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make meads meet

Honeybees: Making mead possible since B.C. But amble up the mead family tree a bit further and you'll meet some of the more. When I got back from America, I decided to have a go at making my own mead. Fermentation is a magical process. I also liked the sense of. “When I first started making mead, I just had this idea that there would be a wide variety of meads,” said Grosman, who opened the meadery

During the Golden Age of ancient Greecemead was said to be the preferred drink. Take rainwater kept for several years, and mix a sextarius [23] of this water with a [Roman] pound [24] of honey. For a weaker mead, mix a sextarius of water with nine ounces [25] of honey.

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The whole is exposed to the sun for 40 days, and then left on a shelf near the fire. If you have no rain water, then boil spring water. In the Old English epic poem Beowulfthe Danish warriors drank mead. In both Insular Celtic and Germanic cultures mead was the primary heroic drink in poetry.

Later, taxation and regulations governing the ingredients of alcoholic beverages led to commercial mead becoming a more obscure beverage until recently. In this sense, these terms are also used for additional words related to alcohol. For instance, madhushala is a Hindi word for an establishment that serves alcohol, as is madiralaya lit.

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Many home mead makers choose to use wine yeasts particularly those used in the preparation of white wines to make their meads. This also serves another purpose. By measuring specific gravity throughout fermentation, a mead maker can quickly troubleshoot a "stuck" batch, one where the fermentation process has been halted prematurely.

After primary fermentation slows down significantly the mead is then racked into a second container. This is known as secondary fermentation. Some larger commercial fermenters are designed to allow both primary and secondary fermentation to happen inside of the same vessel.

Racking is done for two reasons: Second, this lets the mead have time to clear. If the mead maker wishes to backsweeten the product or prevent it from oxidizing, potassium metabisulfite and potassium sorbate are added. After the mead clears, it is bottled and distributed. Varieties[ edit ] Mead can have a wide range of flavors depending on the source of the honey, additives also known as "adjuncts" or " gruit " including fruit and spices, the yeast employed during fermentationand the aging procedure.

Blended varieties of mead may be known by the style represented; for instance, a mead made with cinnamon and apples may be referred to as either a cinnamon cyser or an apple metheglin. The mead is produced in the city of Trnava and has won international recognition during the Mazer Cup.

A taste of honey: meet the mead-maker

This particular mead is brewed in an old Slavic Style. A mead that is fermented with grape juice is called a pyment.

make meads meet

Drier meads are also available, and some producers offer sparkling meads. There are faux-meads, which are actually wines with honey added after fermentation as a sweetener and flavoring. Wild yeasts can produce inconsistent results. Yeast companies have isolated strains of yeast which produce consistently appealing products.

make meads meet

Brewers, winemakers and mead makers commonly use them for fermentation, including yeast strains identified specifically for mead fermentation. These are strains that have been selected because of their characteristic of preserving delicate honey flavors and aromas.

make meads meet

Mead can also be distilled to a brandy or liqueur strength. A version called "honey jack" can be made by partly freezing a quantity of mead and straining the ice out of the liquid a process known as freeze distillationin the same way that applejack is made from cider.

Regional variants[ edit ] In Finlanda sweet mead called sima cognate with the root of zymurgy [ citation needed ] is still an essential seasonal fermented product connected with the Finnish Vappu May Day festival.

In its simplest form, mead is nothing more than honey mixed with water. Yeast is then introduced and the concoction ferments. But, like beer-brewing, wine-making and cooking a great dish, attention to details and imagination is needed to birth a quality product.

A five-gallon jug of generic honey and tap water might make something that is technically mead but selecting the best ingredients with an eye or tastebuds focused on creativity and harmony is critical.

make meads meet

Perhaps black currant concentrate from an upstate farm and special honey from Pennsylvania would be better? If it seems like too much trouble, fear not! A post shared by W A Meadwerks wameadwerks on Jun 8, at 2: Located in downtown Lindenhurst, Meadwerks is comprised of two spaces totalling a comfortable 1, square feet. A walkthrough connects the production side to the tasting room which will have windows in the walls to allow a view of the tanks and fermenters. It also has a small, separate room for private gatherings.

Plans include installing accordion-style doors that open to the sidewalk where tipplers can sip al fresco when the weather is simply too nice to be inside.

A post shared by W A Meadwerks wameadwerks on Jul 10, at 7: Having food on hand allows guests the option to consume bottles or cans on the premises a feature unavailable to craft breweries. Of course, the goodies can be brought home. A collection of L tanks allow Wanner and Abruzzo to produce roughly gallons a month. Several smaller tanks about gal will be reserved for Meadwerks Members-only batches, experimental recipes and stuff made with ingredients from local, East End producers.

A post shared by W A Meadwerks wameadwerks on Jan 13, at Before their opening, folks curious about mead must venture into Brooklyn or New Jersey for a taste, often paying exorbitant fees for a bottle. Though sweet meads certainly exist, careful manipulation of ingredients can produce a wide range.

make meads meet

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