Meet her at tomorrowworld 2015

TomorrowWorld | official aftermovie - Vidéo dailymotion

meet her at tomorrowworld 2015

Background: I've been to EDC , and ; I went to Tomorrowland Theoretically non-transferrable, but it's possible to apply your .. The art throughout the festival grounds provides convenient meeting. Tomorrowland is an electronic dance music festival held in Boom, Belgium. Tomorrowland was . Tomorrowland has taken place on 24, 25, and 26 July and saw , visitors. The theme for the saw Tomorrowland expand to a two weekend event for the first time since their tenth anniversary in Read Common Sense Media's Tomorrowland review, age rating, and parents guide. Parent of a 5 year old Written bygatorjackie May 22, age 7+.

The song reached number 5 in the Belgian commercial charts and is the biggest selling anthem for Tomorrowlands to date. In less than one day, all of the tickets sold out and at some moments there were 2, people on the online waiting list. The worldwide sale started April 7.

Within 43 minutes, the othertickets sold out.

Top Tips For Getting the Most Out of TomorrowWorld 2015

In addition to regular tickets, Tomorrowland partnered with Brussels Airlines to provide exclusive travel packages from over 15 cities around the world. Full madness passes sold out in 35 minutes, and the remainder of tickets sold out in a reported one second. The line-up for both weekends would be more or less the same. In AprilMTV announced that it would produce two hour-long MTV World Stage specials featuring performances from the festival to be aired in Augustand that it would produce a documentary surrounding the 10th anniversary of Tomorrowland.

The theme for the year was "The Secret Kingdom of Melodia". The theme for the year was "The Elixir of Life" and sawvisitors.

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The theme, "Amicorum Spectaculum", and dates were announced in Januaryand was scheduled for the final two weekends of Julythe and July. This year, a record number of tickets was sold -spanning the two weekends. The festival saw a massive increase in the number of performers to span the 16 stages, [20] including regulars and a lot of artists making their festival debut. Lock It Up Consider purchasing a locker-add on to keep your valuables safe and phone charged from the TomorrowWorld site A major festival, regardless of how laid-back the atmosphere or friendliness of its attendees, will always have a few rotten apples that spoil the bunch.

Between the first and second years of TomorrowWorld, there was an increased presence of pick-pockets and crime. Stories emerged on social media of several incidents of phones being stolen from people's pockets, their backpacks being slashed and contents taken, and even random Dreamville moseyers stealing people's valuables from their tents. Look into a phone tether or lanyard that has ability to clip to your belt loop. Something short, less than 6' should be ample if all you're looking to do is go from a photo of the mainstage back to your pocket.

While small tent locks can be a pain to deal with for carrying another key or memorizing a combination, they are a quick peace of mind for someone inside festival grounds not to worry about their valuables back at camp. Get to know your neighbors. This is one of those 'see something, say something' sorta ventures.

Additional Tip - Bring a burner phone. There's minimal service, your snaps aren't going through anyways and if you're a chronic phone-destroyer, TomorrowWorld is breeding grounds for LCD screen destruction.

TMobile is a sponsor again this year as they were last year and had set up enhanced service for their networks, but meeting up with people even on TMobile's network was difficult.

You'll spend half the weekend at your campsite and believe it or not, the only sounds you'll hear other than beers being cracked open from your neighbors is the distorted bass from stages once music starts.

meet her at tomorrowworld 2015

Keep the party going with your own tunes. Many camping festivals have tents right by your cars, Dreamville is not one of these festivals so there are no car speakers at your disposal. Buy a good Bluetooth speaker or bring a powerful portable sound system. Don't forget the speaker's charger or backup batteries so there's never a lapse in dancing.

meet her at tomorrowworld 2015

Out at camping, phone battery is at a premium. Plug up using your AUX and save the battery and easily be able to pass around the. Yes, it's old school but saves the precious battery juice of your phone. Getting it on in the Great Outdoors This past Spring, Coachella sent out a tiny accessory we commend the promoters Goldenvoice for including along with all of their wristbands - ear buds. The stages of TomorrowWorld are massive, and the sound is even larger.

meet her at tomorrowworld 2015

You'll be up close with new friends damaging your ears with the volumes. If you've ever put in ear plugs at a concert you'll know they dampen the sound and e nhance bass while limiting the damaging volume. Ear buds are great for blocking out all the sounds of closeby campers after the music stops.

And yes, we are talking about the sounds the neighboring couple-everyone-knows-got-frisky-last-night-under-the-stars makes. Don't forget Sunday night is a total lunar eclipseso we expect everyone to be culminating their last night at the festival in extra special fashion.

Additional Tip - If getting a good few hours sleep is part of your plan to help recharge, there is no reason not to spring for the full 'luxuries' like a tent fan. Similar to the hanging lantern, there are small solar and battery operated fans one can use to keep the insides of a tent cool. If there wasn't already an air mattress planned to be packed in your gear, a simple twin mattress or even summer pool floatie will make all the difference and worth every dollar of its inexpensive price tag.

Eat Well Top Chef Contestant Kevin Gillespie will be curating and serving up unique dishes each of the days of the festival There are numerous vendors set up inside the festival ground and TomorrowWorld for purchase. For the inevitable copious amounts of drinking that will be had, at least offset it with a good meal throughout the day. While the vendors can be pricey, plan a trip to the local Walmart or grocery store before and plan to bring in some food for cooking.

Dreamville offers charcoal and grills within the campsites for everyone to use and can be a great way to meet new people too. Last year we actually met a professional Chef from Tennessee who came out alone schleppin' out pork chops for all who were gathered and were interested. Vitamin C, Pedialyte, Airborne and of course your favorite flavor of CapriSun - all great items to add to the cart while you're at the store.

Purchase a voucher in advance and bring it during your reservation time. Massage Monday You've already taken Friday off of work or school to ensure you enjoy the most of the festival, let's not kid yourself in thinking Monday will be business as usual.

meet her at tomorrowworld 2015

Following the final headliner on Sunday, you'll head back to Dreamville or home and finally exhaustion will set in after all the late nights and dance moves. You've earned a day off. Schedule that massage and apologize to your roommates for the half-hour shower you will take followed by the 12 hour coma when you'll reconnect with that mattress of yours.

TomorrowWorld | official aftermovie - Vidéo dailymotion

Thank us Tuesday when your boss greets you with a smile rather than a tap on the shoulder to rudely awaken your at-work slumber. That being said, the quickest and cheapest refreshing body massage can be had at any hour throughout the fest with a family supply of wet wipes.

Additional Tip - Bring a pedometer or set up the one in your phone S-Health for Galaxy Owners that takes advantage of the built-in accelerometer. You will be amazed at how many miles you are actually walking each day between Dreamville and along the festival grounds and can use it as justification for that deep-tissue massage.

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No general store owner is going to turn down your cash for that pack of cigarettes at 3am when they're losing business because there was no cell service or network to let you tap your wristband. Inside the fest bartering happens and is great, but party favors other festivalgoers had weren't walking around with a smartphone and Square to swipe your plastic.

meet her at tomorrowworld 2015

Additional Tip - This isn't Burning Man, but the philosophy many international festivalgoers adopt for TomorrowWorld is very much so one of a barter and trade and help out fellow attendee. Bring something that you can contribute. This could be additional meat to throw on the grill, there's a girl on TomorrowWorld Reddit already advertising her free glitter makeovers; whatever it is, contribute to the event by bartering and meeting new people rather than paying outright cash.