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Read Self from the story Sweet Serial Killer ❔Edward Nygma ❔ by Roya- Moorleen (Dream Queen) with 86 reads. There she meets Edward Nygma and they soon become good friends. . he takes a piece of watermelon from Edward. The Riddler, Consulting Detective.:grey_question: Watermelon Time Lord .. Hi citizens of Gotham Amino, welcome back to another Ask Edward Nygma. Yes . Gotham Batman, Gotham Tv, Edward Nygma Gotham, Penguin And Riddler, .. Ed and watermelon Gotham Villains, Riddler Gotham, Cory Michael Smith.

Nygma attempts to compliment Kristen, but she stops him and then leaves. She later witnesses the arrest of Arnold Flass.

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She feels sympathy and wishes something could be done giving him an idea as Ed gives her a broken pencil. Despite her initial repulsion, when Nygma is reinstated she points out that he owes her a pencil, giving him cause to seek her out again. Kristen appreciated his concern but says that she realizes that there are far more better men than Arnold Flass and then leaves causing Edward to smile.

Tom appears to like Nygma and then leaves with Kristen who feels sympathy for Edward as she looks back at him with regret.

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Edward comes to her for the files Detective Gordon wants as she gets them he notices a bruise on her arm from Tom as she says it was an accident and she said stuff wrong to back Nygma off to not get involved and later mentions she needs work on the files.

He comes to open the door and gets the files as Kristen looks on the dead body wondering how he died as Nygma says accidental death by a saw. He hands her the files and then asks him about Tom's whereabouts as Ed says he doesn't know.

He later pushes her off to matters on his own. She gets a Dear Jane letter from Officer Dougherty which was secretly planned by Nygma, who checks on her to see if she is ok. She is angry and goes for a drink.

Nygma tells her to read between the lines and sees that the first letter of each line spelled out Nygma. Nygma claims it as a coincidence, saying he knows nothing about this.

Kristen is confused and leaves to dig deeper, as Nygma smiles until she shuts the door. This leads Nygma to dive at her and knock her to the ground, out of harms way. He holds up a piece of paper that says Chez Moi and tells her to meet him at 8: Grateful for his rescue of her, Kristen accepts while sharing she'd like that.

While inviting her in, she tells him to call her Kristen. While their dates continues, Kristen apologizes to Edward for being mean to him the whole time to which Edward replies by apologizing for annoying her for so long. Kirsten does not accept the apology, saying that she was mean while all he was was sweet. She also apologizes for implying that he wrote Dougherty's goodbye letter to her.

While Kristen talks about Dougherty, Edward accidentally says that he is glad that Dougherty is dead. A confused Kristen replies that he only left town. Edward saves himself by stating that it was only a figure of speech, meaning that he is "dead to her". While Kristen apologizes and goes to the bathroom, the evil Edward congratulates Nygma for blowing it up.

Edward tells his evil self to leave him alone, which Kristen hears and thinks that he meant her. She prepares to leave, but Edward admits that he is talking to himself and that the stronger version of himself inside his head prevents him from botching up everything. Kristen answers that she can understand that and tells him that they all have a voice like that. When Edward tells her that his inner voice was angry for spoiling the mood, she kisses him.

After dinner with Edward and Kristen, Leslie tells Gordon that strangely Nygma seems to maintains a sense of coolness, which Gordon cannot believe.

Killing Kringle Edward later overhears Kristen talking to Leslie saying she wished he would be more open. Later that evening after having sex, Edward ends up confessing that he was responsible for killing Dougherty.

Kristin gets angry and sees Edward as a sicko, however he insists he did it for her and didn't want her to be abused by him.

When she tries to escape, he covers her mouth to stop her screaming in order to explain himself, however ends up strangling her to death unintentionally when holding her by the neck.

Edward breaks down and cradles her body and screams in anguish. The New Nygma Edward awakens the next morning to discover Kringle's body gone.

His split personality appears again via hallucination, where it is now revealed it is able to take over his body. The alternative personality took over Edward's body when he was unconscious and has now hidden Kringle's body, and gives Edward the task of finding it at the G. Edward heads over there and follows the clues and discovers Kringle's severed hand inside a vending machine. Edward heads to the morgue, where he discovers her corpse. He attempts to remove it however Leslie walks in on him.

