Manmeet singh meet brothers wife called

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manmeet singh meet brothers wife called

Harmeet Singh (Meet Bros) Height, Weight, Age, Biography, Wife & More. Harmeet Singh. Sponsored. Bio. Real Name, Harmeet Singh Gulzar. Nickname, Harry Brother- Manmeet Singh (Elder, Singer and Music Director) Sister- N/A. He is well knon as Meet Bros is duo includes Manmeet singh family background/mother/father/brother/sister's name, spouse/husband name. Meet Bros is a music director duo from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, duo consists of Manmeet Singh and Harmeet Singh. They were formerly known as.

manmeet singh meet brothers wife called

It has been a blessing in disguise. So, we prefer to keep our melodies simple; they are more like poems that can be grasped and sung by even a kid. How different are you both from each other?

manmeet singh meet brothers wife called

We are 90 per cent alike, but the 10 per cent difference is actually our strength. We are still learning about each other even after so many years. Manmeet is patient, I am aggressive. Has Anjjan parting ways with you left a void? There will always be a void because we had the best time together, especially during the struggle period.

But right after he left, we were neck-deep in work that we completely moved on. We never had any issues and we still are good. He felt overshadowed and left out by our crazy and loud personalities. Also, he realised that wherever we went, people only spoke about Meet Bros. It can become frustrating for one person in a trio to go through that every day in life. We helped him with whatever we could when he was trying to establish himself as an individual artiste.

We have seen several duo parting ways. Do you fear the same? We have been brought up as friends. We have each and every clause written and signed.

Manmeet Singh (Meet Bros) Height, Weight, Age, Biography, Wife & More

We have a memorandum of understanding and are on the same page emotionally and personally, too. We would never raise our voice while talking to the other. Our focus is on how to control our aggression and evolve as artistes. We are best of friends.

manmeet singh meet brothers wife called

Where is the need for brotherhood? Does only Bollywood music sell at the end of the day? Bollywood music will sell in any case. It is backed by rich producers and features the biggest stars and most exotic locations. However, independent music is now picking up because people like to see the other side of the world. They want to see what artistes are like, and what they can sing.

Internationally, only independent music exists. Bollywood masala music and independent music can co-exist here. HT Photo Do you want to explore other genres of music? Yes, we are trying different genres. Inyou will see a variety of songs.

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  • Harmeet Singh (Meet Bros) Height, Weight, Age, Biography, Wife & More

We are making a conscious effort [to diversify], because we love romantic music. We want our audience to hear the kind of romantic music we can make. Absolutely, we are hardcore romantic boys laughs.

This year, you will hear a lot of romantic music from us. What is your equation with Kanika Kapoor? She is like family. We share a [good] comfort level with everyone because of our nature.

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We believe in astrology. Our connection with Kanika is lucky. Whatever song we do, it clicks [with the audience] on another level. We are looking forward to a single now, because we have worked on film songs with her.

manmeet singh meet brothers wife called

It is going to be a different song with a Punjabi touch. We are actually childhood friends.

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We have known each other since we were five years old. We went to boarding school together in Gwalior, and we used to go to Lucknow Uttar Pradesh to her house. We have sort of grown up together.

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Even as a child, she always had a fantastic voice.