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meet dave wikia

The Meet Dave Universe contains all related material from the movie Meet Dave. Meet Dave. Meet Dave is a American family comedy science-fiction film directed by Brian Robbins and File history. Click on a date/time to view the file as. Adam and Mira first meet Dave at the end of "Undead." After the Zombie Battle, Kai triggers a trapdoor in the cemetery that sends Adam and Mira falling through .

He'll decide to seal Dave away in the Spring Bonnie suit. For getting the ending, you get a picture of Springtrap flipping you off for beating the game so easily, and also probably because his lungs and other organs got pierced by Springlocks.

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Golden Bear Scrotum Ending To get this, refuse Dave's offer to kill children, refuse Phone Guy's offer to save the Pizzeria, complete the Puppet route optionalthen set your alarm for 7: You'll get to work on time, and Phone Guy will tell you to suit up. Dave will help you into your costume and you will go out to perform. Phone Guy will keep asking you to dance, then mention modifications he's made- that if you stay still too long, the suit will wake up.

The suit wakes up, and after you talk to it for a few rounds, it bites your head. The picture after getting this ending shows Orange Guy in hospital with a chunk of his head bitten off. A variation of this ending can be gotten by following Purple Guy's route, but backing out on him later on. Then after you set your alarm clock for 7: To get this ending, refuse Dave's and Phone Guy's offer, complete Puppet route optionalthen set your alarm for 1PM for Friday's shift.

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You'll miss it and sleep the rest of the day away, coming in for Saturday instead. You'll get suited up, then talk to Toy Freddy for a little while. Dave will come in and threaten to shoot up Toy Freddy and everyone in the restaurant, since he's bad with rejection from you.

Phone Guy will point out how the Toy's know what a gun is, and have criminal recognition systems. After that, Toy Freddy will attack and literally eat Dave's head. Dave is killed, so that's good. But the pizzeria is getting shut down And after this, the plastic bear that everybody hated, was the one who killed the man who could not die by getting crucified.

If all of the objectives are finished, the same scene as the Almost Happy Ending will happen, except Fredbear will confront DaveTrap before he bites off Phone Guy's Head. You will play as Fredbear, and battle DaveTrap.

After a while, The Bite Of 87' attack will appear in the bites section.

meet dave wikia

Use it to kill DaveTrap. After that Dave will say the last word "FAX" before falling into the ground in a really awkward way.

After that you will enter the Happiest Day scene, where the Puppet and the children ascend. You have to walk out the way you came, and then you get this ending. Instead of answering him, you can ask if he experienced it himself and he will respond with a story about it. He will say that his name was Peter.

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In the party, you can choose to call him Peter than Scott. That will result in an extended conversation between Peter and Jack. After the extended conversation, DaveTrap escapes and is confronted by Fredbear. You'll play as Fredbear and fight Dave.

Meet Dave (2008)

Remember that attacks won't damage DaveTrap, keep healing until you get The Bite Of 87' ability and use it to kill Dave if you die in this ''fight'' then you will get almost happy ending. After the fight, you will enter the Happiest Day scene, but with a minor change.

The Puppet will only tell your name, It won't say that it's not your real name, nor that you became a body count just like the children. After the True Ending's screen and a Thank You screen, you'll get a secret cutscene, showing Peter, his wife Caroline, his dog and Jack AKA Old Sport together in a house, sitting on a couch with Old Sport smiling a few seconds after he sits on the couch.

After the cutscene, the title screen appears. If this is done after the An End and picking option 1, it may affect the The End cutscene with Shadow Doggo appearing, this time with readable sentences about how he told Fredbear about what you did to him and will mention that he forgives you.

For Saturday, you'll play as Phone Guy trying to set up a sting operation for Dave. It fails, Old Sport comes into work despite being fired, and they tell you to meet them in Party Room 1. Phone Guy goes there, and see's Nightmare Foxy - the Withered Foxy with nightmare teeth, a really long tongue, and lingerie.

Nightmare Foxy bites into his head, as Old Sport and Dave get ready to go to Vegas If you had ''An End'' you would have Old Sport come in his pure evil form, nothing changes except the ''yer bet your ass its ready'' to ''it sure is, friend''.

Confusing Ending To get this ending,the player will then have to choose either Phone Guy or Puppet's routes, but not complete them, if the player skips work on Friday by setting the clock to 1PMthey will automatically see a doggo and pet them, getting bitten and mauled badly, Phoney will then meet you in his office and a few scenes will play out, saying you think your nervous systems are fried, then you say you are struggling to stay alive, you will meet at a vet with Phoney, he will tell you that the doggo had rabies and was supposed to be put down but Phoney mixed up the names of the doggo and Old Sport, so the doggo was sent to Old Sport's house and Old Sport was somehow put down because he was in a bear suit.

Marionn-Ending To get this ending the player accepts Dave's offer but does not have enough time to tamper with the robots, the player must then set their alarm clock to "1 PM I dunno" and skip the day, the next day Phone Guy will tell the player to go to the Prize Corner, where then they will meet the Marionette, which will starts ranting about Old Sport, and eventually kill him with his sharp teeth referencing another Bite of 87' event.

When Dave tells you to punch in the numbers on the phone, pick the incorrect numbers. After exactly three tries, Dave will get angry, giving you the Eggplant Ending, which shows a newspaper article that says that he shoved a whole eggplant up Old Sport's uretha. Dayman loses to the Nightman, consequently the Nightman gains the ability to control both Light and Darkness.

He cameth, and the game just ends. It doesnt matter what ending your trying to get, as long as its leading to the Nightman minigame. Phoney, when options are given again choose to stab him with the balloon sword. Shortly after their coffee, Lang stepped back into the room wearing the Ant-Man Suit they had once stolen. Everyone was initially impressed by the look of the suit, and were then amazed when Lang demonstrated the suit's shrinking abilities.

The night before the heist, Dave and the rest of the team got together to finalise the details of the plan, which would have Dave once again working as the getaway driver for Lang was the mission was complete, although Hank Pym continued to question the likelihood of them succeeding. Yes, this is a problem. While Luis posed as a security guard, Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne spoke to Darren Cross ; Lang snuck into Pym Technologies via the water line while Dave and Kurt stayed in van so Kurt could hack into the security systems with Dave prepared to drive them away.

Dave helped Pym by jumping into the police car and driving it away before crashing it into a tree, distracting the police officers long enough for Pym to enter the building. While Dave and Kurt celebrated their distraction of the police, they accidentally pressed their van's "La Cucaracha" horn, which Paxton recognized. While they attempted to hide so Kurt could finish his hack, they were soon pulled from the van and were nearly handcuffed.

They managed to escape when explosions and gunfire were heard which distracted the police, allowing Dave and Kurt to pick up Luis and escape.

meet dave wikia

When they heard that Lang was fighting Darren Cross at his ex-wife's home and his young daughter Cassie Lang was now in danger, Dave drove the team to the location, intending to help as best they could.