Edward quickly explains he was trying to look for her, and claims that Kringle left him after an argument and he wants relationship advice over coffee. Leslie, taking sympathy, agrees and they both leave. Later on Edward returns to the morgue alone. His hallucination appears and Edward asks him why he is doing this. The hallucination asks him how he felt about Leslie walking in and Edward admits he was terrified as she could have discovered the body.

The hallucination continues on, telling Edward about how much a rush it was and tells him how it feels. Although previously conflicted, Edward replies "beautiful". Embracing his darker side, he begins to smile and proceeds to dismember Kringle's corpse. Edward took her remains to a remote woodland and put the body in a type of coffin and dug a grave. He had prepared sandwiches and drinks in order to say a proper goodbye to Kringle.

When a hunter came across him, Edward killed the man with a spade. Edward then noticed someone had taken his sandwiches and followed a blood trail. A while passes and Edward comes across a caravan in the woods, and when he approaches it the door flings open and he falls to the ground. Edward puts his glasses back on and is surprised to see it is Oswald Cobblepot who he had briefly met some months prior at the GCPD headquarters and is badly injured.

Oswald begs Edward for help, before collapsing. Recently, I've been going through a sort of change I started murdering people! Edward brings Penguin to his home and nurses him back to health.

When Penguin wakes up, he at first thinks that Nygma wants to kill him, but Edward assures that he has no ill will towards him. He tells Penguin that he has recently started murdering people, three in total.

He asks Penguin, whom he sees as one of the best killers in town. However Penguin does not plan to stay because he sees his empire in ruins. While walking towards the door, Penguin faints. When Penguin wakes up again, he sees that Edward has kidnapped a man.

Nygma tells him that this man, named Mr. Leonard, worked for Theo Galavan before the latter was sent to prison. He tells Penguin that he kidnapped him as a gift for Penguin, as a kind of revenge.

However, Penguin tells Nygma that he's "done" and will leave Gotham after a nap. After Penguin has gone to bed, Edward addresses Leonard, telling him that he really expected Penguin to like him. He then drags the tied up Leonard out of the room while humming. Later, when Penguin awakens once again Nygma plays the piano and sings a song which he thinks has meaning for Penguin as he was humming it under his sheets.

Penguin admits that his mother sang this song for him when he was small.

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Nygma then shows him the glasses of Kristen Kringle and says that these are the only things he has left of her. Penguin once again plans to leave but is stopped by Nygma who coldly tells him that his mother died because of his weakness because he did not realize his weakness was her.

Penguin grabs a knife and puts it at Nygma's throat, tearfully exclaiming that his mother was a saint and was the only person who truly cared about him and she was everything he had. Nygma replies that a man who has nothing to lose can not be betrayed and will answer to no one but himself.

He says that this man, a free man, is whom he sees before him. Penguin then sobbingly hands him the knife. Later, while having dinner, Penguin asks Edward where he kept the lackey of Galavan he kidnapped. Edward smiles and pulls Leonard out of the cupboard.

Planning against Gordon After some time, Leslie finds out that Kristin's last paychecks haven't been cashed in. Nygma claims that he hasn't heard from Kristin in a while and that while she left him a goodbye note, he did not keep it.

Gordon accepts this, but Nygma grows paranoid, believing that Gordon is on to him. He is greeted by Nygma who asks if there are any news about Kristin.

Gordon says that he was busy but will look into it. While Gordon returns to his office, Nygma viciously looks at him, saying to himself that Gordon surely must think that Nygma is a fool and tries to lure him into a false sense of security.

He claims that while Gordon may plan against him, he can also make plans of his own. The same night, Nygma heads home to his flat and paints a green question mark on a newspaper article about Gordon. Attack on Gordon Nygma carries out his plans the next day. After forcing the evacuation of a museum due to a bomb threat, Nygma steals the painting "Mad Grey Dawn". When the police arrive they find a question mark sprayed to the wall in green paint. They also find that two much more valuable paintings were sprayed with the same paint.

