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Revisiting Roald Dahl's unfinished 'Charlie in the White House' on NBA · NFL Playoffs · Trade Value Rankings · Podcasts · TV · Shop of Tim Burton's remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. service and meet women, in time earning a reputation as “one of the biggest cocksmen in America. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. Cycling · Tennis · Basketball · Golf · NFL · Athletics · Swimming · Boxing · Sailing 3 September — am Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka does bear a certain resemblance to Michael Jackson. Then one day he becomes one of five children chosen to tour the factory and meet its reclusive owner.

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The very busy Freddie Highmore Finding Neverland, Five Children and It is an endearing Charlie, marrying a senior citizen-like dignity with the wide-eyed fragility of a small nocturnal animal. And he's up against some scene-stealing competition. The other four children always were obnoxious - Dahl had a sharp eye for brattishness - but Burton has added a few new refinements. The television fanatic, Mike Teavee Jordan Fryis now Game Boy incarnate, with a sneering contempt for anything that can't be explained in two seconds, and Violet Beauregarde Annasophia Robba child with a will to win that has erased all other facets of her personality, has become a martial-arts expert, whose equally overbearing mother Missi Pyle is still reliving her days as a high-school cheerleader.

Wonka has a tough job impressing them, which is also new. In the novel, he's the consummate showman. Here, he's been shut away for so long that he's a little out of touch and the curtain-raiser he turns on for his guests suffers from so many hiccups that they're soon sniping and sniggering. But as Wonka gets his act together, Depp's performance takes on a deliciously double-edged quality, as does the factory itself.

Delights such as the chocolate river and the blueberry gum tasting like a three-course dinner all contain hazards for the unwary, or the just plain ornery. And one by one, Charlie's fellow tourists get into big trouble touched with a black humour that reminds you Dahl was a great favourite of Hitchcock. At the same time, Wonka grows more sympathetic, his character amplified by flashbacks to his early years with his implacable father, the dentist. And the wonders keep on multiplying, enhanced by Danny Elfman's music and the song-and-dance numbers performed by the Oompa Loompas, the chocolate-loving jungle tribe Wonka has imported to run the factory.

These days, filmmakers don't do remakes. They update, reimagine or re-envision. Liccy Dahl remembers Burton entering Dahl's famed writing shed and saying, "This is the Buckets' house! The manuscripts included a child named Herpes, after the sexually transmitted disease.

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He did not see the film prior to his hiring, which Burton believed would be fundamental in having August stay closer to the book. The characters Arthur Slugworth and Prodnose were reduced to brief cameo appearances, while Mr.

Beauregarde was entirely omitted. Burton thought the paternal character would help explain Willy Wonka himself and that otherwise he would be "just a weird guy". The studio wanted to entirely delete Mr. Bucket and make Willy Wonka the idyllic father figure Charlie had longed for his entire life. Burton believed that Wonka would not be a good father, finding the character similar to a recluse. He wanted Charlie to be an average child who would be in the background and not get in trouble.

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He said, "It was kind of a strange amalgamation of these weird children's TV show hosts. Burton disagreed with the comparisons and said Jackson, unlike Wonka, liked children. Instead, he compared Wonka to Howard Hughes due to his "reclusive, germaphobe, controlling" nature.

He also cited Charles Foster Kane from Citizen Kane as an inspiration for Wonka, as Kane is "somebody who was brilliant but then was traumatized and then retreats into their own world".

During production, Gene Wilder, in an interview with The Daily Telegraphaccused the filmmakers of only remaking the film for the purpose of money.

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Burton said he sought actors "who had something of the character in them", and found Mike Teavee the hardest character to cast. As a consequence of British Equity rules, which state that children can only work four and a half hours a day, filming for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory took six months, ending in December Like the book, the film has a "timeless" setting and is not set in a specific country.

Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka was endearingly Puckish, his eyes sparkling with demonic fun rather than gleaming with menace. After his extrovert impersonation of Keith Richard as the buccaneer in Pirates of the Caribbean and his withdrawn James Barrie in Finding Neverland, Depp gives an all-stops-out performance as the antic chocolatier. His top hat and velvet cutaway coat suggest a Mississippi gambler or frontier con man.

His dark glasses evoke the creepy count of Coppola's Dracula.

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The long lank hair has echoes of Franz Liszt. The pale face with its exaggerated nostrils seems to be based on Michael Jackson, and in the voice there are hints of both Jackson and Marilyn Monroe.

He is sardonic, witty, cuttingly candid, not quite of this world. It's a good job that the kids are accompanied by a parent apiece, and though the interior of the factory turns out to be a delight, a paean to automation, a paradise of confection, there are sinister revelations.

Firstly, the diminutive Oompa-Loompas that Wonka brought in from his expedition to darkest Africa to man his factory replacing untrustworthy westerners and working for low wages no longer come in various shapes. Played by a single actor Deep Roythey are identical clones, and there's something truly eerie about 40 of them manning the oars of the pink crystal Viking longship that takes the visitors around the factory.

Second, Burton has written in a backstory to explain Wonka's character, and his inability to pronounce the words 'father' or 'parents' without spluttering.

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