Leningrad cowboys meet moses titulky doctor

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leningrad cowboys meet moses titulky doctor

The Punk Syndrome - Official Trailer with English Subtitles. Movie GuideCinema .. Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses Movie Poster x. Victor Ruano · Afiches. Results 1 - 48 of 55 Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses Remastered DVD Aki Kaurismaki . Czech spoken language, subtitles in ENGLISH and Czech. .. He is eventually moved to place that all other rejected - the rural family doctor. Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses is a film directed by Aki Kaurismäki. It is a sequel to the popular film Leningrad Cowboys Go America that.

She goes to Aarne's apartment and tells him she wants a drink.

leningrad cowboys meet moses titulky doctor

Aarne brings the drinks, but Iris asks for ice, and when Aarne goes to get it, Iris pours some of the rat poison into his drink. When Aarne returns with the ice, he places it in Iris's glass. She tells him that everything is taken care of and that he need not worry, because this will be the last time he will ever see her.

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She hands him the check he'd sent, quickly drinks most of her drink, and leaves. Aarne sits quietly for a few moments, then he drinks his drink. On the way home from Aarne's place, Iris stops into a bar, orders a beer, takes a seat at the bar, and starts to read a book.

A man sits beside her, uninvited, and tries to catch her attention. Iris smiles at the man, takes the bottle of rat poison out of her purse, and pours some into his glass.

She leaves, and the man finishes his drink.

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Iris visits her mother and stepfather. She prepares them a meal and pours the rest of the rat poison into the vodka they will drink.

Subtitles for Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses

While they eat, Iris sits in the living room smoking a cigarette and listening to music. Igor is able to get some street toughs to bust them out, and they play a show before they set off again. In LeipzigMoses and a fellow band member exchange phrases from the Bible and Communist Manifesto respectively. Later, they both tell the others of the birth of a sacred calf in their homeland, the reason for their journey home.

In the Czech Republicthe band wash their clothes in the spring water.

leningrad cowboys meet moses titulky doctor

While in the area, the band plays for a local family. Later, Elijah is asked by Moses to sing the next song.

leningrad cowboys meet moses titulky doctor

In Polandone band member gets sick, so after playing for money, they leave him by a hospital doorstep. Elijah attempts to bribe the sick member into bringing the nose back to America, but is turned down.

Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses

Before they cross the border to RussiaMoses states that, according to The Holy Bible, he never sees the promised land. As Vladimir once again, he turns in empty bottles to the customs office as a distraction while the others sneak the bus across the border. Everyone is happy to see their return and have a party that evening.

The film ends with Elijah being left alone with the nose. Music credited in the film include: Border" — Written by Tokela, Jouni Marjaranta.