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They try to get along somehow and when they meet two Russian girls it´s the irony of the less inspired, but still watchable sequel Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses . a huge doorstop of a man who resembles Eugene from The Walking Dead. Leningrad Cowboys: Thru the Wire ( Video). 6 min | Short .. He and the beast walk down to La Maison du Vin. Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses ( ). Matti Pellonpää and Silu Seppälä in Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses () Matti .. There are a number of biblical allusions: Moses walking on water across a.

Coffee, cigarettes and rock'n'roll minimalism chaos-rampant 21 December The Finnish infant terrible returns to the monochromatic rock'n'roll vibes of his earlier CALAMARI UNION, only this time he substitutes the avant-garde surrealism with the silent, deadpan minimalism he meticulously cultivated for most of his career. Two thirty-something rockers working menial jobs and leading dead-end lives embark on an impromptu journey in their cool car, along with a coffee-car mixer and a portable record player.

Along the way they meet two Russian women who are looking for a lift. The black and white cinematography is absolutely fantastic, the soundtrack as usually an eclectic mix of rock'n'roll, jazz and folk and the mood of the same deadpan unaffection that permeates the rest of his work. His characters cold and detached on the outside, yet they miraculously emote better than the best overacting could afford you.

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Seen independent it's one thing; seen as part of Kaurismaki's broader universe, like another vignette of gloomy but not miserable Finnish life, it takes its proper place. Punchy, subtle humor and gaping beauty nicholaszacherl 30 March I have not seen a film like this one ever. While it doesn't stand out, Kaurismaeki's impressive tact kept my heart and funnybone peaked and suspended for the duration of the film with his classic understated, wry charm.

Surf rock has, incidentally, never looked so good on a rocky northern coast. To say the least, the film piqued an interest in Kaurismaeki that has led to my heart-melting and guffawing appreciation of others like the matchstick factory girl and although to a bit lesser extent The Man Without a Past.

While I could drop cent movie reviews, chiches, and plot synopses here, I'll get to the point instead: While the others head to Europe by boat, Moses stows away on the wing of a plane. Moses, meanwhile, falls off the plane and meets up with the band at a beach. Several of their people from Siberia arrive in a rented bus to pick them up.

Their first stop is Brestwhere Moses goes to secure gigs for the band for money. Eventually, Johnson catches up with them at a hotel in Amiens and, posing as a record producer under the name Raymond Lazarprovides them with money to play for a wedding at the hotel. Johnson goes to the bus to find the nose there, but is knocked unconscious by Igor.

The next day, they learn of his real identity from the CIA logo on his cigarette holder, and take him for the rest of the trip.

In FrankfurtMoses is recognized by a gas station attendant, and phones the police.

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Igor is able to get some street toughs to bust them out, and they play a show before they set off again. In LeipzigMoses and a fellow band member exchange phrases from the Bible and Communist Manifesto respectively. Later, they both tell the others of the birth of a sacred calf in their homeland, the reason for their journey home. In the Czech Republicthe band wash their clothes in the spring water. While in the area, the band plays for a local family.

Later, Elijah is asked by Moses to sing the next song.