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Read "Meet-cute" by C.C. Dado with Rakuten Kobo. Elliot Beck may not Get $5 off your first eBook; Get your first audiobook for free View Synopsis. 1. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Meet-cute by C.C. Dado at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or Most Helpful Customer Reviews. Meet-cute. Front Cover. C.C. Dado. Dreamspinner Press, Aug 13, - Fiction - 71 pages User Review - LocoLibros - LibraryThing. I liked Elliot, finding his.

The young were raised knowing that they would find their natural gift and develop it, turning it into their life path. Dado is a new author, to me, and the blurb for this first novella in a new series captured my attention.

I had a pretty strong feeling that Max was going to check all of my boxes in terms of adorability and I was so right. Christian is the alpha of their pack and has been ever since his parents were killed in an accident a few years before.

It was a little disconcerting to see both Seth and Max cram a two-year degree into a year of classes in their speed course toward starting their own business. Seth would handle the food and Max would take care of the books.

Even though I was a little disappointed, that will not prevent me from reading the next installment, and hoping the author takes it a little further. Max is sure he is Christian the Alpha's true mate, though Christian fights him at every turn.

Max's dad is abusive to him and at 18 kicks him out of the house. Seth max's friend calls the Alpha who comes to the rescue. He sets Max and Seth up in an apartment over the candy shop that use to belong to his mom and tells them to go to college, the pack funds will take care of them and when they open a business they can pay back into community funds.

Max is a funny character. He is sure Christian is his and does everything in his power to win him over.

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Seth is sweet and adorable and I cannot wait for his story. I loved the friendship between the two. He used his size to protect his pack because he cared about them.

Zeus falls completely for Kimber and Kron, and those feelings are definitely reciprocated. When Zeus tracks a stranger in town, a human, he is sorely conflicted over his need to do his duty to his pack and the way Toren makes him feel.

Once Zeus gets the story out of Toren, he realizes that Toren needs as much protection as the kids. This is a great addition to the series.


I really like this series. I like that each book is about a different member of the pack finding their fated mate but that you get to see how the other mates are doing also, and there is a secondary story arc that ties all of the books together.

I liked this book just as much as the previous two. It was just as fun to read although it was a little bit shorter than the other two books.

So when Max tells him that they are going to be fostering two kids from another pack, who thinks that their parents may have been killed and is having issues of their own, Zeus makes a vow to do everything in his power to keep the pack safe.

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And that was only one of the parts that had me laughing. Good addition By Christy Duke on Oct 27, Seth is more levelheaded and rational than Max so it was no surprise that when Jack moved in next door and Seth realized this human was his mate, well, he went a wee bit batty himself.

Funny, but not ideal. This was a good addition to the series and I certainly enjoyed the tale. There was a little drama at the end but I think the author did a decent job of handling it and not blowing it out of proportion.

Seth is hilarious and totally steals the show in this book. I absolutely love his character.

Denying Fate

Max is an awesome and slightly, completely insane Omega. Seth is just a smaller wolf shifter, who finds his mate in a human named Jack who recently moved to town.

Jack is a dog trainer.