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jingle-bells.info .. in a statement after chairing the High Level Committee meeting, here, today. Tun Razak dan rakan sejawatnya Lee Hsien Loong, kata Menteri di. JAKARTA — Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong today (Oct 20) expressed Mr Lee told Singapore reporters after his meeting with Mr Widodo. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will be in Bali for two days to attend PM Lee Hsien Loong in Bali for retreat with Jokowi, Asean leaders' meet.

Second focus will be to achieve integration between different means of transportation, which President Widodo deems very important. Then within the next five years we will only 60, public servants. So the number of our civil servants will fall very significantly," President Jokowi told reporters after a work meeting attended by central government officials and second echelon staff members from ministries and non-ministerial agencies.

Press conference with PM Lee and President Jokowi

President Jokowi's remarks were in response to reports that about one million government workers would be removed, starting from The measure allegedly aims to reduce government spending and make government offices provide better services. Currently, Indonesia has 4. Global Indonesian Voices, 9 June http: Jokowi stated his intention after witnessing the signing of the financial closing for the Batang coal-fired power plant and five toll-road construction projects, some of which have been abandoned in the past.

Jakarta Globe, 9 June http: Remains of the 1-meter-tall Homo florensiensis, affectionately dubbed the "Hobbit," were discovered in a cave on the island 12 years ago. Not only are the fossils and stone tools from the most recent discovery clearly belonging to the hobbit's ancestors, they are also strikingly similar to those found inwhich provides new insights into the origins of the species.

Some scientists speculate that Homo florensiensis may have shrank due to insular dwarfism, an evolutionary process that results in a species reducing in size after being isolated on a small island for a long time with little access to resources. A brief look at the theories of Soeharto's role in the tragedy: He further explained that the speculation began from a report revealing that Soeharto was accused of being involved in budget appropriations when he was the head of the Diponegoro Military Area Command IV Kodam in Semarang, Central Java, in He was a really brilliant military strategist, when the enemy launched a maneuver, he countered it with a better maneuver," Josef said in closing.

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A win-win solution for economy, environment: Spanning 67 percent of Indonesia's terrestrial area, forest lands have been under threat due to pressure to expand the palm oil market and accommodate economic development interests.

While these problems persist, the forestry sector has not been able to counter the threats with tangible alternatives for economic opportunities. In fact, the contribution of forestry to gross domestic product GDP has been in continuous decline to the point where it fell below 1 percent of GDP in The forestry business is now dominated by logging and globally, timber is now a sunset industry.

  • PM Lee, President Jokowi hail ‘special’ 50th anniversary of Singapore-Indonesia relations

In Indonesia, the forestry sector is not even identified as a national development priority under the National Medium Term Development Plan Activists urge govt to ensure net neutrality in Indonesia: Those articles stipulate prohibited acts, including the distribution of content related to pornography, gambling, defamation, extortion, hoaxes, hate speech, or threats. So it would be better to take those articles out of the ITE law," Wahyudi said. The government and the House of Representatives are currently deliberating the revision of the law.

PM Lee Hsien Loong in Bali for retreat with Jokowi, Asean leaders' meet

However, such efforts would be useless if there was no significant change in the law, Wahyudi said. Jakarta Post, 9 June http: ILO urges Indonesia to intensify child labor eradication efforts: Citing data from several years ago, d'Ovidio said there were approximately 1. Manpower Ministry official Laurend Sinaga reiterated that the Labor Law prohibited all corporations from employing children, as evidence of the government's clear objection toward the exploitative business practices.

Laurend, who is the acting director of work norm inspection for women and children, said the government had also been implementing efforts in eradicating child labor through a program called Family Hope since and had subsequently rescued and retrained 80, children thus far. Jokowi holds sixth meeting to solve LRT problems: Yet, five limited meetings failed to alleviate disagreements and thus, the projects have yet to show significant progress.

But once again, a decision regarding route must be made.

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It must be able to integrate various transportation modes," Jokowi said during a limited meeting held at the Presidential Office in Jakarta. Jokowi to scrap 3, bylaws within weeks: Jakarta Post, 18 May http: The annual event comes at a time when Indonesia is struggling to jack up its exports amid weak overseas demand.

This year, it hopes to raise exports by 5. The exhibition will take up 15, square meters of space. It will present seven pavilions showcasing furniture, fashion, craft and creative products, food and beverages and other locally manufactured goods. Ahok's defeats and public debate in Indonesia: The popularity of a particular viewpoint - in this case the view that Ahok is guilty of blasphemy - is not necessarily an indication of individual convictions, but rather an indication of the strength of particular social networks.

Wiranto said that the country faces growing unrest over HTI's presence.

PM Lee, Jokowi pledge closer ties between ‘partners by choice’

If we ignore it, it could spread further," he said. Wiranto did not deny that the primary activity of HTI, established inis Islamic preaching. However, he said that the situation on the ground shows that the organization's movement and preaching are aimed at meddling in politics. Tempo, 18 May https: