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jonsi we bought a zoo review meet

Dustin I. January 26, A wonderful family film, the kind of film that doesn't come around perhaps the best family movie in recent history, with an amazing score by Jonsi We bought a zoo is a lovely genuine caring movie. Our team will review flagged items and determine whether or not they meet our community . Movie Review: We Bought a Zoo We meet him when he's working as a death- defying journalist who will trek deep into a jungle or hop aboard a rocket to get. We Bought a Zoo, the movie, left a slight impression on the stateside box office over Christmas Based on the real-life story of the Mee.

Scarlett Johanssen as well. There are some exceptionsThis is one of the few films of where the screenplay actually worked and there were no loose ends or ambivalent subplots. There are some exceptions within the cast but even with their over the top performances they cannot take away the essence of this film and it's story. This film is honest. This film is sincere. This film is real.

jonsi we bought a zoo review meet

The family dynamics are excellent and the truth is that this film is better than the Descendants. Jones will break your heart and make you want to take her home with you. The story is uncomplicated and predictable but it still works. Johansson works her usual magic on the male protagonist but in this movie its rumored that he spent more time in the hair and make up chair than she did.

The supporting cast is just fine and the pace of the movie is much better than I expected. The moping teenage son shattered by his mother's death slowly comes around with the help of a teenage crush, the zoo gets opened and everyone has a smile on their face as the credits roll.

This movie was made for movie lovers and not for the critics and award shows. Enjoy it for what it is; 2 hours and 15 minutes of light-hearted, feel good entertainment. Actors and actresses nailed the piece. I do not usually like scarlett johanson, but the part she played was wonderful. One of the best movies I have seen. It was a pure, wholesome movie. It did not haveBeautifully done!!

It did not have nasty sex scenes, or bloddy shootouts, or overly unuseful swearing.

jonsi we bought a zoo review meet

It was truly a beautiful movie. It is not a "intellectual " film. It is just a good time. The little girl is adorable. You can feel that Matt Damon's character is someone with heart. No, real life wouldn't be that easy but it's a movie people! My wife and adult son liked it, but I did not.

jonsi we bought a zoo review meet

I felt the plot and outcome were very predictable in this story. In my opinion the writer overreached to come up with all the "feel good" outcomesThree of us went to this movie yesterday. In my opinion the writer overreached to come up with all the "feel good" outcomes possible and crammed them into one movie. So if you want to see a movie where all the people relationships turn out hunky-dorry and all the problems find speedy, nice solutions, go to this one and soak it in.

If you prefer something a little more realistic that keeps you guessing, go to any other show that's out there right now and it will be better. I expected a movie with real heart, and a score by Jonsi to boot.

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The acting was phoned in, and the dialog eye-roll inducing. Matt DamonI feel compelled to write a review although I'm usually not the type to bother. Matt Damon phones it in, and his little daughter is given lines designed to earn a cheap awww like "we bought a zoo! The way emotion is expressed via loudly shouting things including "why do you hate me man?! The director missed a real opportunity to play with the idea of what happens when a whimsical purchase meets reality, and overcoming obstacles, but instead all problems are solved via deus ex machina and quick montages of people carrying around wooden planks and hammering nails.

Rent when it comes out on dvd, if you must. I have read so many negative reviews on this movie and totally disagree!!!!! I have worked as a zookeeper and know how unforgiving and how demanding of a job it is. The benefit of it all is the feeling of satisfaction and aInspirational!!! The benefit of it all is the feeling of satisfaction and a job well done.

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This movie brought back all the fire and desire I have for animals!! The comradery of the people who experience it all is so special.

Review: Cameron Crowe's "We Bought a Zoo" tries too hard

This movie is a great dipiction of the zoo community and how awesome, overwelming, joyful and even heart breaking it can be. It truely is an adventure!!! Anyone who has followed Cameron Crowe's career knows that, while it may not be to everyone's liking, there's nothing phony about Cameron Crowe's passion, his sense of romance, and his idealism. Yet, if it weren't so sweet and life-affirming, it'd probably be annoying as hell. What's certain is that Cameron Crowe fans -- those that bought into Lloyd Dolber's dare to be greatness, who subscribed to Jerry Maguire's mission statement, and who long to be Golden Gods -- will love We Bought a Zoo.

A sweet sense of humor, great characters, love and the impossible dream. It teeters on the edge of clever and schmaltzy, it is rousing and romantic, uplifting and inspiring, and goes to great lengths to yank those tears out of your eye sockets, but by God, it succeeds, and it does so without making you feel cheap.

We Bought a Zoo is nice enough to buy you dinner before it fucks up your mascara.

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We Bought a Zoo is based on the true story of Benjamin Mee, who took over the Dartmoor Zoological Park in England, refurbished it, and re-opened it to the public after it had been shut down due to questions about the safety of the animals.

He rewrote it, adding several distinctive Crowe flourishes and changed the tone with some well placed Ryan Adams and Cat Stevens songs that breathe mournful homeyness and tender achiness into the proceedings. Matt Damon stars as Mee, an adventure journalist who lost his wife to cancer six months prior to the events in the film. He's struggling in his efforts to raise his two children, particularly Dylan Colin Fordwho has turned somber and rebellious since the death of his mother.

When Lily tells Dylan that she heard his family might be leaving, he is overjoyed, which hurts her feelings. Benjamin discovers that his wife bequeathed him an investment account, with instructions to use the money wisely while listening to his heart.

Duncan advises him to walk away and start over with the money, but Benjamin decides to use the money to repair the zoo. While this lifts the zoo workers' morale, Dylan is unhappy about having to stay; he confronts his father, and a heated argument ensues.

We Bought a Zoo

They reconcile the next morning and Dylan admits he misses Lily. Benjamin gives his son advice using his favorite principle, that you only need 20 seconds of courage to achieve great things. Benjamin realizes that instead of trying to start over by forgetting his wife, he should accept that she will always be a part of him.

Prior to the grand opening of the zoo, the facility passes a very stringent inspection from Ferris, who grudgingly wishes them good luck. Dylan, following his father's advice, confesses to Lily that he loves her and she forgives him. The week prior to the opening, the worst rainstorm in years is predicted to wash it out. The weather clears in time, but in the morning they are disappointed when no visitors arrive.

They discover that a fallen tree has blocked the access road, with a large crowd of waiting visitors behind it. The staff help them to climb over the tree. There are so many people that they run out of tickets, forcing Benjamin and Kelly to look for more.