Once the police is alerted, Gordon and Bullock are sent to investigate. While the two policemen are leaving the precinct, they are approached by Edward who claims that he is ready to be interviewed by Gordon about Kringle's disappearance. Once more, Gordon brushes him off and heads to the museum with Bullock.

Nygma plans his next move. From the names of the artists who painted the two defiled paintings, Gordon gets the name "Market Street". As the stolen painting depicted a railway explosion, Gordon is worried that the culprit might blow up Union Station, which is located at Market Street. Indeed, Nygma is at the station and has placed a bomb in a locker. When Gordon and Bullock arrive they do not see him and walk right past him.

Watching them from some distance, he sees Gordon find a locker sprayed with another question mark. He activates the bomb inside manually and watches Gordon break open the locker, grab the bomb and throw it inside an opening in a marble statue. The blast is reduced by the statue and while knocking down Gordon, does not deal too much damage. After Commissioner Barnes arrives, Gordon tells him that he thinks that the bomber is playing a game and wanted them to find the bomb. He walks towards Gordon, congratulating him for saving the day.

Gordon reveals to him that he is worried because he has no idea what the bomber might attempt next, much to the amusement of Nygma. Back at his apartment, Nygma is visited by Penguin who has been declared sane and released from Arkham Asylum.

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Nygma swiftly finds out that the doctors at Arkham did a good job on Penguin. While Penguin appeals to Nygma to change, Nygma reveals that he is thankful for everything Penguin taught him about Jim Gordon.

Nygma silently watches as Gordon is arrested. At night, Nygma visits the police officer whose signature he took earlier, claiming that Gordon will arrive soon and explain everything.

After the policemen has invited him in, Nygma beats him to death with a crowbar. Gordon indeed arrives at the flat, having been told that the call activating the bomb at Union Station came from there. He finds his dead colleague and is faced by Commissioner Barnes, who had also been alerted by Nygma. Barnes, whom Nygma send a message from the officers phone, arrests Gordon believing him to be the murderer of Officer Pinkney.

While Barnes interrogates Gordon, it is revealed how Nygma set up the trap from Gordon: He used the crowbar Gordon used to break up the locker at Union Station to kill Pinkney, thus securing Gordon's fingerprints on the murder weapon.

He also stole the file about the phone call from the flat from Bullock's desk, thus erasing any reason for Gordon to be there. It is revealed that the form Nygma had Pinkney sign was a witness statement, claiming that Pinkney saw Gordon kill Theo Galavan.

With all odds against him, Gordon is arrested for killing Officer Pinkney in the intention to get rid of a witness. Gleefully, Nygma watches as Gordon is led out of the Police Precinct and brought to prison.

Gordon is later found guilty and sentenced to forty years at Blackgate. After Gordon has been imprisoned, Bullock desperately tries to find a way to get him back. After another failed attempt to schedule a retrial, Bullock talks to Nygma, revealing that he thinks that Gordon was set up. Nygma asks what Bullock intends to do but Bullock says that he wished he would know. Caught out Gordon calls out Nygma. After Gordon manages to escape from Blackgate in order to clear his name, he returns to Gotham where he manages to acquire a tape which recorded the person who had made the call saying Gordon was responsible for killing Theo.

The tape is distorted but Gordon is able to filter out a chirping sound. He heads to Nygma's apartment, hoping that Nygma is able to clear the tape and identify the culprit. Although Nygma is horrified to see Gordon in his apartment, he agrees to help after he realizes that Gordon is still oblivious to his involvement.

However, Nygma begins to get agitated and flustered, especially when Gordon refers to the suspect who killed Pinkney a "psychopath". When the tape is cleared, Gordon realizes that the chirping sound is in truth a cuckoo clock. From the sound and Nygma's odd behavior Gordon deduces that Nygma was the one to frame him. Having foreseen that Gordon would come to this conclusion, Nygma activates a trap he set beforehand and electrocutes the chair Gordon, thereby knocking him out.

He drags Gordon towards his car, intending on taking him to the woods and burying him, but Gordon managed to escape. Nygma manages to shoot him in the leg and track him down to a warehouse. There Nygma tries to locate Gordon by revealing that he killed Kristen, hoping for a response. However, Gordon escapes and furthermore is now aware that Nygma killed Kristen. He watches when Selina Kyle arrives, claiming she has information that Jim is going to look for Penguin, who had information on the location of Kringle's body.

