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meet kevin johnson review

So although ”Meet Kevin Johnson” is unquestionably the kind of episode I would spend an hour dissecting with Doc Jensen while leaning in. But first things first let's meet Kevin Johnson. As we learned last week–and guessed long before–Ben's "man on the boat" is our old chum. wouldn't EVERYONE on the freighter know that "Kevin Johnson" was .. Any inconsistencies I point out can always be met with some kind of.

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Tom presents Michael with the exact opposite story from that which Captain Gault told us in the previous episode. Tom shows him evidence that it was Widmore, not Ben, who faked the plane crash. Though he has physical evidence, that is no more proof than the fake black box Gault showed Sayid. The fact that Libby appears to Michael to try and stop him is further confusion. Is Michael being manipulated for good or evil or at least the lesser of the two?

Or is she just a creation of his conscience?

''Lost'' recap: Michael's return

The ability of the writers to maintain that genuine mystery is masterful and keeps this fascinating to follow. Another strength of this episode and Lost in general is that the story involves characters who are already dead. So here we see more of Naomi, George and Tom. Their future demise adds a new dimension to scenes they are in. The one straight flashback with no interruption is also an effective change here. It allows complete focus on Michael and his desperation with no distractions.

I guess we know the Others are no fundamentalist sect if they are cool with Tom being gay. The previous episode was a tale of two twists, here we move to a tale of two cliff-hangers. Sayid handing over Michael leaves us wondering what his fate will be.

But then we see Karl and Rousseau gunned down on their way to the Temple. Did Ben set them up?

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Or is this the mission which Frank was entrusted with in the previous episode? Great intrigue, demanding viewers tune in again. There is no explanation for how Michael and Walt got home without passports or without an adequate explanation for where they had been. Why would Rousseau ever trust Ben? Even though his intentions seem honourable toward his daughter, he did steal her from Danielle. Sadly this story has been sorely neglected for the whole season see my review of and if she is now dead, that is a real waste of a once fascinating character.

Yes we may see her flashback in the future but there was surely more that could have been done with her. Will Sayid regret handing over Michael with seemingly little thought? Does killing Goodwin for selfish reasons not count ?

Where are the other survivors who followed him?

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Did he say this meeting is for important people only or are they out of camera shot? Miles seems to confirm that his instructions are to kill everyone on the island. You could say the same of Daniel Faraday too. Neither seems like killers and both have tried to help the survivors.

Speaking of Miles, how does he know Michael is lying about his name?

Is he just good at reading people or do his powers extend to some sort of mind reading? We see no evidence of a second helicopter on the freighter.

meet kevin johnson review

We assumed there were two because Naomi claimed to have come from one, which we thought had fallen in the ocean However she seems to be arguing with Frank about using the chopper first. I suppose we can assume she was lying on the island but if so, what fell into the ocean? The Temple is marked with a Dharma symbol on the map. The key to this episode is redeeming Michael in the eyes of the audience who had last seen him as a murderer.

In this respect, the writers succeed. A distraught Michael seeks out suicide as a last resort but instead finds himself once again cutting a deal with the Others. Gainey makes his return in this episode as Ben's liaison to Michael off the island. From a narrative standpoint, it's interesting to see that the devil who destroyed Michael's life may also be the only person who can help him find redemption. Of course, like Ben says, he never told Michael to kill anybody.

Meet Kevin Johnson

I get some new lines? No sign of Zoe Bell's Regina though.

meet kevin johnson review

For a while, Michael struggles with his conscience when it comes to carrying out his mission to kill everyone on the freighter. It's obvious that he still doesn't trust Ben, but he's also desperate to help those still on the island, and at the first sign of malicious intent on the part of the crew, he decides to go through with the plan.

At this point Michael discovers that Ben is up to his old tricks. Contrast Michael's evolution as a character with what we saw of Jin last week. Jin was once a pawn of a powerful man and now finds himself freed from that life on the island. Michael is the polar opposite and now has become Ben's puppet. The development of Michael and Jin's friendship on the island and the diverging paths they take has more meaning when you view it in hindsight. His willingness to detonate the bomb in the engine room, his continued visions of Libby Cyntha Watross and his shattered relationship with Walt lead him down one path — redemption.

He's lost everything and the only thing that he has left to gain is saving those he betrayed. While most of the episode is featured as one long flashback, there are a couple of events in the "present" that caught us off-guard. The first was Sayid turning Michael in the first chance he gets. Sure, Michael isn't to be trusted and Ben is absolutely not to be trusted, but what does Sayid stand to gain?