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meet davie movie Meet Dave: Eddie Murphy, Elizabeth Banks, Kevin Hart, Floyd Levine, Amazon's Choice for "meet dave" . Beverly Hills Cop 3-Movie Collection. Not as crass as Norbit, but as forgettable. Read Common Sense Media's Meet Dave review, age rating, and parents guide. Eddie Murphy and Rob Moran in Meet Dave () Denzel Whitaker at an event . This film was originally set to be produced by Paramount Pictures with whom.

Some months later a massive fireball crashes into the water near Liberty Island. It is revealed to be a spaceship which resembles a human Eddie Murphycontrolled by tiny humanoid aliens.

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Its Captain also played by Murphy pilots the spaceship from the command deck located in its head, with the help of his second-in-command Number 2 Ed Helmsand researcher Number 3 Gabrielle Union. The spaceship looks very human, and displays numerous superpowers, but the aliens don't know how to make the "ship" act like a human. A superstitious cop named Dooley Scott Caan desperately searches for the alien.

The aliens need to save their planet, Nil, from an energy crisis. They need salt, which they plan to take by draining the Earth's oceans using the metal ball, so they have to recover the ball.

meet davie movie

He tells them his name is Dave Ming Chang, based on a quick scan of common Earth names. At Gina's home the crew see their missing ball in a photograph taken at the science presentation.

After having breakfast with Gina, "Dave" goes to Josh's school where he pretends to be a substitute teacher and eventually is able to talk to Josh alone.

meet davie movie

Josh tells him that the ball was taken from him by a bully Nicholas Berman. With Josh's help, Dave takes the metal ball back from the bully.

The Captain via Dave spends some time with Josh and Gina and realizes that humans are more advanced than they originally thought. The crew observes humans displaying feelings and love, such as witnessing Gina's painting or a homeless man offering to share his blanket with Dave when he sleeps in a doorway.

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The Captain decides to cancel the plan to drain the oceans because it would destroy life on Earth. The police track Dave down using the impression of his face found in the dirt at the crash site and they arrest him.

After spending so much time on Earth, most of the crew begin to exhibit new "feelings", adopting Earth's culture, mannerisms and general laid-back attitude.

meet davie movie

Number 2 decides that the Captain and the rest of the crew's changing behavior is unacceptable and takes command of the "ship", imprisoning the Captain. Under Number 2's command, Dave breaks out of the police station and another attempt is made to arrest him. Number 3, who has become infatuated with the Captain, becomes jealous of Gina. She first cooperates in the command change but later agrees with the Captain's view on humans.

Both are caught by Number 2 and they are expelled from the spaceship. In the meantime, Number 17 Kevin Harta young, fun-loving alien, jumps out of the "ship" while drunk from the alcohol Dave has imbibed.

Number Two stages one of these after the Captain and many of the crew become preoccupied with having fun on Earth, and having the gall to interact in a respectable fashion with the "behemoths" Josh and Gina.

Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Number Two, following the anti-mutiny. Badass in a Nice Suit: Invoked when Number Two reverts the ship to its white suited default form before taking it on a rampage.

meet davie movie

Number Four, the ship's security officer, was originally quite the manly type, but exposure to Earth culture causes him to become one of these instead.

This gives Josh the idea to do the same thing later with a taser. Take your pick between the MacGuffin landing in the room of the boy whose mom accidentally hits Dave with a car when he arrives three months later, Officer Dooley, one of the officers assigned to investigate the crater from Dave's landfall being the Agent Mulder. If Gina hitting Dave with her car doesn't count Fish out of Water: Played a little better than most, the aliens are relatively new to Earth culture, but are actually able to deduce most things and not stand out too horribly.

Friend or Idol Decision: At the climax of the movie, Dave is left with just enough power to either get the orb out of the ocean, saving Earth, or lift off and return home to Nil. Luckily, Josh's quick thinking enables the aliens to do both. After the Captain regains control of Dave following the anti-mutiny, he asks the crew for their input regarding the decision of whether or not they should save Earth.

Meet Dave Review

I say we save Earth. I no longer feel like Number Three. My life began on this planet. I am Dave Ming Cheng! One by one, other crew members from all over the ship declare proudly, "I am Dave Ming Cheng! I am Johnny Dazzles, and I am fabulous!