Nygma tries to kill Gordon. Nygma heads to the woods intending on digging up the body and moving it before Gordon can find it. Gordon arrives and an amused Nygma believes Penguin had indeed told on him. But Gordon reveals that he had in fact tailed him, and Nygma realizes that the whole thing with Selina was a set up to make Nygma rush to the body's location.

Nygma points his gun at Jim and reveals there is a monster in all of them, and that Jim wasn't truly his friend but only pitied him. Before Nygma can shoot Gordon however, Captain Nathaniel Barnes and the police arrive from their hideout behind the trees. They order Nygma to put the gun down. Nygma tries to fool them into thinking that he caught Jim but Barnes reveals that they overheard his entire confession. Nygma tries to run away but he trips on the snow and the officers surround Nygma and take him into custody.

Nygma is tried for the murders of Kristen Kringle and Carl Pickney, but because he shows obvious signs of insanity, he is sent to Arkham Asylum. Arkham Nygma investigates at Arkham. At Arkham, Nygma de-escalates a fight between Aaron Helzinger and another inmate. After having done so, he sees Jim Gordon who has just finished a meeting with Hugo Strange. Nygma approaches the fence, much to Jim's disgust. Although Jim is confident that Nygma will rot in prison, Nygma reveals to him that he will be back soon as the prison is just a giant riddle - Nygma's specialty.

Nygma interrupts the discussion and Strange tells him that eavesdropping is unwise. Nygma immediately realizes that the conversation about Gordon has something to do with the release of Cobblepot and Barbara Kean. He offers Strange help in taking down Gordon but Strange refuses. Before Strange can walk of, Nygma reveals that he could be an asset as he can manipulate people, demonstrating it on various inmates including Helzinger.

Listening to Nygma's explanations, Strange eventually realizes how he can solve another problem. He storms off, leaving a baffled Nygma behind. Nygma is indeed able to escape the group cell mere hours later by putting his newspaper between the closing doors. He decides to find out what Strange is hiding and follows Ms. Darren Cushman, played by Michael McCormick. Cushman is familiar with Julie Kemble, but she had only just started working there before her murder.

Looks like the detectives are gonna need a warrant. As the two head out, though, Gordon spots a car in an alley- the same car that was in front of the precinct. The driver turns on the car and rushes toward two, but they manage to evade it. She wants them to be completely sure that this is the guy they want. An officer informs Gordon that he has an urgent call, which turns out to be Jason.

GCPD will be providing the names and photos of all of the victims. If anyone has information, Gordon asks them to please call. As they both realize this, Selina receives a delivery of many dresses and items she can use to transform herself for this occasion. Good news for Bullock and Gordon: The recommendation for Kemble came from a Miss Constance van Groot. Over at the night club, Penguin has good news that Connor and his crew are on board, but Butch has some bad news: Though Penguin tries to break this up, Maroni has Oswald take a seat instead.

Surprisingly, her hair remained unchanged. Gordon and Bullock check out the van Groot mansion and find a man trying to hang himself. The detectives cut him down before he expires. Gordon remains with him and Bullock checks upstairs, but he makes a grim discovery and calls out to Jim. He arrives and finds the decomposed body of Miss Constance van Groot. If he tried to kill himself, that must mean he knew the detectives were close, so he must be in touch with his son.

The two have to make Jacob talk. He claims to not know anything about his son committing these murders. His son made one mistake, but nothing after that. At the charity ball, Bruce and Selina dance. Bruce wants to talk about what happened last night with Reggie and how it can never happen again. The two eventually spot Bunderslaw. Nygma confronts Officer Dougherty with a riddle: I can start a war or end one.

I can give you the strength of heroes or leave you powerless. I might be snared with a glance, but no force can compel me to stay. The answer is love. And Miss Kringle has given her love to him, but Dougherty hurts her in return.

However, Dougherty reminds Nygma that some women need a firm hand, maybe double for someone like Kringle. Jacob starts talking to the detectives. Ten years ago, the son confronts her, demands she acknowledge him, and that he be included in her will.