Linslade crusaders open meet 2015

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linslade crusaders open meet 2015

Central Beds Swimming Squad Open Meet - entry forms and qualifying times. HY-TEK's MEET MANAGER - PM 18/01/ Page 1. 2nd HODDESDON SC COUNTY QUALIFIER OPEN MEET - 17/01/ to 18/01/ Results - SESSION 2. Event 11 Linslade Crusaders SC. 3 Edwards, Daisy. Joined on March 06, . from @ CBSSBarracudas and @BiggleswadeSC for a great Christmas Cracker Open Meet.

Through these initiatives KidsOut has taken hundreds of thousands of children on a fun day and provided thousands more with a Toy Box. Believing that every young person has a right to happiness, through its life-changing work KidsOut plays a key role in shaping the future for the better.

This year Leighton Linslade joined with children and teachers from Oak Bank School on a glorious summers day to enjoy the wide expanse of Whipsnade and its many activities. The day was a fantastic success, it was wonderful to meet with children as they returned tired and happy after a day of sharing the joys of a day out in the countryside and the excitement of the zoo.

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We send thanks to our community in supporting all our activities. With your fantastic support it is possible to finance KidsOut special activities. Childline Supporting the care of children has long been a goal of Rotary. Our club has just completed a major project to support Childline locally; Childline is run by the NSPCC and in the first few days following the outrage in Manchester ran over counselling sessions for children.

Quotes are created from real Childline contacts but are not necessarily direct quotes from the young person. I have anxiety issues and what happened has made me worry about the same thing happening at concerts in the future.

The table at the bottom of the page records your last 5 conversions. What are 'Course Conversions', anyway? We swim in both 25m and 50m pools. SC and LC pools differ in the number of turns that you will have to make during a given event.

linslade crusaders open meet 2015

When you are swimming m, for example, you will turn only once in an LC pool, but you will turn 3 times in an SC pool. Most swimmers will find that they get an advantage from the turns, because they can kick against the wall, and this kick gives them additional speed.

When swimming freestyle, for example, you might expect to gain half a second for every turn.

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Since there are three turns in a FR race in an SC pool, and only one turn in an LC pool, then you should expect to get a one second advantage in a SC pool. Younger swimmers will have little or no experience in LC pools, which is a problem when entering an LC gala. If your real SC time for the FR is 1 minute 25 seconds, for example, then the ASA's converted time is 1 minute and 26 seconds, because they expect you to take a second longer in an LC pool.

You can generally use this converted time 1: Note that you can't enter with your SC time of 1: Note also that converted times must always be quoted with only one decimal place of precision in other words, '1: There are several ways to estimate the conversion, and the ASA system which was developed by SportSystems is just one of them.

It is not 'accurate'; it is simply an estimate.

linslade crusaders open meet 2015

Many younger swimmers will find that they can actually go faster in an LC pool, for example, because their turns are not as fast as they could be. A more fundamental issue is that the ASA system does not take into account a swimmer's age, gender, and height, all of which are important when turning and kicking off a wall. However, the ASA system is universally used in this country, and must be used for gala entry if conversions are allowed.

SportSystems have defined an algorithm to carry out the conversion, and have published tables which list the resulting conversions for specific events and times. This algorithm is used here, and is also used for online entries, where real times are automatically converted for you, if the gala allows it.

We have tested our implementation of the algorithm extensively, and it is correct. However, there are other implementations which are not correct. The one on the pullbuoy website, for example, occasionally produces an answer which is incorrect by 0.

SportSystem's own example implementation also occasionally produces an error of 0. We can emulate this bug if necessary, but our code is currently set to produce the 'right' answer. You will find that some online sites do not allow you to convert times which are deemed to be 'too fast' or 'too slow', and produce an error message saying that the times are outside the ASA's defined range for that event.

They do this because the printed tables produced by SportSystems must, of necessity, start with one time, and end with another time. This doesn't actually mean that a time is 'too fast' or 'too slow' to be converted; the algorithm doesn't care what the time is.