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los santos lost mc meet

MOTORCYCLE CLUBS Life in an MC is more Each Clubhouse includes a meeting room; Presidents can use the Contracts Wall to Gangs will also work against other factions in Los Santos, including opportunistic rivals. Also in GTA V, John Boy is already in Los Santos so that's a load off my . of the Lost MC, a motorcycle gained which came from Alderney to Los However, a few hours later Johnny received a text later from Jim to meet up at. Wade tells Trevor that two "Michael Townleys" live in Los Santos, but neither Trevor sneaks around the trailer park, killing Lost MC members and planting . Trevor will also tell Wade the story of how he and Michael first met (using the.

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The blame for her death had been pinned on Jimmy Pegorino, one of Niko's bosses, but after killing the bastard in cold blood, the barren hole left behind by Kate's impermanent absne. After this event, he knew that Liberty City was not for him anymore and so desperately tried to get enough cash to take him to a place far from Liberty, that place being Los Santos.

Who knows, maybe it won't be like you think it is! While Mallorie, Roman, and Kate looked in awe, Niko just sat there uninterested, since this place had all the things he hated about American culture, multiplied by a thousand. After a while, the car arrived at the new house, with Niko paying the cab driver, the Bellic family approached the front gate and opened it, revealing the fancy building in front of them.

We're finally living the dream! By the time of the arrival of Niko, Luis had been in Los Santos for 5 months.

los santos lost mc meet

However, duringTony ran into trouble with him not paying his taxes to the city and being in debt to the Ancelotti's, one of Liberty City's Five Families. As much Luis tried to help Tony, they seemed to get into more trouble, such as buying diamonds from a dealer, only to have to deal with a Russian mobster named Ray Bulgarin. Eventually the clubs were shut down for Tony not paying taxes and during that time, Luis dealt with the problems, first killing an Ancelotti named Uncle Vince and scaring off another called Rocco Pelosi, and taking down Bulgarin himself in his private airplane.

After these events, Tony decided that he didn't want to deal with being part of the high life and moved to a location that even Luis doesn't know where he is. Before he left, he gave ownership of Masionette 9 to Yusuf Amir, who was friends with Luis and Tony, who then franchised the clubs as he promised earlier to them that year.

los santos lost mc meet

Since the high life was behind him, Luis worked for a crooked car dealer named Simeon Yetarian with his friends Armando and Henrique. Unfortunately for Luis, things were about to change. Back inthe Lost MC leader Billy Grey was released from rehab, he started to do things that Johnny and his best friend, Jim, did not approve and would probably end up fucking them all over. It eventually did when they tried to sell back some coke to the Triads after the Lost stole it from an Angels of Death clubhouse.

The Triads took it as an insult and began to shoot at Johnny and Jim, who had to fight their way out. Upon arriving, Brian accused Johnny of selling out Billy. What happened shortly afterward was a civil war between Brian's faction and Johnny's faction of Lost MC.

Eventually, Johnny got work for a man called Ray Boccino, who wanted him to go to a deal with Niko to trade some diamonds. Johnny, unlike Billy, actually cares about business, but is quick to shut down anyone who is wrong or disobeys him.

Before Jim was murdered, he seemed to care more about The Lost than many of his friends. Johnny is also much more headstrong and sensible than the other bikers. Johnny and Ashley Butler used to date, but he ended the relationship with her due to her affair with Billy Grey, as well as her drug addiction. He still cares for her, but believes the drugs have completely taken over her life.

He will still do anything to protect her, as shown when he receives a phone call from her and drops what he was doing to give her aid. Johnny also sympathizes with Roman Bellica stranger to him, later on in the mission " Roman's Holiday ," even asking the Russians to go easy on him, though Johnny had no choice in the kidnapping. This creates tension, not only between the two outlaw motorcycle clubs, but also between Billy and Johnny.

This tension quickly escalated into a war between The Lost and the Angels of Death.

los santos lost mc meet

Billy Grey threw several parties at The Lost clubhouse to celebrate his release from prison. While being visited by part-time lawyer, part-time biker, Dave GrossmanKlebitz had a sit-down with Billy and the two discussed the tension between them.

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When they began to start agreeing with each other's point of view, Billy was sent a text message from someone, informing of some members of The Lost being jumped by members of The Angels of Death. After rescuing the attacked Lost members, Billy was informed of the death of Jason Michaelswho was killed by an Eastern European who was actually Niko Bellic.

los santos lost mc meet

Billy manipulated the situation by blaming the Angels of Death in order to rally the gang to attack their clubhouse, even after he informed other members of The Lost that it was a "Pole" or "Serb" hitman. During the attack, Billy found two duffel bags full of heroin and stole them with the intention of selling them.

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This created even more tension between Johnny and Billy. Billy later called Johnny and told him to speak with Elizabeta Torreswho had found a buyer for the stolen heroin. The deal, however, was an undercover LCPD sting operation.

After some commotion, Johnny escaped with the heroin, while Niko and Playboy X escape empty-handed. Billy then called Johnny again and told him to meet up with Congressman Thomas Stubbs III to help him with some "dirty laundry" and other sensitive situations.

los santos lost mc meet

The Lost later found out that the heroin they stole from The Angels of Death originally belonged to the Triads. Billy and Brian thought that they should keep the heroin, but Johnny and Jim convinced the gang to get rid of it, due to the LCPD being onto them.

The four of them went to the deal, but only Johnny and Jim went in to speak to the Triads, who immediately attacked them and stole the heroin.

The Lost Brotherhood

As Johnny and Jim escaped to a rooftop, they saw Billy crash his bike. This eventually split The Lost into two factions, one led by Johnny and one by Brian. Johnny and Jim met up with Brian at the Alderney Docks after hearing that he wanted a truce.