Meet joe black strip

meet joe black strip

This mildly diverting romantic drama stars Brad Pitt as the eponymous Joe, who is playing host to the spirit of the Grim Reaper. A month or so ago, Hallenbeck looked me in the eye and said, “Harry, you are going to love Meet Joe Black." This, after a pretty darn vicious. Meet Joe Black is the story of Death wanting a bit of life. you never stop being on his side because Pitt strips him back to human vulnerability.

Have we gotten to the ending yet, mom?

meet joe black strip

This story is not lively and it is not fast-paced. Some plants grow faster than this story develops. The story is a modern retelling of the old "Death Takes a Holiday" film made inbut it is about three times as long as that one was. Death, in the person of megastar Brad Pitt, decides to take human form to see what it is like on the other side of the veil.

He persuades multimillionaire William Parrish Anthony Hopkins to show him around in return for a few extra days of life. Parrish doesn't want to be bothered with being a tour guide, so death takes up with his pretty young daughter, Susan Claire Forlani of "The Rock," "Basquiat" and "Mallrats". Parrish doesn't like that, either he doesn't seem to like much of anything. You would think Death would have picked someone more upbeat for a guide. Parrish and Death have harsh words.

You would think that Death would always have the last word, but not this time. Pitt gives a very low-key performance as Death, a guy who knows the IRS code by heart, knows how to speak with a Jamaican accent, but knows nothing about peanut butter. There are some fine actors in the film in addition to Pitt, Hopkins and Forlani, there's a sparkling performance by Marcia Gay Harden, who plays Allison, Parrish's older daughter who lost the sibling rivalry war she appeared in "Flubber, "Desperate measures" to her sister Susan.

A person that completely got and loved the film. I was enthralled, I wanted to hear everything they had to say about the film. The history, the backstory, everything that I was uninformed about.

The resonance that the story contained, her life experiences that she drew upon. The windows were down to let the 99 degree humid air in.

Laramie Movie Scope: Meet Joe Black

It was so hot she was about to pass out. There was a seat in front of her, open. In fact the entire bus was nearly empty. Only 5 or 6 people on a bus that could carry A man came up to get in her face, he spoke forcefully, he spoke violently. She was just a teenager, but in her mind, at that moment in her life, she would rather die than move from that spot. This man could not take her dignity and her humanity. You see folks, this is why there are no right opinions about film.

She took that with her into that theater. She took that life experience and for her Who am I to contradict her experience. We got to our seats, Quint arrived, and the film started. I believe that some may be being led astray as to the purpose of this film. It is NOT a drama. Notice the stressed R-word.

This is my interpretation of who Death is in this film. He is not a fool or an idiot or a moron. Sentient, but single minded. Taking into his domain the non-living be it animals or humans or perhaps even the trees.

Trillions of customers served, the all time Clerk to end all clerks. A tireless, thankless endeavor. Always seeing sorrow and dismay without understanding why.

meet joe black strip

What is they gave up? Always just reading the last line of the last page of a trillion books, and never once knowing what came before. Never knowing anything, but the period. Death decides to take a Holiday. Hallenbeck saw an early print of this film way back in May. This film reminded me of that film, but I prefer this one.

I felt this movie was grounded in reality. Instead of casting a well known actress as the older woman from the Islands in the hospital. Because the film just worked on so many levels for me. When you meet a person you are attracted to But when you do meet, and you have that fantastic first conversation.

The one where you very first get the inkling that this is the person. The conversation begins to get awkward when immediately you are in the midst of what it is to be loved, what you want, what you seek, how you see yourself with your mate. That sort of spilling of your heart, your pulse races, your mind flings.

You begin to age the person you are with, you begin to wonder what they look like the next morning, hungover, at peace.


You begin to immerse yourself in the conversation when Reality comes crashing in, and you realize there are commitments, errands, things to do. You feel weird, this is a parting of someone you just What was the name? You begin to part.