively soft voice still instantly nudges players into a higher gear as they sprint through their drills. November 28, It is said that every great athlete or team is made even greater when pushed by a rival, those opponents who always bring out the best in one another. Muhammed Ali had Joe Frazier.

Magic Johnson had Larry Bird. This year, however, that task was simplified by one: We knew that jersey was going to More Jonesboro teen gains confidence in martial arts By Dwain Hebda, Published: May 23, Angeles Gonzales may not sound that imposing at first meeting, but be advised: This year-old, who has been practicing tae kwon do since the age of 3, speaks softly and carries a big kick. From that point on, I knew I really liked it. April 23, Alex McManus has a way with first impressions.

She played her first organized softball in grade school and after one year, high school coaches were telling her father to develop her pitching skills. As time wore on and the victories piled up, all-star coaches would take one look at the tall, powerful right-hander and pencil her into elite lineups all over the country. She cast the same spell over college recruiters. Ranked 16th among recruits by online More I grew up in western Kentucky.

March 1, The more things change for Fredi Knighten, who completed his last campaign at quarterback for the Arkansas State Red Wolves this season, the more they seem to stay the same. Fewer still remember a time before he was coaching Little League baseball for the youth at Morrilton. And just a couple remember very clearly how it all got started, as only one who was there can. Peter, who attends St. Joseph School in Fayetteville, is all about balance.

And, balance fuels his many other interests More Tennis teams prove youth must be served and volleyed By Dwain Hebda, Published: November 28, Parker Stearns, as he delights in reminding people, saw it all along. In fact, given the dominance Catholic High and Mount St. Mary Academy tennis teams showed this season, predicting a 7A state title might actually qualify as modesty. Here, a blue-eyed blonde bumps to an olive-skinned, raven-haired setter who positions the brown-eyed, mocha-complected spiker for the kill.

In the eye of this swirling hurricane of color and culture stands a lean, something African demonstrating technique, barking orders and clapping his encouragement More But unlike most juniors in high school just beginning their college search, Matthews has made up her mind. In early August, after a summer of tournaments, Matthews verbally committed to play golf at the University of Arkansas beginning the fall But for now, the more pressing matter, said Matthews, is to just keep playing solid golf.

Twin brothers follow different paths in purple and gold Dwain Hebda, Published: Both agree attending Catholic High School in Little Rock after attending public elementary and middle school was a great decision. Both seniors have their eye on attending the University of Arkansas and neither knows precisely what he will study once he gets there. They also concur that the lessons they have learned both in More August 20, Of all the sports Subiaco Academy sponsors, few look more at place than Trojan runners.

Get up, say a prayer, work hard and find joy in the effort before doing it all over again tomorrow. May 19, The small gaggle of detainees reported to the gym promptly after final bell, the warmish spring afternoon already thickening the air. No one dares be late. They line up dutifully and follow every command — having nearly served their month here, they know the routine. And although most of them tower over the diminutive figure in charge, not a one of them steps out of line.

Trojans usher coach into first state title game By Dwain Hebda, Published: March 27, To understand how poorly things started out this year for the Subiaco Academy basketball team — the same team that on March 13 became the first Trojan squad to play in a state championship game — Coach Tim Tencleve points to an early season tournament.

Running pastor looks to finish what he started By Dwain Hebda, Published: February 28, In keeping with its superhero theme, the Little Rock Marathon asked entrants to name their particular superpower on the sign-up form.